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Here’s my list:


1.  Finally launch my vision of a Women’s Health focused Nutrition Private Practice:

  • 2015 will be the year that I will launch a private nutrition practice that provides nutrition education and counseling to women in a manner that helps them feel empowered and not intimidated.  #thatisall


2.  Change things up on the blog:




  • Tuesdays > Mondays: In an attempt to lessen “Stressball Sundays”, I’m no longer posting on Mondays.  Instead, I’ll be combining Tunes For Tuesday with an initial weekly post called Tune Up Tuesday.  The format of the series is still TBD but it will likely still include a music video and a glimpse into what’s on my mind about food, fitness and family/life in general.
  • A New Monthly Series – Nerdy Nutrition:  Making sense of the many aspects of healthy eating can be overwhelming and more than a little bit scary but that’s part of the fun of being an RD so every month I’ll share a little of my expertise and opinion on nutrition trends and healthy eating.
  •  Continue but alter Friday’s Featured Female series:  Instead of every week featuring a new fabulous female every week, it may be bi-weekly (every 2 weeks not twice a week) or monthly.
  • Increase blog functionality:  Not much has been done since the 3Q 2014 revamp and now is the time.
  • Collaborate with people, brands and services to provide information, education and interesting stories to write about and share.  We all want to live healthy, long lives and finding the motivation to eat well, workout and learn takes work.  I want to continue to find inspiration within the health/fitness/nutrition community and let it fuel blog content.


3.   Architect the Professional 5 Year Plan:

  • As a Registered Dietitian, I am required to submit a Continuing Education Learning Plan every 5 years and my new 5YP is due in 2015.  In the past, this used to cause me extreme anxiety but this time around figuring out how I want to spend the majority of my time doing over the next 5 years is actually pretty exciting!


4.  Work the calendar each week for a better Blend:

  • I bought a Weekly/Monthly Calendar that features each day with hourly slots.  My goal is to not only increase efficiency through scheduling daily exercise/work/other obligations in an hour by hour format every week but I aim to increase my happiness.  I’m not looking for balance (see here for my thoughts on this concept) but I’m hoping to use this system as a way to blend obligation with celebration both professionally and personally.  




This would sum it up.


5.  Prevent the cycle of injury/recovery with a commitment to incorporating both strength training and Pilates into my fitness regimen.

  • I’ve been exceptionally willy-nilly about being consistent in my strength training and my core work for a long, long time and it’s likely the reason that I keep exacerbating my chronic injury.  I’m sick and tired of whining about being injured or attempting to recover.  It’s time to develop the musculature that I need to support my lower back.  Progress will be featured on the blog because I really want to do this…….


6.  Complete a half marathon.

  • I’m not interested in adding another DNS to my list (4) so coupled with #4, I don’t have a goal of running multiple races this year.  I do want to run a few races but I’m not going to over do it.  However, I’ll say it now that if Run Rock ‘N’ Roll/Competitor holds to their promise of a Brooklyn Half Marathon in October, I’ll be there.

Running, NYC, runchat


7.  Finish the list of things that really need to get done, divide the list and do a specified number of tasks per quarter. 

  • This is not the major To-Do List of life but it does include the many nagging things like – get a new Primary Care Doctor, fill the new glasses prescription and renew the (now expired) Passport (among other things).


8.  Read 15 books.

  • Yup, a reading goal is back on the list.  I always find the time to go on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; I have fallen down the rabbit hole of a TV series binge more times than I can count but I simply don’t make the time to read books.   What’s bizarre is that I enjoy reading!  I made a goal of 15 books but to be honest, if I read 6 books (1+5), I’d call it a win.
  • In attempt to track the books that I do actually read, I’m going to log everything into my Goodreads account.  Are you on Goodreads too? If so, come and find me.  I’d love to get some recommendations (and learn more about you via your reading choices).


9.  My secret goal:  I can’t tell you!

  •  The “Secret Goal” is back again.  You’ll have to wait for more details as they develop.


10.  Meet Simon Le Bon on the next Duran Duran tour.  

Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran, altar


  • This is a repeat of last year’s goal (because there was no tour last year – Boo!).  I’m not sure how this is going to happen but I’m determined to make sure that it does.  I’m sure with the band releasing an album (sometime) in 2015, there will be A LOT of Duran Duran mentioned on the blog this year.


 There’s my #GoReIn2015 list.  Add your link or comment to join in on a year of fun!