Friday’s Featured Female – WANT: Katie Horwitch & Women Against Negative Talk

Welcome to a very belated edition of Friday’s Featured Female!

Friday's Featured Female, #FFF


I’m sorry that is has been quite awhile since I’ve shown some love to an inspirational female in the health and wellness community.

Normally, I like to let these extraordinary women tell their own stories but today that’s not the case.  Today I’m featuring a website called WANT ( which I’ve found to be exceptionally inspirational.


WANT exists to empower women to be the best version of themselves by providing  “tools, resources, motivation, and inspiration to crush negative talk patterns and move forward”.  The messages, stories and real-life role models showcased on WANT are all part of an effort to help women really change the perspective of negative self-talk to find not only self-fulfillment in the mind, body, soul and daily life but also within one’s immediate community and the one at large.

WANT is the passion project of Katie Horwitch, an Equinox fitness instructor that I believe I discovered through AngelaLeigh@PureLeighLiving (Angela was featured on a post as one of my 10 Motivational Instagram Accounts).

Is it OK to admit that in 2013, when I was still very new to Instagram, I used social media as a way to find a connection to my new city of Los Angeles?  Beyond starting this blog, it was Los Angeles social media accounts anchored in health, fitness, wellness and food that helped me find a virtual sense of community after picking up and moving across the country with my family.

When I found WANT,  I felt like I found an emotional, motivational (and yes, almost) spiritual, community building outlet (not unlike what can be created during the small group discussion sessions at the FitBloggin’ conference).

It wasn’t just that WANT addressed self-image issues relating to body, love, work, community and life in general, but it was the stories from other women that struck a chord with me – that same chord was the reason that I started the Friday’s Featured Female series on thevalentineRD:

Women can (and often do) inspire other women to be the best version of themselves.

We all struggle but sometimes it’s the true stories of others that can make a difference.  Escapism via social media, television or even a good book, can make the every day more bearable but sometimes the true words of someone else can set off an unrealized spark.  Connecting with stories of others can give people the inspiration to make a change or can help them learn be content with the present moment.  Sometimes just knowing that someone else has felt or experienced a similar situation can provide reassurance that the tough times at the present moment are universally felt.

The community of WANT is vital to anyone interested in health and wellness and I believe it’s a resource that every woman should know about. 

Katie Horwitch is building a positive community for women.  This lady knows her stuff – she’s the Associate Editor + Fitness Editor of the very gorgeous online wellness resource magazine, The Chalkboard Mag (which I fell in love with because it reminded me of Well & Good NYC).  If you haven’t seen TCM, you should.  The magazine is rich with food, health and wellness information.  TCM also gets a branding nod from me as a former marketing manager – I always used to read TCM on my mobile and only once I read it on my laptop did I realize that it was an outlet of the Pressed Juicery brand.  Well done (the branding is very subtle).

To learn more about WANT (and Katie Horwitch), see or connect via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or sign up for WANT newsletter.

PS – If you look in the shop section (WANT bookshelf), you might see an author you recognize (Hint: WYCWYC)*.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  I have no personal or professional affiliation with Katie Horwitch, WANTThe Chalkboard Mag or Pressed Juicery.  I just felt that the message of WANT was one that should be shared and promoted.  All images are screen shots from the respective websites referenced.  Please note that the WYCWYC link within this post is an Amazon Affiliate link and will generate revenue for if you purchase after clicking the link.


A Wellness Lesson with LATHER and SoulCycle + Giveaway

Injury recovery can make you feel less than ideal both inside and out.  The road to building strength and stamina usually isn’t pretty or inspiring.  For me, this particular round of recovery has been much slower than I’d like. The itch to get back to some fast paced activity has been overwhelmingly strong so when I received an invitation to an event at SoulCycle Pasadena by the beauty brand LATHER, I thought that the universe was giving me a sign that I was up for a challenge.

LATHER, skin care, live a radiant life, migraine, soul cycle, indoor cyclingIt isn’t easy to admit that the last few fitness events I’ve attended have been difficult physically, mentally and emotionally.  I’ve been in some desperate need for some overall motivation lately and I saw some in the combination of the words “soul” with “cycle” and with LATHER‘s mission message about “living a more radiant life”.

