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Helping Is Easy – Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K for My Friend’s Place

The blog is still technically on hiatus but I couldn't forego sharing a recap of the very special 2014 Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K to benefit My Friend's Place.  "Helping is easy" is an expression we've used in my household since Wild Boy was a toddler.  I'm a helper by nature.  I'm easily "called to action" and even went into the helping profession of dietetics nutrition to serve my dual interests in health and helping others.  However after tweaking my back in spin class recently, I haven't felt motivated to do much of anything but I definitely wanted to give my all to the Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K in Hollywood.  The run was such a blast last year and I very much wanted to do my part to help the small but mighty organization, My Friend's Place, in their support of helping homeless youth in Los Angeles. I was excited at the prospect of being among friends during this race. Some friends that I didn't see were Jen@FindingMyInnerBombshell, … [Read More...]

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Surviving and Thriving After A Fitness Injury

Hello All!  I haven't disappeared. I know I haven't been posting consistently but there are some personal things that have required my undivided attention lately and it's kept me from blogging. However, you can find my latest post, 5 Tips to Survive and Thrive After A Fitness … [Read More...]

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Would Someone Please Explain? Answers to 50 Questions.

  The reason for this "strange behavior" is because I saw this 50 Questions post over on Christine's blog LoveLifeSurf (who cribbed it from Alison@WritingWishing) and I started to "wonder and asked myself the question" so I figured I'd "explain".  I like blog memes (see … [Read More...]