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2013 – A Year In Pictures

Last year in the infancy stage of this blog, I did a photo collage of the highlights of 2012 and I thought I’d do it again this year.  Not only is it fun to have the chance to reminisce about the events of the past year, it’s great to be able to choose visual reminders of meaningful experiences that may not always be top-of-mind.   So after searching the archives of a year’s worth of photos, I present:

2013 – A Year in Pictures:



#HATES event with blogger friends, Carolyn@ThisTalkAin’tCheap and Melissa@MizMeliz with the director of “House At The End of The Street”, Mark Tonderai.  Carolyn and I won Kindle Fires for getting the most clues for the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt!


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It's A Wrap – #13in2013

It’s A Wrap – #13in2013

I can’t believe that the end of the year is nearly here and that it’s time to do a final wrap of my #13in2013 goals.  Overall, 2013 has been really wonderful.  While I was hesitant about making my yearly goals public, I actually […]

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#13in2013 Goals – 3rd Quarter Check In

Welcome to Monday!  I’ve been a bit behind in everything lately including reporting on my #13in2013 goal progress.  I’ve checked in at each quarter of the year – 1Q and 2Q so here goes […]

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10 Main Takeaways From FitBloggin'

Hoping you all had a great holiday weekend!  I’ve been traveling a bit and I’ve been late in letting you all know about my #secretvacation (blog post pending) but this post is about my trip to Portland and my 10 Takeaways from Fitbloggin’.  This was a conference unlike any other I’ve ever attended.  Kia from Bodhibear.net said “that Fitbloggin is like walking into a hug” and she was absolutely right!  I was lucky to have been chosen as a LiveBlogger (and therefore my conference fee was complimentary) but would have paid to attend this fabulous conference anyway!  I’m already looking forward to FitBloggin 2014!

Portland, Fitbloggin

My 10 Main Takeaways From Fitbloggin’ Include: […]

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#13in2013 Half Year Check In

Sorry that this post is late today but I’ve been traveling a lot lately.   I just got back from the amazing Fitbloggin’ 13 in Portland, Oregon.  I have so much to share about my recent adventures that I need a few days to gather up all the fabulousness I’ve encountered on my #secretvacation and at Fitbloggin.

In attempt to be somewhat timely, (since 2013 is already half over – hello July 1st!) today we’re doing the quarterly check in on the progress being made with my #13in2013 goals.  My first quarter check in post is here.

#13in2013 Goals: […]

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I Ran, I Ran Not Far Away….

Friday, June 5th was National Running Day.  I’ll admit that I’ve done a lot of whining around not being able to run.  Last week I even wrote an apology letter to my very neglected running shoes.  I even went down to the Race Expo for the half marathon I knew I couldn’t run to see a friend and for fun.

My Twitter stream has been filled with details from various races all over the country and even though I was never really in love with running, the fact that I can’t makes me very wistful so on Wednesday despite feeling like my body was fighting off sickness and my back aching a bit, I went for a run.

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately but I knew that I really wanted to do something on National Running Day so I put on my cap from my original 26.2 in 1999 and the race shirt from what was to be my comeback race last week in San Diego (but wasn’t meant to be) and made some literal strides toward my running future.

National Running Day

All San Diego – hat from my 26.2 in 1999 and race shirt from my race that I did not even start in 2013.

It might not have been for very long (or done very fast) but I did it.  I’ve been working on getting stronger with my WundaBar Pilates classes but I haven’t really run since I was in NYC and I did my Kick Ass 5K (which was amazing). […]

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