I was familiar with the LATHER brand because a friend had given me a set of Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub and Almond, Milk & Honey Body Butter as a birthday gift…in February.  I was “saving” them for some unknown time until I recently had a particularly bad day and decided to treat myself.


I fell in love with the spongy, clean smelling scrub and the very soothing body butter immediately.  The Body Butter is now part of my nightly routine!  The fact that LATHER uses natural ingredients, (many of them vegan), does no animal testing and partners with a number of organizations that promote better and more healthful living, makes me more interested in learning a bit more about their anti-aging and relaxation lines in the future.

I’ve had a long time love (and hate) affair with indoor cycling.  Fast paced exertion to great music with someone coaching you to meet a challenge is my favorite kind of workout (but my back doesn’t necessarily feel the same way).  I’ve been to many different indoor cycling studios but never to SoulCycle.  When I lived in New York, I could never get into a conveniently timed class so this was a fun opportunity to check out the mega fitness brand and test my new level of fitness post-injury.

SoulCycle Front Desk, spinning, indoor cycling, fitness

SoulCycle is clean, bright and modern.  This high-end boutique fitness studio offers all of the spa-like amenities you want (but don’t know that you need) like Purell, hair ties, gum (and even earplugs!), lockers and shower facilities.  Even spinning shoes are free for your first class ($3 to rent thereafter).   Don’t let the slick look intimidate you, the staff at SoulCycle Pasadena were more than friendly and accommodating.

SoulCycle Height Chart

I barely made the cut (I’m 5′ 1″).

Chris, our instructor, for our class gave the group instructions for proper set up, explained the 3 different cycling positions and got us riding quickly.  Chris was great about encouraging everyone to motivate each other without being dictatorial.  I was modified my positions (as discussed with my Physical Therapist) and worked very hard at not pushing myself too hard or too fast.

However, 5 months off the bike made for a very humbling experience.  Even Beyonce and Britney couldn’t distract me from the nauseated feeling I had about 30 minutes into the 50 minute ride.  I had to back off a bit (and cut the weight section short) in order to prevent reaching The Puke Point.    I felt weak, sad and dejected but I did not give up.  I slowed down but never got off the bike and finished the class with the group.

After SoulCycle, fitness

Post Ride – I’m smiling through the nausea. Jessica is gorgeous even when she’s sweaty.

The blow to my fitness ego was fierce but I saw an underlying lesson to be learned – Strength and stamina are not equal entities in wellness.

Strength is multilayered – it can come from mental, physical and emotional places.  Stamina, on the other hand, is singular, and without sustained effort it withers and dies.  Stamina can be regained over time but strength can be resurrected and displayed (almost at will) from places well beyond the body.

I’m thankful to LATHER and SoulCycle for helping me learn that I have more strength than I realized but have some ground to cover before I get my stamina back to my desired place of wellness.  Thanks also for the gift bag – it eased the pain just a little bit.

To celebrate my newfound piece of knowledge (and my bounty),

I’m giving away one LATHER and SoulCycle gift bag!

LATHER, giftbag, giveaway, soulcycle

which includes the following products:

LATHER Muscle Ease Gel

LATHER Bamboo Lemongrass Body Wash

LATHER Cucumber Ginseng Facial Mist


SoulCycle Tote Bag, silver

SoulCycle Tank Top, red (one size)

LATHER, SoulCycle, wellness, giftbag

To enter the giveaway (entries accepted until 11:59pm PST 5/25/15) and for more details::

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure:  I was given a complimentary class at SoulCycle and gift bag for myself and one to giveaway from LATHER.  I was under no obligation to write about this experience.  All opinions are clearly my own.

The Tuesday Tune-Up: Some Unexpected Surprises

Tuesday Tune Up, Weekly Check In, Food, Fitness, Family, Duran Duran


Hey there!  How are you?  What’s been going on?

The Tuesday Tune-Up is where we can have a weekly virtual coffee date and catch up a bit.

This week has been full of some unexpected surprises.  I’m trying to incorporate a “Facts Of Life” attitude about it (“You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, The Facts of Life….) but the below quote seemed much more highbrow:


If you don’t know the above referenced TV show, don’t tell me!

