#14in2014 – A Goals/Resolutions/Intentions Post and Link-Up

Welcome to #14in2014!  A Goals/Resolutions/Intentions Post and Link-Up


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My #13in2013 goal posts and quarterly check-in’s were so well received throughout  2013 that for 2014, I’m offering a link-up to create a community of support to help us all meet our goals, resolutions and intentions for the year.

Bloggers and non-bloggers alike can participate in the #14in2014 link-up and quarterly check-in’s.  Let’s all support each other not just in the headiness of the New Year but for all 365 days!

My goals for 2014 are below and details about the link-up are at the bottom of the page.

My #14in2014 Goals



1.  Fully launch a Women’s Health Focused Nutrition Private Practice by 3/31/14.

2.  Cultivate at least 5 professional referral sources for nutrition clients.

3.  Redesign blog and promote to raise traffic and subscribers 25%.

4.  Develop (and stick to) a system to maintain/grow social media presence/blogger interaction and achieve life/work balance.

5.  Become an ambassador for a favorite brand and/or receive revenue from blogging.

6.  Showcase at least 50 women for the weekly Friday’s Featured Female series.

7.   Engage in a monthly Professional Development endeavor.



8.  Run 2+0+1+4 (7) races (including So Cal Ragnar Relay).

9.  Perform 14 Random Acts of Kindness.

10.  Improve self-care with focus on one monthly/quarterly goal.

11.  Try one new fitness class/video per month.

12.  Read 14 books (it’s scary that I need to make this a goal).

13.  My secret goal:  To be revealed at year-end.

14.  My shallow goal: Meet Simon Le Bon on the next Duran tour.


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      Tara: You did it right! Now if you’re subscribed to my blog (you get an email every time I post), you’ll get the prompt when the check-in post is coming and you’ll have to comment with your goals/resolutions/intentions and your progress.

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      Hi Heather: I’m looking forward to reading your goals and who can argue with “joy” being a guiding word for the year? Looking forward to supporting you this year find consistent joy in all that you do!

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      I guess that means you’re definitely coming to FitBloggin’! Yay!! You should apply for Ignite (if you’re chosen your registration fee is comped I believe). I know one of your big goals is Spain and I can’t wait to see your journey there. I hope to start linking up with your “Rundown” since I need to start doing that more often….Ragnar is calling.

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      The work/life balance thing is that nebulous thing that we all want more of in our lives but have trouble achieving IRL, isn’t it? However, if I can squash some of my time-sucks, I’ll call it a win. 2014 looks good for us both, Ilene. I can feel it.

      PS – While I’m taking on the mantra, “How am I going to be an optimist about this?”, I still feel murderous thoughts when my yoga instructor has us do chair pose in class. I wish I were kidding.

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      You couldn’t be any sweeter, Nellie! I hope we can celebrate with a kick-ass Zumba class! Happy 2014 and I, for one, can’t wait to see you and Miss KW speak at FitBloggin’!

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    All righty then. Secret goal eh? I already have your book one satisfied. LOL. I have one goal – pay down a huge junk of my debt. Of course, other goals trickle from that. but i don’t want to name to many because then I’m likely not to meet the goals. 😉

    btw, i will be holding a blogger-answer-all webinar soon for a select few. ask away! okay will email if you’re interested and available.
    Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl recently posted…Kale Salad with Blueberries & Balsamic MushroomsMy Profile

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    Love this! I have a few goals and am actually doing a good job on working on them. But one of the things I didn’t mention is how I want to actually get to know more bloggers personally. I think that following and getting to know the women in this group will help in that area. ^_^
    Trina recently posted…2014 seems to be the year of changeMy Profile


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