Since my injury in December, I haven’t been really allowed to run and it’s been hard.  This weekend is the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon I originally planned to do earlier this year.  Today, I’m going down to the Expo in San Diego to see friends and get some closure about this particular race.  Even though I’m not running my #13in2013, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my severely neglected running shoes and I wanted to take the time here to craft and showcase a proper apology to one of my greatest running supporters.



Dear Running Shoes,

There’s no doubt that you’ve been neglected since I’ve been injured.  It’s true, I’ve put you to the back of my closet, hidden away from sight.  When I see you, I get sad that we can’t spend quality time together so I need to keep you from view.

I know you’ve been jealous of the FitFlops that go out and see the world every single day in sunny California.  Don’t think I haven’t heard you ask if you “can just see the outside world”?  You know that I’m not that kind of girl, I’m not a user.  I know what you can do and I wouldn’t want to tease you with a walk around the block or into a WundaBar Pilates studio.  You might not know that I’ve never been a casual sneaker wearer – Chucks are cool but don’t fit me well and you don’t even see those hipster Pumas anymore, right?

Let me be clear, Running Shoes, I miss you terribly but my back still isn’t ready for us to really get together.  I know that you’re sad that you won’t be able to see San Diego again.  We had fun at the Oakley VIP Progression Session together didn’t we?  I know you were hoping to retrace some of the footsteps along the 26.2 miles that your great, great, great, great grandmother did in San Diego 1999 but don’t worry, we’ll both get out on the road again when we’re stronger.

Oh Running Shoes, you haven’t been out often but the four 5K’s you’ve done in the past few months were pretty spectacular:

1.  In early February, we experienced The Color Run at Dodger Stadium.  I know you don’t like having the color pink sprayed all over you (we both detest pink) but it really was one of the “Happiest 5K’s On Earth”.

The Color Run, 5K, Dodger Stadium

2.  In late February, we walked the Pasadena Rose Bowl in February for Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini where we both even got the chance to meet Pavement Runner in the flesh.  He’s one nice (and speedy) guy!

3.  In early April, we went to NYC together and had a fabulous time getting reacquainted with (aka RUNNING over) the Brooklyn Bridge for Abby at Run Stronger Everyday’s Kick Ass 5K (even though I got in trouble with my Physical Therapist, Jennifer for doing it).

Brooklyn Bridge, running, Kick Ass 5K,

4.  In late April, you got your chance to do good again when you were part of our first family 5K supporting the running community of Boston during the Pasadena Unity Run (but for us, a walk).

Unity Run Pasadena, #BostonStrong

Messages For Boston

I apologize for not letting you know just how much I’ve missed you these past few months, Running Shoes.  I’m not proud but I’ve looked longingly at other running shoes doing their thing.  Not because they were more attractive than you but just because they were blissfully unaware of what it’s like to be “on a break” with a loyal friend.

I hope you realize that just because I’ve been spending time doing non-shoe activities like Pilates and Yoga, our “break” will be over once my back can handle us together again.  Running Shoes, don’t despair, I have my eye on a few future races. I shouldn’t be telling you this but I have a big surprise for you at the end of June so just hold on a little longer.  We’ll be back together soon!

With heartfelt love and deepest apologies,