If You Haven’t Posted In Awhile, Are You Still A Blogger?

If you take a long and unplanned blogging break, are you still a blogger?

I still identify with being a blogger but I know that I haven’t been a very good one lately.


I haven’t posted in awhile and even before my break, I was posting very inconsistently

and the guilt doesn’t get easier, it gets worse.

Blogger Guilt is real, people.

You feel like you let yourself down and your readers down

by being inconsistent and not openly sharing your struggle.

Bloggers know that readers and friends want to rely on your words, stories, experiences and advice and

to disappear is a form of abandonment in the truest sense.

I apologize for my magician impersonation.

I’ve discussed that I’m an all or nothing kind of person before.

So instead of the all, I gave nothing and didn’t explain why.

I’m not sure I can really explain why but I can say that despite being inspired to write,

I haven’t taken the time to actually do the writing.

I know I’m not done with blogging.

I miss it but just can’t fit it in right now.

I still think in blog posts and I know that I have many things to share

but I’ve decided to formally state that

the blog will be on hiatus until Tuesday, Sept 8th.

However, please know that

this blog and the health and wellness community are entities

that I not only want to be a part of

but they are also a part of me.

I haven’t forgotten about you, my reader(s), friends

and health/wellness community members

and I hope that you don’t forget about me.

See you in September!

It’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

Yes, it’s real.  It’s isn’t just a made up thing by crazy Duran Duran fans.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day, DDAD, DDAD15

I know I’ve been MIA recently but please know that it isn’t my intention for this blog to solely become a shrine to my favorite band.  However, it is Duran Duran Appreciation Day so I couldn’t let the day go without acknowledgment.  A post about the state of things in my world is forthcoming so sit tight.

I’m off to New York tomorrow for a week’s vacation so my annual DDAD 10K run will be put off until 8/15 where I can cover the distance on Summer Streets where I might be able to replicate this photo from my DDAD 10K in 2013:

Duran Duran, DuranDuranAppreciationDay, #RunHappyRaces, running , 10K

Simply perfect

For some more Duran Duran goodness:

  • Get a 50% discount TODAY ONLY (8/10) on the Durandy Beautiful Colors Book (contact Andrew Golub at contact (at) durandy.com to secure your book as the Amazon supply has already run out but if you write a book will be secured for you at the discount price today only!)


Happy DDAD Duran Duran friends!  For non-Duranies, Happy Monday!

Help me out: 

Should I Periscope some of DDAD 10K?  

What Duran Duran song would you like me to add to my DDAD 10K playlist?

A Wish: Duran Duran Songs That Should Be Played on the Paper Gods Tour

Duran Duran, 2015, Paper Gods


I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted and I planned to write a post explaining why but that will need to be done at a later time.  Tonight, Duran Duran kick off their Paper Gods Tour and although I won’t be in New York to witness it, I figure it would be a good idea to publish my wish list for some of my favorite (some lesser known) songs that I wish would be added to the set list.

I know people want to hear the hits but I, for one, would be happy to see any of the following added on this tour:


American Science

Anyone Out There


Before The Rain

Careless Memories

Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)

Faster Than Light

Friends of Mine

Hold Back The Rain (my favorite)

(I’m Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement

I Don’t Want Your Love

I Take The Dice

Is There Something I Should Know?


Last Chance on the Stairway

Late Bar

Like An Angel

Lonely In Your Nightmare

Love Voodoo

Meet El Presidente

My Own Way

New Moon on Monday

New Religion


Night Boat

None of The Above

Notorious (another favorite)

Of Crime and Passion

Runway Runaway

Secret Oktober


The Seventh Stranger

Shadows On Your Side

Skin Trade

Sound of Thunder

(Reach Up For The) Sunrise

Taste The Summer

Too Bad, You’re So Beautiful

Too Much Information

Union of the Snake

The Valley (yes, I liked RCM)

Vertigo (Do The Demolition)

What Happens Tomorrow


I know there are staples that I didn’t include but I’ve heard them more than a few times.  It would be awesome to get an entire show of “B-sides” (for lack of a better word) – one can dream, right?

Wishing all my Duranie friends who are going to see the band before I do, a most fabulous time!


What song do you think I should have included (I’m certain I’ve forgotten more than one)?


Countdown to BlogFest 2015 + FREE Momentum Fitness Jewelry

Yes, I took another unintentional blogging break because I was busy working on this:

BlogFest, IDEAWorld, Nutrition, thevalentineRD, RD,CDE


On Thursday, July 16th at 2pm PST, I’ll be presenting “Busting the Top 5 Nutrition Myths” at IDEAWorld BlogFest 2015.  To say that I’m excited (and nervous) is a major understatement!

While I’m sad that some of my blogger buddies from BlogFest 2014 won’t be there this year, it’s hard to think that anything will be able to top last year BUT I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones!

