Last Saturday night, I spent a Girl’s Night In with some local friends to create Vision Boards for 2016.  I did create a Vision Board for 2015 (which I kept quiet about) but it was amazing what things on that board came true (see here for my look back at 2015)!

Most of us at the Vision Board session this year are Moms and given that we rarely get the chance to hang out and be purely social adults, I decided to go all in and do my part to make this a super fun evening.  In addition to bringing some nibbly things, I brought a Lucky Buddha Beer for each person.

Lucky Buddha Beer, Lucky Buddha,

This light and smooth tasting beer is not only yummy but the bottle has a Buddha sculpted into the glass which I thought would be a great way to bring some good luck to each person in the New Year.

I was introduced to this beer by my Duran Duran Ride or Die, Josie, when we went on our Duran Duran leg of #concertapalooza (the four shows in a week this past Fall).  I’ll admit that Lucky Buddha found out that I was a fan of their beer and sent me a 6 pack the day I started Yoga Teacher Training.  Smart marketing people, I’m #fanforlife and spreading the word!

I don’t often get a Girl’s Night In, so it was really enjoyable to do some chatting, eating and drinking while cutting out words, phrases and photos from the huge stack of magazines my friend in PR needs to collect to stay on the cutting edge.  In addition to my Buddha attempting to manifest some good luck for us all, I also brought some Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards*.

Goddess Cards, Girls Night In, Vision Boards


The 44 cards in the pack contain messages from cross cultural Goddesses about how one can improve their life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path.  I figured if I was going to dive into the idea of Vision Board as manifestation then why not bring some women centered “Divine Magic” in the mix.

I’ll admit that because I wound up doing the Goddess Card readings that I didn’t finish my Vision Board during our GNI.  I did finish it at home and this is the final product:

Vision Board, 2016, hopes, dreams, manifest, mindful


Last year more pictures spoke to me but this year there were lots of words.

Here are the themes that came through as important to me for 2016:

  • MORE – I want to focus on the idea of “MORE” – doing more, being more, giving more, being more mindful, and more present with my family (not having or acquiring more things).
  • Business – Focus on development of this blog, the private nutrition practice I really want and do actually do some yoga teaching.
  • Women – As the sole female in my own home, I’ve come to truly appreciate being a woman.  I’m continually inspired by other women and I want very much to inspire other women to recognize and appreciate their own potential on so many levels.
  • Nutrition/Health – To spread real world nutrition education that not only encompasses scientific evidence but to encompass emotion and lifestyle in a way that makes people feel empowered and happy about eating healthfully.
  • Fitness – With yoga and spin.  I’ve missed spinning and hope that my back will allow me to return.  Pilates would be good too!
  • Music – I’d like to see Duran Duran on this tour and a repeat of last year’s concert onslaught wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.
  • Fashion – Maybe this will be the year I become a bit more fashionable?  I doubt it but maybe.
  • Travel – There’s been talk of a major trip this summer that has been in the ether for ages.  This is the year that we’d like to make it a reality.  Fingers crossed!  Even some close to home adventures would be very welcomed.  My family enjoys traveling and I hope we get to do some this year.

Even if nothing from this board comes through in 2016,

I’m feeling pretty positive about this year and I’m ready for whatever is in store!   


What do you want for yourself this year?  

Did you make a vision board?  

How are you going to make it happen?

Have you ever used Goddess Cards before?  If you haven’t, you should!  They’re a ton of fun.

Disclaimer:  The Goddess Cards link (designated with “*”) is an Amazon Affiliate link (which means a small percentage of any cards bought on after clicking that link will be sent to me on a quarterly basis).  I’ve decided that 5% of any Amazon Affiliate revenue created from this blog will be sent to charity in 2016.