Two years ago I wrote a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Duran Duran Fans.  DDHQ (that’s Duran Duran Headquarters for those not Duran obsessed) tweeted out that they loved my Gift Guide (squeal!) and since a few of the items are no longer available from that post, I figured an update would be prudent.  I know it’s a bit of a squeeze to obtain these things in time for Valentine’s Day but a true fan would welcome a Duran-themed gift on any day of the year.

The ultimate gift:  Great concert seats.

There are few things that would make a true Duran Duran fan happier than getting to see their favorite band up close while they’re playing live.

2016 tour dates are on sale NOW and I’m pretty sure they’ll be announcing a few more dates here and there.  Most die hard fans already have their tickets but if they don’t they’ll likely have to go through a ticket reseller (and pay through the nose) to get decent seats.  My wallet is still recovering from #concertapalooza this past Fall so I’m in the market for a ticket for an upcoming show (or two), myself.

However, if your favorite Duran fan has excellent tickets already, here are some tangible items that might make them smile this Valentine’s Day:


1.  Duran Duran Themed Jewelry:

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There are quite a few places where you can find Duran Duran jewelry but this Duran Duran Collection With 3 Double Sided Loose Guitar Picks & Necklace in Tin* for ($16.99 plus shipping) was something I thought was unique and .  There are 3 eras of Duran featured in this set which would definitely please the long-term dedicated fan.

If bracelets are more up your alley, check out this charm bracelet from Etsy shop, Beatles Stitch ($28.00).

Beatles Stitch features some other Duran Duran themed necklaces as well (in addition to other artists).  The site is worth checking out for sure!

Dayna over at the Etsy shop Blue Silver Vintage Designs also has some great new Duran Duran themed earrings you might want to check out (these Diamond in the Mind ones for $15 are super cool).

If necklaces or bracelets aren’t for you, you can check out Pulse Watches on Etsy for their one of a kind Wild Boys watch ($27.50).  They did have a Rio one when I first did my research but it must have recently been sold. Pulse Watches carries a lot of 80’s like icons on their watches as well if you decide you want to treat some other friends to a gift.


2.  Duran Duran Themed Shirts:

I loved this Original Band Line Up t-shirt ($11.87) that I found at Universalwear on Etsy.  I have quite a few Duran shirts but I’m definitely looking for some additional tank tops though.

If you know your fan is looking for Official Duran Duran Merchandise only, see here for UK based Crewe Issue.  If you want to wear the same designs that the band is often featured wearing, make sure to check out PunkMasters by Patty Palazzo.  I’ve seen SLB in the Queen Sioux, Stay Hungry, Mad World and DELETE styles just to name a few.  The band often wears Patty’s designs.  They’re pretty fabulous (I own the Neurotic City t-shirt in black because it describes me to a T – even if it’s meant to be a take-off of the famous New York City John Lennon shirt).

If you want to outfit your little one in a Duran themed onesie, make sure you chat with Nicole at Rainbow Alternative.  Her designs are fun.  She loves pop culture maybe as much as I do!


3.  Other Duran Duran Themed Clothing:

While this might be pushing the fan envelope into CrazyTown a bit, I recently discovered the leggings company Pins To Kill that lets you design your own leggings with any image you want.  I designed these from a screen shot from the “Pressure Off” video but I did not buy them.  I love the idea of these leggings but I’m not sure I could bring myself to wear them.  My very understanding husband said this when I showed him my design, “If I see you wearing Simon’s face on your ass, we may need to have a discussion.”  My friend Chris said she’d call me “Cameltoe Le Bon” if I wore these leggings.  I think SLB might chuckle at that moniker.

On another note, I am not sure if the ability to create these designs might break copyright laws so I say design at your own risk. 


If you don’t want to overdo your Duran representation in your clothing, maybe you want to go a little more subtle with Huf X Nagel Socks Navy Size O/S($15.99) featuring Patrick Nagel designs?  There are only 2 pairs left so act fast if you want them!

Blue Silver Vintage still has these amazing John Taylor shoes ($89.00) that definitely make a unique statement and let’s the world know who your favorite Duran member is.


4.  Duran Duran Themed Art:

This recycled vinyl record wall art of Seven and The Ragged Tiger ($39. 99+) is something that I would love!  This design by Second Spin Designs on Etsy is amazing.  It looks like for an additional charge that this design could be converted into a clock as well.

If modern art is your thing, you will definitely love this Warhol inspired Duran Duran Pop Art Soup Group piece by Zteven on Etsy ($50). Duran is not the only featured artist with this design (you can find Lemmy, The Beastie Boys, Dolly Parton, The Beatles and Culture Club to name a few).  I think this is a cool design and with each only being 5 x 7 dimension, you can likely find the wall space for the 6 framed prints. 


5.  Duran Duran Themed Accessories

Maybe you’re looking for a new phone or iPad cover or maybe a pillow, bag, mug or even a duvet cover (see below)?  You must see Becki Arnott’s designs over on RedBubble:

I own a tank top in the above design and for my Duran ROD, Josie’s birthday, I had a t-shirt from Becki’s store made.  Becki said she made this design for a university project when I complimented her on Twitter. I love that this was made by a younger fan.  RedBubble is amazing with the multitude of things where this design can be utilized.  Prices are reasonable.  Take a peek!

If you’re old school and like to carry notebooks, I’d suggest this Rio notebook made from an original record cover from Rock and Recycle on Etsy.  I’ve been considering getting one to keep a record of my yoga sequences.  I have a million notebooks but this one would certainly be special.

I know there are plenty of Duran Duran themed gifts I didn’t include due to lack of space.  To see some of the amazing Duran Duran themed books, see my original Duran Duran Valentine’s Day Gift Guide here (skip to #5).

Happy Shopping!

Disclosure:  This is NOT a sponsored post.  However, all links designated with “*” are Amazon Affiliate links which will earn this site a few pennies.  A percentage of all monies earned will be donated to charity in 2016.