Here’s my week recap:

Food, Tuesday Tune-Up

I was exceptionally lucky and got invited to a luncheon sponsored by the American Pistachio Board at Chi Spacca last week.  Chi Spacca is a meat focused restaurant jointly owned by Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and Nancy Silverton – not exactly the place I thought I’d get to experience the wonders of pistachios but it was an unbelievable experience!

I will be doing a full write up of the meal (and the very interesting pistachio facts I learned – Did you know that 1 serving of pistachios is equal to 49 nuts?).  This is just a preview of what I got to taste:

American Pistachio Growers, #pistachiopower


Watching Nancy Silverton cook even inspired me to do a little of my own cooking – a bit of kitchen sink turkey chili with red and black beans, onions, peppers, Ro*tel (diced tomatoes with green chiles), diced tomatoes with various herbs and spices.  It’s been a little cooler here in LA so the chili is nice and warming:

Turkey Chili


Fitness, FitFluential, SweatPink, BurnThis, Tuesday Tune-UP

After being advanced to the Pilates Reformer in Physical Therapy and working out with Jillian Michaels last week, I thought I was ready for anything fitness related but I was so very wrong.  I was invited to take my first SoulCycle class by the Pasadena location of the beauty and skin care brand, LATHER and let’s just say it was not my finest hour.  I was nervous about going to a spin class.  I love spinning/indoor cycling but every time I re-injure myself it’s in spin class.

I didn’t injure myself this time but let’s just say that I have a way to go before I’m truly ready to be back in the saddle again.  I may have had a tough time in class but I did get a goody bag to make going home a little easier.  

LATHER, skin care, beauty, vegan beauty, Soul Cycle, fitness


Once I can get over my ego and write up my experience at SoulCycle, I’ll be doing a giveaway of one of the goody bags JUST FOR YOU!



We’ve been a bit down for the count at our house recently.  A stomach virus hit 90% Wild Boy’s second grade class on Friday and Saturday so we didn’t have much of an exciting weekend.

We did hang out and watch a few movies together including Pitch Perfect* PG-13 (which didn’t go over well with an 8 year old boy):

Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick, Cups,

and the original The Bad News Bears (1976)* PG

Bad News Bears, not for children

Be forewarned!  If you watch this with kids, the profanity and adult situations that garnered a PG rating in 1976 would be considered PG-13 or R today – it is definitely not a politically correct movie so get ready to do some explaining).

This little guy has also been under the weather.  This is our nearly 1o year old pug, Griffin.  He had surgery (the growth you see on his eye below was removed) and a double ear infection just 2 weeks ago and this weekend started having some issues walking.

Griffin, pug

The vet says Griffin needs some anti-inflammatory medication and to shed a little excess weight.  I guess I get to be a dietitian for my dog now.

Duran Duran, music, 80's music, New Wave, Tuesday Tune-Up

I was supposed to be seeing Barenaked Ladies, Colin Hay and Violent Femmes at the Greek Theatre on July 21st but unfortunately just realized that the soccer match between the L.A. Galaxy and Barcelona at the Rose Bowl is the same night.

Barenaked Ladies, Greek Theatre LA

If you live in the LA area and are interested in 2 very discounted tickets to this concert, let’s chat.


 So that’s a summary of what’s been going on in my world this week.


I did get to see “Pitch Perfect 2″ this weekend and liked it even better than the original. Did you see it?  If so, what did you think?

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links (noted with *) which may generate a few pennies for me to add to the Duran Duran Tour Fund, if you buy anything after clicking said affiliate links.  Many thanks!

BTW, if you really want to see what I’m doing most days of the week,

follow me on Instagram at @mburton0214.

Friday’s High 5: 5 Things I’m Not Loving About TV Right Now

Friday’s High Five is back…and today we’re talking television.

Friday's High Five

I watch way too much television.  No matter how many things I leave over on my To-Do List every day, I always find the time to watch TV.  Some people need to workout, meditate or have a glass of wine to end their day.  I need TV.

5 Things I'm Not Loving About TV Right Now, series, Netflix

I watch TV every single night before I go to bed no matter how tired I am and recently I’ve been less than pleased with the scope of my nightly entertainment because:

1. The worst series finale in history hit the small screen this week.


“Revenge” has been on the air since 2011 and even though it has been hitting the skids since about Season 2, I couldn’t stop watching.  I wasn’t attached to the show because Emily Van Camp was so captivating (she wasn’t) or that I needed a weekly reminder that women over 50 could look like Madeline Stowe (she’s 56) or that there were such evil characters (I’m sorry but most villains pale in comparison to Dan Scott from One Tree Hill).  I kept thinking the show would get better but it never, ever did.

