I’m Melissa Burton, a recent transplant from Brooklyn, New York to Southern California. I’m theValentineRD.com because my birthday is Valentine’s Day and getting the word neRD out of it was an extra-special bonus.

Fitness, Running, 80's

Getting ready to run the Awesome 80′s Race 2012
with the “Wild Boy”.

By profession, I’m a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. In my actual life I’ve been a million things: “woman of advanced maternal age”, “injured athlete”, “wife”, “insomniac” and “tightly wound type-A chick”.  Through this blog I’m attempting to achieve a balance of life, love and what will be my next iteration of work.

LIFE: I’m a parent who is not entirely consumed by being one. I have a deep love for food (eating it more so than cooking it). I used to call myself a “fitness whore” but decided that saying I have “fitness A.D.D.” might be somewhat more polite for someone first meeting me.

I’m excellent at checking out the latest and greatest in fitness classes (I love indoor cycling, running, yoga and I’m a newbie to bar classes) but have yet to become the athlete my inner self wants to be.

Though I ran a marathon in 2009 (never again) and have had to pull out of 3 half marathons in as many years due to injury, I’m determined to get strong and crush the next major race I commit to doing.

LOVE: I love Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran and have since I was a teenager.   I’m (happily) married to my best friend and college sweetheart and have 2 children – one furry (my pug, Griffin) and one elementary school aged boy. I don’t come from an idyllic childhood and while I love my husband and child(ren) immensely, wife and parent are still difficult “roles” for me.

Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon, 80's

One of the best albums ever!

WORK: While it has taken me a long time to realize that success isn’t reflected in how high a rung you’ve reached on the corporate ladder. I’ve worked in music, television, marketing and dietetics and have given all of myself in every job I’ve ever had but none have brought me the success I craved.

Only over time have I realized that true success is being happy and balanced in life’s demands, a balance I’ve yet to achieve the way I’d truly like. Given my recent cross-country move, I’ve been given the opportunity to craft my next professional endeavor and this blog will be a part of it.


To get in touch,  email me: melissa (at) thevalentineRD.com or follow me on Twitter: @mburton0214.