Yup, I’m behind on giving the low-down on all of my fitness adventures while I was in NYC.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my Awesome 80’s Run and my great LA day on Monday.  Today, I’ll make it worth your while and give you the details on 2 sweat dates I had in NYC with some Fitbloggin’ friends.

Sweat Date #1:

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Brittany of myownbalance.com with me

I met up with Brittany from My Own Balance for a class by Uplift Studios at Pier25.  The free class was one in a series of fitness classes hosted by the women’s activewear company Lole and the one-stop fitness booking website FITiST throughout the summer.  This class was on my list of classes that I compiled for my NYC workout options – because I definitely wanted to workout with instructors from a women’s only fitness studio who have the philosophy that “working out and having and active social life are two of the key components to creating happy and successful lives for women”!

Uplift Studios, Lole, FITiST

Uplift Studios instructors ready to work us out

3 Uplift instructors Michelle, Leanne and Kat certainly provided attendees with a strenuous workout.  The class had 3 distinct sections of exercises – strength, cardio and abs.  I needed to modify the jumping jacks and burpees during the cardio section (to preserve the integrity of my back) but it was still a great sweat experience!  I’d love to visit Uplift Studios and try another class the next time I’m in NYC!

Uplift Studios, Plank, Fitness, Lole

After class was over, I took a little time to take in the gorgeous sights of Pier 25 on the Hudson River with views of New Jersey and the under-construction Freedom Tower on a lovely summer night.  I was on such a fitness high that I wound up taking myself on a date to dinner and then to the Chobani Soho store.

Hudson River, Pier 25


Sweat Date #2:

Zumba, Fitbloggin'

Kimberly Anne, Nellie and the semi-Zumba convert

I was lucky to have a double date with Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama and Kimberly Anne from Manifest Yourself on a (very!) early Saturday morning in Brooklyn for Nellie’s Zumba class.

I’ve only taken Zumba once and didn’t love it but after meeting the vivacious Nellie at Fitbloggin’ (and remembering how much fun I had at the Dancinerate class with Ilyse Baker) I decided to give it a try.  To say I was nervous was an understatement but the there was a ton of warmth from Nellie and her regular attendees that instead of worrying about my lack of rhythm, I just had fun!

This nice little Jewish girl loved the prayer circle that both Kimberly Anne and I were invited to join at the end of class.  The love and respect that the attendees had for Nellie, each other and the 2 newbies was really heartwarming and made the experience extra special for me.  I can’t thank Nellie enough for inviting me and for Kimberly Anne for delaying her 1 year wedding anniversary trip to see me while I was in town.

Think Positively

Fitness can unite people in many ways and through Fitbloggin’, I’ve come to see a fundamental attitude shift happening that makes me hopeful – people are pursuing fitness experiences not just to stay focused on burning calories, losing weight or to reach an ideal body type but to live healthier every day.

I know that my views are tainted by my own revelations (fitness used to be a punishment rather than enjoyable many years ago) but if this skeptic can see a little more positivity (a word?) in the world, so be it.  Thank you Fitbloggin’ friends!


Are you a solo exerciser or do you have sweat dates?  Personally, I like both.