Revenge, ABC, Emily Van Camp, Madeline Stowe, Gabriel Mann

I continued to watch via Hulu* mostly as background noise when I needed to do tasks I didn’t like (cooking, cleaning, laundry etc) and even though the story lines became more and more ridiculous, I always wanted to see the outfits that Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) was wearing.

“Revenge” had gone so far off course from it’s original storyline that the series finale should have been expected to be the turd that it was.  However, I’m still in shock from just how bad the depths of awful went. I won’t give away any spoilers but I truly believe that this show might have had the worst ending to a series ever!  If you disagree, let me know.

2.   Message to Women: Happiness = Be under 30 years old and have a hot boyfriend.

We all know how prized youth culture is but I’m not loving the messaging I’m seeing toward women over 30 right now.  For example, the show “Younger”  is not doing women (or Brooklyn, for that matter) any favors.

Younger, Sutton Foster, TV Land, Debi Mazar, Hilary Duff

Younger (TV Land, Tuesdays)

“Younger” (Tuesdays, TV Land) is a show by Darren Star (Sex and The City) starring Sutton Foster as Liza, a 40 year old recently divorced mother of a college aged child who undergoes a make-over to appear younger (she says she’s 26) to land a job in the NYC publishing industry.  Liza’s best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar) is in on the ruse but is there to help her friend get back into being a single woman taking advantage of life in New York City.  Liza’s new “Younger” life starts off well – a cool new job,  a hot 20-something new boy-toy (an Adam Levine-like, Nico Tortorella) and a 20-something work bestie (Hilary Duff ) who helps Liza learn the ropes and manage the scary and old (aka 40-something) boss lady (Miriam Schor).

I was excited for this show.  Age (and time) were used very well in VH1’s Hindsight and since Darren Star has a history of doing glitzy, guilty pleasure shows really well (SATC, 90210, Melrose Place etc), I was sure that “Younger” was going to be great….except that it wasn’t.  Instead this is a show that seems to give the message that every woman over the age of 29 (or who has taken time off to be a stay-at-home parent) is ready to be put out to pasture.  The idea of “with age comes wisdom” is not well highlighted on this show.

I took issue when Liza did not know a thing about cell phones, texting and social media.  Just because someone has been married (and living in the suburbs) and/or hasn’t been in the workforce in awhile, it doesn’t mean that they are an absolute Luddite!  Unfortunately, the digs don’t end there.

Yes, Liza seems more mature than other 26 year olds but the fact that the character often has to dumb herself down in order to fit in with her new friends and be acceptable at work, is disheartening.  It also seems that a woman can’t truly be complete when she’s single.  It seems that television believes that a woman is not fully be successful unless there’s a hot and younger boy toy involved.  Said Boy-Toy also has to be fully enamored and make a point to either overlook age as a factor in the relationship (much like on Bravo’s “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” whose season finale was disappointing as well) or make a point to talk about the future (“like in our 40’s”) often.

Sure, it’s been fun to see Hilary Duff curse and not be the Disney star of yesteryear.  We’ve missed Debi Mazar since “Entourage” (who else can’t wait for the movie) but the cliche of having her play a lesbian artist living in Brooklyn is just too much.  The cliches don’t end there – the clothes to make Liza “younger” must have been taken from the Forever 21 front window, big boss at the publishing house is definitely channeling the Miranda Priestley character from “The Devil Wears Prada”, the Boy-Toy is a tattoo artist and the many references to Brooklyn being the hot place to be is just too over the top.  I’m sure those that love Cross Fit won’t be happy to see their fitness love being ridiculed either.

I really wanted to like this show but I just don’t.  It’s been renewed for another season so if it improves, someone let me know.

