10 Main Takeaways From FitBloggin’

Hoping you all had a great holiday weekend!  I’ve been traveling a bit and I’ve been late in letting you all know about my #secretvacation (blog post pending) but this post is about my trip to Portland and my 10 Takeaways from Fitbloggin’.  This was a conference unlike any other I’ve ever attended.  Kia from Bodhibear.net said “that Fitbloggin is like walking into a hug” and she was absolutely right!  I was lucky to have been chosen as a LiveBlogger (and therefore my conference fee was complimentary) but would have paid to attend this fabulous conference anyway!  I’m already looking forward to FitBloggin 2014!

Portland, Fitbloggin

My 10 Main Takeaways From Fitbloggin’ Include:

  • F – Fitness: In quantity (there were workout options 3 times a day) and quality (from Bootcamp to CrossFit to Intensati to Zumba to a special Fitbloggin’ Pyrolates class).  It was great to start the conference off with a great Bootcamp at 6am with Erin Kreitz Shirey.  I’ve never seen someone lead a class with so much energy in my life.  I almost fell over when I realized that Erin was pregnant (with her 3rd child!).  I can no longer use being tired as an excuse for anything ever.
Fitbloggin, bootcamp,

6am Bootcamp with Erin from DigDeepPlayHard.com


  • I – Inspiration:  From the small discussion groups that I attended (Dealing With Injuries and Diet Is A Four Letter Word) where I learned how my back was a pittance of an injury compared to someone like Megan (who has had 13 surgeries and couldn’t even hold her children) and how people like David and Danielle blew me away with words of wisdom while on their own health journeys.  The Ignite Fitness keynote where speakers were given 5 minutes and 20 slides to tell some of their stories had me bawling (Renisha, Kimberly and Sue O’Lear  - wow!).  You must see Sue O’Lear’s presentation and let me know if you can get through it dry eyed.


Diet, Fitbloggin

The Diet Is A Four Letter Word Discussion Group


  • T -Trampoline: I had more fun in this Jump Sport Trampoline class with Jeff McMullen than I ever dreamed possible.  I was scared to death and was a sweat machine but it was AWESOME!  I was lucky to have my own Doctor-In-The-House, Andrea as my partner.  I wish there was a group trampoline exercise class near my house because it was truly spectacular.
Trampoline, Jumpsport, Fitbloggin

Top: Andrea and Kimberly
Bottom: Amy and me (post class)

  • L – Lovely Runs: Ok, so I walk/ran because my back was acting up but I got to run with the GotChocolateMilk/Team Refuel reps, Jeana and Kelly for a 5K on Friday and ran about 3 miles with Carrie of familyfitnessfood.com on Sunday.  Friends, I got to run over bridges and you know that makes me very, very happy.
GotChocolateMilk.com, Fitbloggin, running, Portland, bridges

Left: GotChocolateMilk.com and Right: a Portland bridge – Yay!

Voodoo donuts, Portland

I didn’t even get to go the famous VooDoo Donut and I could kick myself.  Someone was bringing them home on the plane.

  • G – Great Swag:  Sponsors were more than generous.  Some of us had to sit on our suitcases to close them (and nearly check a bag which in my mind is a big no-no).  We were given fabulous Nano 2.0 CrossFit Shoes and a Yoga Tank from Reebok, vitamins and supplements from Nutrilite, SoyJoy bars, a delicious new Quinoa and Chia Cereal from Attune Foods among many other wonderful things!  Many thanks!  Next year, I’ll try to remember to bring fewer pairs of shoes and allow for more room in my bag.
Fitbloggin, Reebok, Attune Foods, Nutrilite

I should have taken a picture before I packed everything away, I know.


  • G – Goals: I have my #13in2013 goals for the year but now there are a few more after being around such inspirational people.  There’s a spark that’s been lit in my head and heart to do more not only with this blog but also to utilize my professional skills after nearly a year and a half off.  Big changes are coming!
  • I – Instagram: I blame my roommate Jill from Treefitness.com for my newest social media addiction, Instagram.  I have no idea why I haven’t ever jumped on this bandwagon before since I love to take photos with my phone.   I even learned what a #selfie is (thanks to my other “roommate” the ninjarina, Katrina B.).  Come follow me on Instagram at mburton0214!
Instagram, Side Crow, yoga, Fitbloggin

Jill put this photo of me doing Side Crow on Instagram.




Silly new Fitbloggin Friends

Treefitness.com, funkyfitnesspdx.com

Me, Jill and Katrina B.











There are my 10 takeaways!  3.5 days of fitness, fun, learning and community building is impossible to summarize well.  It was a great experience and I can’t wait for next year!

I was given a conference fee waiver in exchange for Live Blogging one of the sessions I attended (which is why I didn’t see much of Portland because I’m an anxious freak and not a fast writer).  I was not required to write a blog post about this event or the sponsor gifts.  All other expenses were my responsibility and all opinions in this post are my own.

Who is the Twitter/Facebook/Blog friend that you don’t know IRL but would love to meet and why?

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42 Responses to 10 Main Takeaways From FitBloggin’

  1. Bonnie

    You forgot about convinicing me that I could Shoop!!

    • Melissa Burton

      Bonnie, you are too funny! xo It felt criminal that I couldn’t include everything I wanted to include about the conference. It was truly awesome, right?

