Tunes For Tuesday – 90′s Edition with Barenaked Ladies

Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday – The 90′s Edition for the ninth month of the year, September!

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Hoping you all had a great Lsbor Day weekend.  I was a bit under the weather so there was no post yesterday.  Welcome to the ninth month of the year and to celebrate, we’ll be featuring some great songs of the 1990′s and today we have Barenaked Ladies, an amazing group out of Canada.

I learned of the Barenaked Ladies while Jay was a law student at SUNY Buffalo.  This quirky band with their catchy music were the epitome of fun and wit in the 90′s and even though they’ve gone through a line-up change (original co-founder and lead singer, Stephen Page, left the band in 2009), they’re still a favorite.

Hope you enjoy this live rendition of a classic BNL tune, “If I Had $1,000,000″:




Have you ever seen BNL live?  They do the best medleys of songs?  Which artist do you love to see live?


Friday’s Featured Female – Jody@Truth2BeingFit

Welcome to Friday’s Featured Female!

Friday's Featured Female, #FFF


This weekly series features inspirational stories from admirable women.  IMHO, it’s always good to be reminded of how strength, determination, hard work, heart and ingenuity can impact the quality of one’s life and I’m proud that these women will allow me to share their stories here.


Today’s #FFF is Jody@Truth2BeingFit.  Jody is a motivator extraordinaire.  If you’re at all involved in social media in the health/wellness realm, there’s no doubt that you know of this fabulous woman.  Jody is not only an example of what hard work can do at any and every age but she’s also a community builder.  I love that Jody shares other writer’s content, actively comments on blogs, Instagram and Twitter and shares her detailed workouts and overall life wisdom with everyone.  Jody is a positive force but she’s not afraid to show the gritty side of a well rounded life.  I felt like I hitting a blogging milestone when Jody first shared my content – I had arrived as a health and fitness blogger.  I hope to meet this California resident in person someday soon but until that time, I ask you…


Soooo….have you met Jody?


Hi! My name is Jody and I blog at Truth2BeingFit. When I first started my blog over 6 years ago, I blogged solely about exercise, healthy eating & workout tips. As time went on and I aged, ;), I branched out to healthy living, healthy aging, healthy eating, exercise & fitness help, motivational & life posts and more! I am not a one size fits all blog. I think it makes it a bit more interesting for readers to read about different topics. Yes, it all leads back to a healthier lifestyle BUT with Balance in Life. That is something I had to learn along the way. I made plenty of mistakes when I was younger!


Jody, Truth2BeingFit, cookie



I first want to thank Melissa for asking me to contribute to her Friday feature. I am honored to be part of this series! My take on this is a bit different so let me give you some background on me first.


I was heavy as a kid & lost my weight in high school. I was 35++ pounds overweight at 5’1”. Being honest, when I lost weight in high school, it was more about finding a boyfriend, being cuter, looking better – all the superficial things that come with being a high school girl. It was not about getting healthy.


I did lose the weight by making better food choices but then being thin got away from me. I was too thin at one point back then. In college, I did put a little weight back on but in my 20’s, I got into the eat less, eat salads, skip meals, all fat is bad, exercise a lot type of mentality. Back then, there were not all the social media & news stories we have now. If you want to check out a post of mine with a few older pictures, click HERE. Here is one of the earlier pictures after I lost weight but not as much weight training:


Jody, Truth2BeingFit, active, weightlifter


The one thing I did know though was that eating the wrong & too much food got me to being overweight. So I knew the from day one that I was not going to be able to just lose the weight & go back to eating like when I was heavy. Many make this mistake. So at least I had that mindset – that it was a lifestyle change for life – eating better & exercising. It was the balance in life that took me longer to learn.


In my 30’s, I finally started to understand the importance of the RIGHT food choices along with exercise. I learned how to “listen to my body” along with what I already knew, a mind/muscle link when I lifted weights. I also became a “mindful eater”. This is not intuitive eating but just paying attention to what I eat, how it tastes, slowing down, stopping when full – all that good stuff. :)


So… I had already been lifting weights along with cardio (fitness classes & treadmill running) in my 20’s. In my 30’s, after meeting a bodybuilder in the gym, I fell in love with the weights even more. I started to lift to compete! I did compete in amateur bodybuilding for 2 years in my late 30’s! I won both years for my age & height group. This is my first year picture.


