Sorry that this post is late today but I’ve been traveling a lot lately.   I just got back from the amazing Fitbloggin’ 13 in Portland, Oregon.  I have so much to share about my recent adventures that I need a few days to gather up all the fabulousness I’ve encountered on my #secretvacation and at Fitbloggin.

In attempt to be somewhat timely, (since 2013 is already half over – hello July 1st!) today we’re doing the quarterly check in on the progress being made with my #13in2013 goals.  My first quarter check in post is here.

#13in2013 Goals:

    1. Complete a half marathon (the original #13in2013) – Still recovering from injury. Did learn 11 Reasons To Attend A Health & Fitness Expo (even when you can’t run).

      BareNaked Granola

      From the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Health & Fitness Expo.

    2. Perform 13 acts of kindness (inspired by Sandy Hook)Done 5, want 9 by Sept.
    3. Read 13 booksI’ve read 4 books but one was the new and very fun MTV VJ book!

      MTV logo, VJ, book

      Image: Fred Seibert

    4. Take 13 different fitness classes and review Began the WundaWednesday series and did a photo feature on Love.Yoga.Give at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

      Love.Yoga.Give, Lululemon, Stadium Fitness

      Love.Yoga.Give 2013 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl

    5. Cook 13 new dishes featuring high nutritional value foods – Done 4-5
    6. Commit to my blog via with a minimum of 2 posts/wkCheck!  I’m doing 4/wk.
    7. Launch a private nutrition practiceSlated for late 2013/early 2014
    8. Attend 2-3 Conferences: Check!  Went to Natural Product Expo West and  Fitbloggin
    9. Get organized: Create daily/weekly structure for work/home efficiency Lacking here but using an editorial calendar for blog posts
    10. Begin Phase 2 of decorating the CA houseNope.  First priority add wall art.

      Wedding picture from Studio 450 NYC 5-6-00

      Wedding: May 6, 2000 – Studio 450

    11. Be more present by instituting a daily no phone/computer time policyNope.  Will try 1 day/week this quarter.
    12. Become more financially responsible/get over the fear of money managementCommitting to balancing the checkbook weekly.
    13. Help Plan Durandemonium – the Duran Duran Fan Convention Due to a family event scheduling conflict, I had to withdraw from the planning committee. 🙁  My loss may be someone else’s gain though soon!  Stay tuned!

      Duran Duran, Duran Duran game,

      I wanted this but never had it. Did you?  Image: Grilled Cheese

Boy am I glad I have another 6 months to hit some of these goals since I’m so behind!

How are you doing on the goals (or New Year’s Resolutions – did you forget about them?!) that you set for yourself this year?  Let’s support each other!