One More Lesson

You were expecting one more lesson from Reach The Beach, weren’t you?  I planned on recapping my RTB experience today but life as a sometimes solo parent got in the way.

Plans change


It never fails that when Jay goes away on business that Wild Boy has some crisis that requires long and emotional discussions that leave me spent.  There are so many things that I’ve learned to endure in my 44 years on this planet but one certain 7 year old can knock me out colder than Muhammad Ali without the courtesy of a warning punch.


Little Humans


Because my Reach The Beach recap deserves more than I can give it tonight, I ask that you stay tuned until next week for full details and my 3rd Quarter check in for #14in2014 (yup, we’re nearly done with 3/4 of 2014 already!).


Make sure not to miss tomorrow’s Friday’s Featured Female either.  Carly@FineFitDay shares an incredible story of how unbelievable circumstances changed her life forever.


Happy Thursday!


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard or read?  If it’s parenting-related, bonus points for you.

12 Things You Learn From Reach The Beach

Even though I’ve had a few days to recover from being a member of #TeamPumpedUpKicks from Reach The Beach, I’m still wrapping my head around the event.

Reach The Beach, New Hampshire, Ragnar, Relay Race

It was a whirlwind trip with a ton of experiences and I’ve found that it’s been exceptionally difficult to get the words together so today, I’ll share the 12 lessons I learned overall and I’ll recap the relay itself tomorrow.


1.  New Balance really is all about quality:

  • From being the only major athletic shoe company that manufactures athletic footwear in the US -

New Balance


  • To every aspect of product development, quality control and design innovation
New Balance, Kim Conley

In the Design Lab, the Smash Lab and a pair of track shoes for USA Track & Field Star, Kim Conley.


  • To treating their Media team like royalty:
New Balance, Reach The Beach

I’m a dork. I’ve never had someone hold up a sign to pick me up at the airport.


2.  Boston is all heart.  You fall in love with Boston – even if you’re there for less than 24 hours.


Boston Blood Drive



3.  Proper running shoes (that just happen to be cute) makes running #allthemiles a little bit easier.  

New Balance Shoes, Reach The Beach Relay

Duran Duran bling optional for some, essential for others.


4.  Cell service is everything: Social media > GPS.  Shoddy service makes people (read: me) stabby.


Twitter fail,



5.  Sleep deprived runners can be transformed into human beings with food and coffee (or hot chocolate).

Allie, VitaTrain4Life, Reach The Beach



6.  Vanmate encouragement should be bottled as Super Hero Juice – it can make someone conquer fears of altitude, distance and the elements.


BarefootColorado, Marissa L, Reach The Beach

Marissa@BarefootColorado killed beastly hills and still managed to smile. Incredible!  Image: Melissa@SoTheseAreMyThirties.


7.  New Hampshire is incredibly picturesque – but also very hilly.


Reach The Beach, NH, Attitash

…and you sleep whenever you can.


8.  This is “Pimp My Ride” Relay style.

Reach The Beach, New Balance, Team Pumped Up Kicks


9.  Gear: You will always pack too much, Night Glow Yellow is fashionable and you will walk around like this in public because you just don’t care:



10. Must haves: Ziploc Plastic Bags, Action Wipes, Skratch Hydration (affiliate link), Pretzels, Aquaphor and BarkThins.

skratch labs

I love this hydration mix. Flavor without sweetness. Thank you Kia Ruiz for letting me try some during Ragnar SoCal.


12.  You can go from a beach in New Hampshire, to the airport in Boston, to a bed in LA in less than 12 hours and survive.

Reach The Beach Travel

12.  2 vans, 12 people and 207 miles of a relay can turn running into a team sport (inspired by the words of Sandra@OrganicRunnerMom).


Reach The Beach

A happy but tired Team Pumped Up Kicks at the Finish Line in Hampton Beach.


…and after all is said and done, I’d still do it all over again.


Disclosure:  While New Balance did sponsor me for this relay, providing travel/lodging, gear and race registration, this is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive monetary compensation and I am not obligated to write this post.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

Tunes For Tuesday – 90’s Edition – Fastball

Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday – The 90’s Edition for the ninth month of the year, September!

Music, Tunes For Tuesday

Image: Daisy


Today’s Tunes For Tuesday is Fastball’s “The Way” released in February 1998.  This catchy tune can definitely be an earworm but it’s a great one to have.