Jody Bodybuilding


After bodybuilding, I knew enough about this “dieting” stuff. I do not diet by the way – what I do is life to me. How I eat, how I exercise, how I treat myself – it is just my life – my lifestyle. So I took a few months to slowly lose some of the weight & size from bodybuilding. From that point on it was all about listening to what worked for me. In fact, it had always been that way. I never really fell for the “if it works for her than it works for me” mentality. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!!! It is about YOU, not them! Always remember that! What works for others is not always right for you. This means food, workouts, rest & more! We all have different lives, different jobs, kids, no kids, active jobs, sedentary jobs – this is about YOU!


I can tell you that when I hit perimenopause to menopause, all this listening to my body & doing what was right for me paid off! These are some hard times with lots of physical & emotional turmoil for many. I had already learned how to do make changes to my food & exercise plan in a slow & deliberate way, listen to what my body was telling and is STILL telling me & always doing what is right for me, not others. HUGE HELP getting thru this time! It is still tough but this helped so much!


So, how is this different from other posts… After looking at all my pictures, you probably think that I really learned to love myself. NOPE! So, what I really want to say is that along your journey, always remember to work on the inside too! I worked on the outside thinking it would correct the inside. That did not happen…. I still was not happy with myself even though I looked a ton better. I was well into my 40’s before I started working on this. At 56, I still am working on this.


No matter what journey you are on, always remember the inside – that is what counts the most – loving oneself!


If you want to ask me about my workouts or eating or anything else, feel free to email me at You can find me at: Truth2BeingFitInstagramTwitterFacebook.


What major step have you taken to be better (or even best!) to yourself?



The 3 Biggest Health Pitfalls of A Busy Lifestyle

I don’t know about you but when the lazy long days and late nights or Summer are over and the Back-To-School days are in full effect, life gets busy.  I’m not talking about the “badge of honor” type of busy but instead when you have so many personal and professional obligations that your calendar looks like a rainbow.


I’m not complaining nor am I trying to glorify having many things to do.  However, when you’re an anxious, tightly wound person who thrives on being helpful, it isn’t easy to balance good health and good work.  I’m watching old patterns take shape when health becomes less of a priority and work gets my attention and focus.

If you’re like me and obligation creep makes you forget your health as a priority, maybe this could be a “check yourself before you wreck yourself” moment to prevent the domino effect of the 3 biggest health pitfalls of a busy lifestyle:

1.  Poor Sleep

It’s the first to get the shaft in the health hierarchy.  There are only 24 hours in a day and when you spend many of those hours GSD, there needs to be some down time.  Many people work and then hit the pillow and sleep.  Not me.  I’m an insomniac and no matter how tired I am, I need wind down time and most often it’s with my iPad watching something.


Proper sleep hygiene says that one should go to sleep at the same time, utilize a bed for sleep and sex only and not use electronics in or an hour before bed.  For some reason, I can’t seem to heed this advice.  Even an eye mask, lavender spray and occasional sleep aid doesn’t work well when one crawls into bed after 2am.

Solution: It’s time to take out the calendar and literally begin planning each week, day by day and hour by hour building in a shut-down time and enough time to sleep.   Sleep really is the lynch pin in the pitfall cascade.


2.  Inconsistent Exercise

Because when you don’t sleep, you have no energy to exercise.  Consistent exercise provides more than just strength and cardiovascular benefits, it provides stress relief.  Without exercise many people wouldn’t have the capacity to do their jobs.  Personally, I like myself and the world much better when I exercise.  However, if one doesn’t sleep well or enough it has an effect on muscle repair, brain function, weight management and stamina (in both exercise and being a functional human being).

Having 1-2 days a week with less than 5 hours of sleep interferes with a desire to exercise regularly.  Whether it’s for health maintenance, weight management or training for an event, without sleep, no success in being consistent with exercise will ever be achieved.

Solution:  Schedule exercise in the calendar.  If poor sleep occurs, have a back up (PiYo instead of running for example) but commit to the one of the rules often said by one of my fitness idols, Chris Freytag about never going more than 2 days without exercise.