  2. Carolyn West

    Glad you had a great time. Sounds like an awesome conference, but I have to admit, all that exercise scares the hell out of me. :)

    • Melissa Burton

      Carolyn, It was amazing. Workouts were optional but made me feel like a beast (the CrossFit scared the life out of me…I was happy that it was only a 4 minute bout of exercise). Hey, you are a dancing queen and I’ve seen it in person!!

  3. Running Hutch

    So glad you enjoyed your time in Oregon! It was great to hang out with and I look forward to your “big changes”!

    • Melissa Burton

      Tiffany: It was such a great time! It was really a pleasure getting to meet you my fellow injured one! I’m sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye properly. Keep looking. Those changes are a-coming!

  4. Maribel Reyes

    i so wanted to go to this conference. Sad I moved and couldn’t, hoping I can make it next year as it seems like I would love it! :D Thanks for the detailed re-cap! Love the picture of you jumping… :D yes I am following you on IG because I love everything you share on it.

    • Melissa Burton

      Maribel: Wow, would you love this conference! I really hope you can make it next year. I’m loving Instagram too and now I get to vicariously experience Pura Vida through you. Hoping adjustment is going well for you and the family! xo

  5. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    Sounds like you had such a great time!! So sad to have missed it this year and I love Portland. I can’t believe you haven’t been in Instagram. I’m definitely obsessed with it and it’s by far my fav social media channel.

    • Melissa Burton

      Christine: It was pretty fabulous! I know that I’m super slow on the uptake when it comes to new social media outlets. I feel I’m behind on my own blog, Pinterest, Google+ and now Instagram – aaaack! Twitter, however, still has my heart.

  6. Katrina Ninjarina

    Love the alphabetical recap! :) I can’t believe I hadn’t followed you on instagram yet!!! I expect to see many #selfies to come. ;) Thanks for the shout out!

    • Melissa Burton

      Of course Katrina! Thank you for everything. A blog post about Pyrolates is pending! Every #selfie I promise to think of you. Hoping all is well with you! xo

  7. Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

    Yay for new friends!! I love the way you wrote this!! Instagram is QUITE the addiction!! :)

    • Melissa Burton

      Thanks Nellie! Oh, Instagram will be the death of me! Hoping to see you when I’m in Bklyn in a few weeks.

  8. Caryn/The Mid Life Guru

    This sounded like a ton of fun. How did you hear about it?

    • Melissa Burton

      Caryn: I follow a lot of runners on Twitter that all went last year (when it was in Maryland). I was thrilled that it was on the West Coast this year. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Trina

    Sounds like it was a great time. It would be great to learn how to be fit/healthy with something like inflamatory arthritis. I want to work out, but some work outs seem to cause inflammation and others I just can’t do (like Yoga poses).

    • Melissa Burton

      Trina: I can reach out to the Fitbloggin’ community and see if anyone has any suggestions for you and lyk what they say. Hoping you and baby M are doing well!

  10. chris

    What a terrific recap – I’m sorry I missed it! I didn’t know hippies liked strip clubs – how do they afford to pay the strippers? I kid, I kid. The trampoline class looked awesome, and KUDOS to you for doing Side Crow – holy cow!

    • Melissa Burton

      Chris: We need to hang out one of these days! You just sound like my kind of girl. When can we have a sweat date? Maybe in late Aug/early Sept when I’m back from NYC and FL. Please! Thanks for the compliments too!

  11. Beeb

    Love your takeaways from this!

    • Melissa Burton

      Beeb, I loved meeting you after Bootcamp and I’m now even a bigger fan after finding out you’re a Duranie too! Yay!

  12. Allie Burdick

    Sounds like a dream come true! I love that there were exercise class options everyday plus runs – wow – I would be in heaven!! Is this conference always in Portland or does it move around? I’m from the east coast but sound like it would be worth the trip! Thanks for all the amazing info!!…and I’m also addicted to Instagram & now following you:-)

    • Melissa Burton

      Allie: It was fab. This was the first year that Fitbloggin’ was on the west coast (it had been in Baltimore the 3 years prior). Next year it’s slated for either Austin or Nashville (no announcement yet). I hope you can make it next year. Will find you on Instagram and follow back!

  13. Kimberly {Manifest Yourself}

    I LOVE meeting bloggers in real life. It makes the relationship that much better! Hope to see you in BK soon for brunch!

  14. Helen @ What Happened Next...

    Loved your recap! I loved the exercise classes too, I was sad to miss out on Zumba since I was live-blogging a session at that time – still there’s always next year! I hope I get to meet many more bloggers next years!

    • Melissa Burton

      Thanks Helen! Next year is going to be even more amazing, right? Looking forward to hearing if it’s going to be Nashville or Austin! Thanks for stopping by!

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  16. Jill Griffiths

    I too loved the recap! And how was it we never made it to the donut shop?? Already excited for next year. So glad we ended up being roomies :) Come visit me in Utah! xoxo

    • Melissa Burton

      Jill: We didn’t make it to the donut shop (or anywhere else because you caught my Live Blogger paranoia). Any chance you’ll be able to come to Denver for FitSocial my friend? If not, Fitbloggin’ next year for certain.

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