I’m sure I’ll be making some friends because I’ll be at reprising my role as a Momentum Jewelry Ambassador during BlogFest (like I did at FitBloggin’)!  If you don’t know Momentum, it’s motivational fitness jewelry that’s not only easy to wear while working out, it also goes from the gym to the street with ease!

Momentum, Motivational Fitness Jewelry, Motivate Wrap, Foot Notes


If you’re attending BlogFest, make sure to watch my Instagram and Twitter accounts for ways to win FREE Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes during the conference (7/16 – 7/19).  

Momentum, fitness jewelry, FitBloggin'



If you’re attending BlogFest and you’re the first person to come up to me and tell me one of the 3 musical artists I saw in concert this week, you will win a Momentum Inspire Necklace (you will get bonus applause if you sing a song from the artist as well):

Momentum, Inspire Necklace


If you’re NOT attending BlogFest, you can still get lucky!  Tweet me with #BlogFestMomentum between 7/16 – 7/19 and I’ll DM you a special discount code that you can use to buy yourself some fabulous motivational fitness jewelry!


Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week!

I’m looking forward to sharing the recap of BlogFest with you soon…after I recover!

Disclosure:  As a speaker for BlogFest, I did receive complimentary registration to both BlogFest and IDEAWorld.  I also did receive compensation for my Momentum Jewelry Ambassadorship.  Cards on the table, if I were not a speaker, I likely would have paid to attend this joint conference and I have previously purchased Momentum Jewelry for myself and friends out of my own pocket.




An Injured Person’s Best Friend – A TENS Unit

When you’re a fitness enthusiast with a chronic injury, you constantly battle to keep your body from pain.   You hate it, but your fitness life does become a cycle of good days and bad days.  On January 30th I hit a particularly bad day and I’m still recovering from it (that ugly spinal curve in the x-ray below is evidence of my QL muscle shortening and putting me in considerable pain).

X-ray, back injury, spine, L4/L5


When those bad days hit, your doctor will most likely give you immediate pain medication but will also prescribe Physical Therapy to gain long-term mobility, strength and pain management.  Every PT session ends with some ice or heat and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to promote healing.  TENS always feels like an intense mini massage (for me it’s one of the best parts of going to PT), so when Carex Health Brands reached out to me to test their at-home AccuRelief™ Dual Channel TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

CAREX, Dual Channel TENS, Electrotherapy Pain Relief Unit


In case you’re not familiar with how a TENS machine works, a low level electrical current stimulates underlying nerves via electrodes placed on the skin (see the 4 grey squares on the bottom left in the photo above) to assist with pain management.

There are two underlying ideas for the effectiveness of TENS:

  1. The Gate Control Theory:  High pulse rates delivered to the nerves reroute pain signals preventing the brain from registering pain.
  2. Endorphin Production Increases:  Low pulse rates stimulate the nerves to increase the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

The idea that the technology of a medical grade device could be used in my own home was a game changer.  In most medical facilities, you only have a specific time slot that can be utilized.  My TENS sessions usually range between 10 – 15 minutes but with the AccuRelief™ Dual Channel TENS unit, I can have a 30 minute session (which is an ideal amount of time according to my Physical Therapist).

If you’re unfamiliar with using a TENS unit, the AccuRelief™ Dual Channel is actually very easy to use.  After you insert the 4 batteries (which are included), determine your pain area and utilize the visual electrode placement guide (the sticky electrode pads aren’t too sticky and don’t hurt if you need to adjust placement) to ensure the best coverage of your affected area.  

Once set with your electrode placement, check out the instruction guide to determine if you want to to tailor your own treatment or utilize one of six preset body programs available.  The middle button helps you determine your program and the side buttons help you adjust to one of 25 intensity levels (levels do NOT have to be symmetrical).

I will say that I’m still not sure I’ve figured out which is the positive and the negative electrode in each pair when I place them on my skin (be happy that there are no photos of my lower back, right glute and hip) but I can say that my home treatment sessions have been nothing less than fabulous!  


I’m usually a glutton for punishment when it comes to my treatments (I’m also that weirdo that likes massages to almost hurt) but when I went to level 4 on my Preset Lower Back Treatment, it was more than enough!  Since I’m still on the mend from my re-injury in January, I know that the AccuRelief™ Dual Channel TENS unit will become a staple as I rebuild my strength and stamina going forward.

The AccuRelief™ Dual Channel unit is available without a prescription and FDA cleared for safety. It is a simple, drug-free solution for arthritic, muscular, joint and back pain relief but check with your medical professional to see if it is right for you.  You can purchase a single or a double TENS unit directly via Carex for $52.49 or for $29.73 via Amazon Prime* AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Electrotherapy Pain Relief System

Disclosure:  I did receive a complimentary AccuRelief™ Dual Channel TENS unit for review but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  This post does include affiliate links designated by (*).