3.  Mindless Eating

Inadequate sleep and lack of exercise often leads people to not give a crap about what they put in their mouths.  For some, it’s super easy to go for the starchy carbs because of the quick energy it provides (I’m in this camp).  When you’re tired, cranky, there’s very little rational thought about fueling your body with purpose.  Eating for comfort over nourishment is often a goal in a sleep deprived state and fruits, vegetables and whole grains don’t fit the bill.

Zen Proverb Eating

Advanced food preparation would make healthy choices readily available but in my opinion, sleep, getting work done and just about everything else trumps food prep every time.  Often it’s not the food choice or amount of food consumed that plays such a negative role in this pitfall, it’s the guilt or the quick transition to the “Oh, screw it” attitude.  Once guilt comes into the equation, it’s often followed by deliberate avoidance of all mindful thinking.  It’s hard to think when you’re tired and stressed out.

Solution: Shop for a variety of healthy snacks that fit the sweet, savory or starchy carb bill.  I’ve found a few that have definitely helped out in times of sleep deprived crisis but there needs to be more added to the arsenal.  Weekly shopping needs to have healthy comfort foods and lots of them.


What trips you up from living more healthfully?   What advice has helped?

Tunes For Tuesday – RetroFutura Tour Artist – Midge Ure

Welcome To Tunes For Tuesday – Retro Futura Tour Style!


I can’t even explain how excited I am about this Friday’s Retro Futura show at the Greek Theatre!


Many of East Coasters have already put up some great videos (CONCERTCHICK has quite a few) and photos all over the internet.  It isn’t often a bill has multiple artists you want to see and today’s featured artists, Midge Ure, is someone I absolutely can’t wait to see live!  Midge is not only immensely talented, he’s got a sense of humor and is very engaged in social media.


I’ll admit that I’m still not over the fact that I missed two special Midge Ure shows in New York (#heartinNYbodyinLA) where he played a special acoustic show of “Answers To Nothing”.  It seems now that I’m not in NYC, that all of the New Wave artists I love are doing special shows there.  Grrr!


But I digress.  Today’s tune “Cold Cold Heart” (it was hard not to choose “One Small Day” or “Vienna” especially learning from Mad World Book that it was a mondegreen that inspired the latter title – read here for details).  

“Cold Cold Heart” isn’t actually from the 1980′s but I was searching YouTube and was reminded of how much I really like this song.  Also, how could someone born on Valentine’s Day not feature a song about a heart?!


The video is both funny and touching.  I love the diversity and tongue in cheek humor throughout.  Ignore the fact that the soundtrack and the lip synch are off because there are some great tidbits.  Hope you enjoy and I’ll give a review of the concert next week!



Since this is the last Tuesday of August, this is the last Retro Futura Tour Tunes For Tuesday Artist post.  If you missed any of the posts, you can catch them here:


Midge Ure also has a new album called Fragile available now

FYI – I have no affiliation with Retro Futura and I’m under no obligation to write about the artists or show dates.  I’m just a fan.

Which Midge Ure/Ultravox song is your favorite? 

Old School Blogging – Summertime and The Living is Easy

Even though it’s perennially summer in Southern California, the summer season is coming to a close and now that Wild Boy is back at school, I can’t deny the end is here. I love the Old School Blogging prompts from Elaine@MissElaineousLife and figured I’d wrap up my summer experiences here today.


What was your favorite thing you did alone this summer?

FitBloggin’ and BlogFest were two of my favorite things that I technically did alone this summer (I arrived alone and left alone but I had many old friends at both events and I got to make many new ones so I never felt alone).  If hard pressed to choose a solo activity though, I’d say my Duran Duran run was my favorite alone time this summer.


What was your favorite thing you did as a family this summer?

It’s hard to choose one favorite thing because we did a lot things that may not have been spectacular to others but were very meaningful to me.  We traveled to Chicago and spent some quality time with friends that left the NY area soon after we did.  Spending a simple Fourth of July a friend’s house and seeing happy kids and hanging out was really perfect.

We even had a typical California beach bonfire night that was everything a New Yorker living in LA needed to be seduced by this great city.  However, if I had to choose one thing, I’d say getting the chance to watch Wild Boy perform a Hap Kido demonstration on the Dodger Stadium field and watching the game with friends was a great memory of Summer 2014.