Because I’m still in the process of formulating my Reach The Beach recap, the specific lyrics made me think of all of the #TeamPumpedUpKicks runners.  If you’ve ever done anything as crazy as a relay race, you might understand:


They made up their minds 
And they started packing 
They left before the sun came up that day 
An exit to eternal summer slacking 
But where were they going without ever 
Knowing the way? 

Hope you enjoy!

Tell me about your craziest adventure!

Friday’s Featured Female – Meet Team Pumped Up Kicks for New Balance #ReachTheBeach NH

Welcome to a Special Edition of Friday’s Featured Female!

Get to know the New Balance #ReachTheBeach Team – Pumped Up Kicks!

Friday's Featured Female, Reach The Beach, New Balance, bloggers

It’s Relay Day!  Team Pumped Up Kicks begins their 200 mile relay journey today at 9am EST.


I’m lucky enough to be running this unique relay race with some great ladies.  Some of these bloggers are friends already, some I’ve admired for a long time and some are new on my radar.  I’m looking forward to getting to know all of these women and I hope you are too!


Pumped Up Kicks – New Balance Reach The Beach 2014 – Van 1:

Runner 1: Jess@RacePaceJess: (25.40 total miles/8.10, 9.30, 8.0):

Jess starts the relay off and she has the most amount of distance to cover.  I’ve been a fan of this lady from when I lived in New York back when she was “Fit Chick In The City”.  Jess is a jack of many trades – Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Director, Spinning Instructor, Run Coach and Lululemon Ambassador.  Here’s to a near marathon distance run, girl!

Runner 2: Carrie Repucci@RunGiaRun (18.7 total miles/8.9, 3.5, 6.30)

Carrie, Reach The Beach, New Balance

Carrie is running representing Gia’s blog RunGiaRun.  I don’t know much about her but I’ve heard she’s fast!  Not too many people could also look that good crossing a finish line.  No UglyRacePics for this girl!

Runner 3: Theodora@PreppyRunner (17.5 total miles/3.9, 5.0, 8.6)

PreppyRunner, Theodora, Reach the Beach, New Balance

I’ve been a long time fan of Theodora and her blog.  She used to write under “Losing Weight In The City” and when I first started reading running and fitness blogs in NYC, her’s was (and still is) a must read.  I’ll never forget seeing Theodora with Tina@CarrotsandCake in front of me at the NY Mini in 2009 or 2010 and feeling like I saw a celebrity.  Yes, I’m a dork.

Theodora writes with honesty about her life and fitness.  Fitness is her life’s work as well.  She works for DailyBurn.

Runner 4: Gia@RunGiaRun:  (15.10 total miles/2.9, 6.5, 5.7)

RunGiaRun, mamalete, Reach The Beach

Gia, another NYC runner, a USATF certified running coach and is a mom of twins.  As if that isn’t enough, Gia is dedicated to helping others find life-work balance.  Gia is also the founder of, showcasing that women that are mothers can be both mom and athlete and inspire others to live healthy and fit lives for themselves and their children.  She is just coming off of a recent surgical procedure…and still committed to running 15 miles.  #Rockstar.

Runner 5: Christine@LoveLifeSurf: (18.8 total miles/5.6, 9.1, 4.1)

LoveLifeSurf, Christine, PumpedUpKicks

Christine and I have been friends for a long, long time.  We were first time parents together in Brooklyn and we found a new friendship through blogging.  I’ve loved watching Christine evolve into the amazing blogger, yoga teacher, runner and mother that she is.  I’m very proud to call this woman my friend!  I’m also hoping she has a yoga sequence set up for us after the race is over!  For more about Christine, see her own special Friday’s Featured Female post right here.

Runner 6: Melissa@FitnessNYC(17.5 total miles/8.6, 5.8, 3.1)


We have 3 Melissas on our team (good choices, New Balance).  I don’t know Melissa personally but I kind of feel like I do.  I believe that she’s friends with Dori@DorisShinyBlog, one of the first blogs on my “Must Read” blogs.  She’s a Melissa and she lives in NYC.  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to like this girl.

Pumped Up Kicks – New Balance Reach The Beach –  Van 2:

Runner 7: Caitlin@CatePlusAte:  (19.1 total miles/7.3, 9.4, 2.4)


Cait lives in Boston and works in the wine industry!  This 25 year old already has her MBA and through her blog talks about food, fitness, fashion, marketing and eating disorder recovery.  Cait is currently training for her first half marathon.   Considering she’s slated for 19 miles, I think she’s going to kill her first 13.1!