3.  The “good” binge shows are not living up to the hype.

I’m a binge television watcher (as evidenced by this vintage post – 15 Bingeworthy TV Shows).  Even before the days of Netflix releasing an entire season of a new show at once, I used to binge watch shows.  Jay and I spent one New Year’s Eve watching a few seasons of “24” (we gave up early) and “The Shield” (a series I watch over and over again). Now, when Netflix releases their new shows, I focus and watch each episode until I get to the end.

The only full series I’ve loved this year has been Transparent [HD]* (Amazon) with Jeffrey Tambor.  If you haven’t seen it, the link will give you access to the first episode for free (totally worth it)!  I wish that these highly anticipated shows lived up to their hype this year:

“House of Cards” Season 1 was so good, there were nights that Jay and I watched multiple shows until deep until the night.  Season 2 was not as good (IMHO) and Season 3 just sucked.  Yup, I said it.  I didn’t like HOC S3 even a little bit.  I think Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are both excellent in the show but the story lines never really hooked me this season.  I definitely won’t be back for S4.

I also might be the only person who couldn’t get into “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.  Let me preface by saying that I didn’t enjoy “30 Rock”, “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office”.  I like dry humor but for some reason, none of these shows clicked with me.  I gave TUKS 4 episodes and then I was done.  If I’m really off the mark here, I’d love to know.

I didn’t love Season 2 of “Orange Is The New Black” but I am sort-of looking forward to Season 3 on June 12th though.


4.  Some good shows are approaching “Jump The Shark” status.

Television shows often reach a point where they just seem to run out of steam.  It’s sad but it happens (except in the case of NBC’s “Parenthood”) and on the following shows, the writing is on the wall:

  • “Grey’s Anatomy” killed Derek Shepard and of course, put Amelia and Owen (the only 2 major characters without love interests) together.  Grey’s has legacy status but I’m not sure that Meredith Grey, Karev and Dr. Webber being the only 3 original characters left are enough to really keep me interested for much longer.
  • WTF is going on withScandal”?!?  The whacked out Olivia kidnapping and black market bidding for her return?  How do you tease having Henry Ian Cusick on the show and not make him a regular?!?  I can’t keep up with the Mellie-Fitz and Olivia-Jake thing at all.  I used to love Cyrus and David but now I don’t even care.  Quinn, Abby and Huck have all spun out on these weird tangents.  All I can say, is thank you Shonda Rimes for putting Paul Adelstein and George Newbern on screen.  This is another show that I have on alert.
  • James Spader has always been a captivating actor and he was the reason people watched NBC’s “The Blacklist” last year.  Even though Spader was a far cry from the Steff of “Pretty In Pink”,  watching him as the smart and charismatic Raymond Reddington was always entertaining.  This season however, the Reddington charm isn’t enough to overcome some of the characters and the odd story lines – the character of Elizabeth (Megan Boone) has become less tolerable and it was nice to see Diego Klatenhoff (formerly of “Homeland”) but I keep wondering what happened to the drug problem his character had earlier this season?  I used to watch this show because I wanted to know the connection between Reddington and Elizabeth but now I can’t decided whether I occasionally watch so I can hear Henry Lennix speak (we’re talking James Earl Jones Jr voice here), to see Ryan Eggold exhibit some transformational acting or to see what areas of Brooklyn they try to pass off as Washington DC.  Bottom line: Unless this show reveals something juicy enough to keep me interested, my attention is about to go elsewhere.

5.  An untimely end for shows with more stories to tell.

  • The end of a television era is coming to an end this week with the series finale of  “Mad Men” this Sunday.  This show was definitely groundbreaking – the style, writing, acting and even the historical facts woven into the story lines made this show a mass favorite.  I’ll admit that there have been times that I’ve felt that the story line has gone over my head or that I haven’t enjoyed a direction a character has taken (Pete Campbell’s recent turn puzzles me) but I still think that “Mad Men” is one of the best shows I’ve seen in years.  This is definitely a show that people will likely watch over and over again to analyze for clues and hidden subtexts.  Thank you Matthew Weiner and company for a show well done.  I will definitely miss this program.
  • After I finished “Downton Abbey” (PBS)  this past season, I was wistful for another an English period piece.  I heard great things about “Call The Midwife” (PBS) so I gave it a shot and quickly fell in love.  I binge watched 3 seasons via Netflix and then quickly caught up with the most current episode only to find out that the season ends next week!  Set in London’s East End in the 1950’s, the women of this show exemplify strength and courage even at time when women were most definitely treated as the fairer sex.  Not every character is exceptionally likable (I didn’t care for the main character, Jenny Lee) but “Call The Midwife” is definitely a show that is worth watching.  It will be hard to wait for the Christmas Special in December and Season 5 to come in 2016.