What books did you read this summer?

I’ve been slacking terribly in the book reading department.  I did finally read “The Fault in Our Stars” and some nutrition related books though.



What do you WISH you had done this summer?

I wish we could have traveled back to NYC.  I miss New York in summer tremendously.  I especially miss not being able to run on Summer Streets – 7 miles of car free roads in the middle of New York is a runners paradise.

Brooklyn Bridge, running, Kick Ass 5K,


People are going to hate me for saying this but I do wish that there was at least one rainy day so that we could have spent some more lazy days together as a family.


What movies did you see this summer (if any)?

Movies?  Like in a theater?  That rarely happens any more.  I did see “Wolf of Wall Street”, “Philomena” and “Don Jon” (which I really liked despite the somewhat uncomfortable subject matter).  I caught up on a ton of television this summer.

James Spader

James Spader Now and in Pretty in Pink.


I exhausted my 15 Bingeworthy Shows list so I started watching Season 1 of “The BlackList”.  Seeing how James Spader has aged reminds me just how long ago “Pretty In Pink” (my favorite movie) and “Less Than Zero” really were.  I’m choosing to remember that James Spader despite liking his new TV character.


Where did you travel this summer?

Chicago, Atlanta (for one night), Savannah, Augusta (for 2 hours), Anaheim and Westwood (if you live in California anywhere more than 15 miles away really is considered traveling).


What was your favorite treat (as in dessert) this summer?

I love ice cream but I don’t eat it often.  My favorite treats that I discovered were all alcoholic – the strawberry lemonade French Press drink at Hard Rock Cafe, discovered I can drink vodka (with lots of pineapple juice and sparkling water) and I had my first real Moscow Mule in a copper mug in Chicago.


What did you celebrate this summer?

Duran Duran, Duran Duran Appreciation Day

Image: Mirella Stirvani

I celebrated 2 years of living in California and Duran Duran Appreciation Day with my 2nd annual 10K.  I also celebrated turning a half year older on August 14th.  I might have cried a little.


Did you grow anything this summer?

My hair.  My hair is long (and is need of color – damn you grey hairs – see above answer).  My hair was pretty long back in April and I haven’t cut it since then.  (PS – It’s hard to find a more recent photo of me with my hair down).

Duran Duran, Mad World

I have a black thumb and have issues growing anything that requires sunlight and water.   I will take credit for my child growing though.  He must have grown 1-2 inches this summer and at the rate he’s going, he’ll tower over me by 5th grade.


What is a favorite post (if you blog) that you wrote this Summer?

As you can tell, I’m not very good at picking one favorite so I’ll keep up the trend.  I enjoyed writing my 10 Women You Need to Meet at BlogHer and BlogFest posts but I have a soft spot for my post about my favorite pieces of vintage activewear.  I loved writing about why I still have a few pieces of fitness clothes/activewear.

Rock n Roll Marathon, Iron Girl, Hind, #oldestpieceofactivewear

Iron Girl hat, Hind Leggings, Iron Girl hat day of the San Diego RnR Marathon 1999 and that medal.

 I know people keep pieces of activewear for sentimental reasons and wanted to find out why but I never started a link-up.  Let me know if you think I should.


What is a favorite photograph that you took this summer?

My favorite photograph would have to be this one of Wild Boy entering the Dodger Stadium field to do his Hap Kido demonstration.


Dodger Stadium, Hap Kido, Wild Boy


What do you want to do next summer?

Our good friends have a family home in France.  It would be dreamy to be able to go with my family and friends.  The only time I was in France was when I was 25 and I was alone, in Paris for only two days.  If the France trip doesn’t happen, I hope to be able to travel domestically and spend at least some time doing nothing on a beach.


That’s a wrap on Summer 2014 for me.

If you’re a blogger, think about joining the meme and go and check out Old School Blogging by the MissElaineousLife for future awesome prompts.  She has some great ones.  Here’s one that I liked a lot - the A to Z Meme OSB post.



What was your favorite thing that you did this summer?


Disclosure:  There are Amazon Affiliate links within this post which may yield a small referral fee (to my Duran Duran concert fund) for any purchase you make when using those links.