Runner 8: Allie@VitaTrain4Life: (19.7 total miles/6.6, 6.4, 6.7)

VitaTrain4Life, Reach The Beach, Pumped Up Kicks, New Balance

Any time I’m given the chance to gush over my friend Allie, I’ll take it.  Not only is Allie an athletic freak of nature but she’s hilarious, heartfelt and is always there to motivate the hell out of anyone who is even remotely interested in fitness.  This mother of twins continues to amaze me with all that she is. Allie has been a Friday’s Featured Female as well.   I’m so excited to having this experience with this fantastic friend of mine!

Runner 9: Marissa@BarefootColorado: (19.0 total miles/ 6.4, 8.5, 4.1)

Marissa, BarefootColo, Pumped Up Kicks, RTBRelay

Marissa runs and she CrossFits.  She’s a lover of all things outdoors (good thing she lives in gorgeous Colorado, right).  Marissa seems very well acquainted with trail running so I hope she can help me out with a thing or two.  Marissa will be my roommate before she’s my teammate so I’ll try to pick up a few tips.  My last relay teammate (Jamie@FitApproach) who ran right before me was definitely good luck so here’s hoping lightning will strike twice.

Runner 10: Me (12.7 total miles/5.1, 3.5, 4.1)


You already know enough about me.  I can say that I’m pretty excited to be running .4 miles less than a half marathon in this relay!

Runner 11: Melissa@SoTheseAreMyThirties: (17.0 total miles/4.8, 8.8, 3.4)

SoTheseAreMyThirties, Pumped Up Kicks, Reach The Beach

Our third Melissa is a Jersey girl who now lives in Austin, TX.  Melissa just finished running Hood To Coast and has run another relay so we’re in good hands with her in our van.  This lady wasn’t always a runner but now she has a running shoe addiction (don’t we all?).  I love that Melissa loves wine, chocolate and being organized.  I’ll have to make sure not to tell Wild Boy that she’s not a Yankees fan though.  I’m pretty sure she’ll get a pass because she is named Melissa, after all.

Runner 12: Lorraine@RunWifeyRun: (12.4 total miles/3.8, 4.5, 4.1)

RunWifeyRun, Reach The Beach, Pumped Up Kicks, New Balance

I’m so glad to know that there’s someone else on the team who is over 40.  I can’t wait to get to know this former music executive who is now a wife, mother and writer (featured in Fitness Magazine, writes for many national magazines and is on the American Cancer Society Blogger Advisor Council).  This powerhouse just ran her 3rd marathon and has discovered destination running.  Sounds like a smart woman to me.


If you’d like to follow Team Pumped Up Kicks via social media during Reach The Beach, you can do so via by following any of the above people’s social media outlets or following the hashtags: #RTBRelay, #runnovation or @newbalance.

A Playlist For My Runway Runaway to Reach The Beach

Yes, the post title is taken from the Duran Duran song “Runway Runaway”.  I’m running away (well flying and then running) to Boston today and since the guys played “Fashion Rocks” last night, I thought the title was appropriate.

Fashion Rocks. Duran Duran

For all of my Duran Duran friends going to see “Unstaged” tonight, have a blast and scream super loud for me.  I’m still sad to be missing this event with all my Duranie brethren.

Duran Duran Unstaged

Image: Duran Duran


It’s been a whirlwind getting ready for Reach The Beach and I hope you’ll follow along on the journey via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I’ll take any and all words of support where I can get them.


My playlist since SoCal Ragnar needed an update so I’m adding the following dozen songs for my Reach The Beach playlist:

Reach The Beach, Playlist, music

1.  “Runway Runaway” by Duran Duran

2.  “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People

3.  “Pompeii” by Bastille (it’s my 2014 theme song)

4.  “All About That Bass” by Megan Trainor (can’t stop singing this one)

5.  “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (the theme for SoCal Ragnar)

6.  “She” by Green Day

7.  “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC

8.  “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend

9.  “You Take Me Up” by Thompson Twins

10.  “Human” by The Killers

11.  “Roam” by B-52’s

12.  “Who Needs Sleep” by Barenaked Ladies



Is there a song I NEED to add to my playlist?  Tell me quickly!