What television show are you loving or hating right now?

Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just felt the need to share my thoughts on the current state of TV.  However, the Hulu link is an affiliate link so if you sign up for Hulu via the link above, I will receive 2 free weeks.  If you sign up, thanks!  If you already have Hulu, don’t you LOVE it?

Got Milk Is Looking For Some #BetterFutureMoms

When the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creators of got milk? asked me to help launch a campaign that celebrates mothers in California that make a difference in their community while empowering their children to work towards a better future, there was no way that I could say no.

got milk, #betterfuturemoms

I’d like it be clear that as a Registered Dietitian, that I support milk as being a part of a healthy intake but that I also support milk-free vegetarian and vegan lifestyles as well.  If there was ever a time to publicly support milk as an agent of sound nutrition, I think the time when they’ve chosen to honor exceptional mothers who are paving the way for the future the next generation was definitely a fine time to show my support.

You might have seen me post this photo with Ericka@NibblesandFeasts, Daily@DailyBaez and Keke@Freeandforme on my Instagram that was taken while we were filming video to promote the #BetterFutureMoms initiative.

#BetterFutureMoms campaign with @gotmilk featuring @nibblesnfeasts @dailycurlz and @keke_dixon. #rd #rdchat #oncamera

A photo posted by Melissa Burton, RD (@mburton0214) on


It was hard to stay quiet about why I was all dressed up and had make-up on (this rarely happens in my every day life).  Filming a video with these fellow bloggers wasn’t that difficult.  We talked about what it’s like to be a mom while we shared stories about how we attempt to provide our children with not only healthy nutrition to promote growth and development but some of the things we do to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Better Future Moms, got milk

Me on set

The #BetterFutureMoms campaign was launched on Mother’s Day (with this short video) to find 7 mothers in the state of California that are making a difference for their children within their community.

Here is our #BetterFutureMoms promotion video about Healthy Habits (please excuse my chatty nervousness – I didn’t even use my full name to introduce myself!):


Do you know a mother in California (with at least one child between the ages of 3 to 18)   that deserves a Better Future Moms nomination? 

If you do, contact got milk? via email at Make sure to give the full name and city of the nominee and describe how the nominated mom is ensuring a better future for their children and their community in your email entry.  Entries accepted until May 31, 2015.

  • Seven regional winners will be selected and notified in June 2015. The honorees will serve as Better Future Mom ambassadors representing got milk? through media opportunities in their city and will also be invited to attend an exclusive awards ceremony to be held in Los Angeles and hosted by “Jane the Virgin” actress and TV mom Andrea Navedo, also a proud mother of two.
  • Updates for the #BetterFutureMoms campaign will be available via  You can follow along on social media via got milk?’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag, #BetterFutureMoms.

got milk? is working with community organizations, Parent-Teacher Associations and local sports organizations to find these exceptional moms but if you know an exceptional mom in California who qualifies, please submit your nomination!  

#BetterFutureMoms, got milk?,

With Susana Nunez who brought these moms together to support the got milk? #BetterFutureMoms campaign

Parenting is a tough job and every parent has a struggle.  Some have harder roads than others but we all have hurdles to clear as parents.  There are those that often feel defeated by parenting (me) and then there are those that rise to the occasion no matter what. I’m proud to be a part of the #BetterFutureMoms campaign that will recognize moms that do and do more than I could ever imagine.  I know that I couldn’t be the mom that I am (and will be in the future) without the stories and wisdom of other mothers.  I’m looking very forward to being inspired by the 7 #BetterFutureMoms winners when they are announced in June.

Disclosure: I did receive compensation for participating in this video promotion.  I would not have participated if I did not believe in milk as a healthy source of vitamins and nutrients for adults and children.  As I said above, as a Registered Dietitian, I do also support vegetarian and vegan lifestyles but believe this is a campaign worth supporting – exceptional moms making a difference to ensure a better future for their child(ten) and their community deserve to be recognized and celebrated.