Goals, Resolutions, Intentions and Mantras

(all with capital letters)

are many of the ways most people begin their New Year.  I’m no different.

I’ve done a “start the year” list in 2013, 2014 and 2015 complete with check-in’s and wrap-up’s to measure my progress or success in keeping with the things I set out to do.

This year, I decided to go a different way.

I picked a word to guide my 2016.

Originally my word was going to be:


but it sounded too harsh.  I could almost visualize someone poking me with a stern pointer finger yelling at me and then the words of the Kung Fu Master, Shifu, from Kung Fu Panda came to mind and then I heard the words, “FOCUS!  FOCUS!  You stink!” and that word got tossed aside.  Some people like the bootcamp scream approach as a method of motivation but that’s not really my style.


was a little too ethereal and lacked boundaries.   The list of personal and professional things that have been bubbling up in my brain were not going to come to fruition with the typical office poster caption. I knew that my word had to be something attached to being aware but yet implied purpose.

When the word I finally chose came to me, I’ll be honest and share that I thought like it sounded like a little too much Yoga Teacher Training philosophy had taken over my practical nature.  However, when I let the word roll around a little bit, it felt right:

Mindful, Word of 2016


OK, so “mindful” may be a little yoga influenced but being mindful allows for a connection to be made (and kept!) to the heart and mind while formulating an idea and determining tasks required to make a vision of the soul a reality.

It feels a little weird not having a list or a written plan.  However, I made a plan last year and about 90% of that plan was not achieved.  I could (continue to) sit and whine about my disappointment in myself or just pick up and move on.  It’s a New Year.  I’m moving on.

Change comes.  We can either embrace it or we can let it kick the crap out of us.

I’m ready to mindfully hug the f#$% out of 2016!

This year things are going to be different. Let’s hope the results are different too.


Do you have a word for 2016?

A 2016 list of goals/resolutions/intentions or even a mantra?

What’s your guiding method for 2016?