Yes, I’m behind on my #FitBlogLA post but today is Simon Le Bon’s 55th birthday and it deserves to be acknowledged!  What kind of SLB fan would I really be if I didn’t at least write a short post?

Unlike many other fans, I never loved LeBeard and you might remember that I had a little blog party when he finally shaved the Ringmaster ‘stache but I still absolutely love this man!

So, SLB may not look quite like this anymore but then again, I don’t look the same as I did in the 80’s either!

I’m a little unhappy that I won’t be in NYC on November 4th for the Museum of Modern Art for the Contenders 2013 series that is opening with David Lynch’s 2011 Duran Duran Unstaged Film.  There will be a cocktail party with the band and a live streamed Q&A as well.  I can’t believe that I’ll be bookending trips to NYC and missing this!  Oh well.

MoMA, Duran Duran

Yup, my screen grab quality stinks.

I will say that I’m hoping that the double digits for Simon and in 2014 for me has some significance.  I’m really hoping that on this tour that I’ll get a chance to meet him.  I’m trying not to be jealous of all my other fellow Duranies posting pics with my long-time faux rock star boyfriend but it ain’t easy.

On the other hand, I’m also a little nervous about the prospect of meeting SLB.  What if he’s a diva or just not nice?  What if I act like a dumbfounded fool (highly likely) or just a dork (also highly likely)?

I realize that SLB is a regular human being and part of me doesn’t want to tarnish the image but another part of me just would like to satisfy the good girl who didn’t defy her parents to ditch a day in high school to wait outside a NYC hotel room all day just to meet the guy in a band who made her scream every time a Duran Duran video popped on MTV.

The bottom line is that I’m a Duranie at heart and have always been a Simon girl.  Always have been and always will be….unless he resurrects that damn mustache.

Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran

Image: Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Happy 55th Birthday Simon Le Bon!