March 1st, the beginning of the 3rd month of my mindful 2016.  March always symbolizes the impending end of the first quarter of the year.  No matter how much I try not to feel pressure at being productive in March, it always puts me in a bit of a panic.  March often brings forth many ideas and the pressure to put them into motion for me.

2016 was no different and today was the day I was going to put my nose to the grindstone and truly begin on some big ideas.  Instead, a relatively minor incident turned all of my productive intentions into tears, doubt and frustration.  I had a mini meltdown and it took some time and some doing to really get my head on straight.  We all have times when the demands of work or life just get the better of us.  Today was my day.

I had plans here on the blog to finally write my annual birthday tribute post (see here for my 2014 post and my 2015 post). Since March is National Nutrition Month, I had plans for some hard hitting nutritional education posts and ramping up my private practice offerings.  There were also ideas of how best to highlight some of the new yoga classes I’ll be teaching here on the blog.  None of the things I thought I wanted to spend my time on received the attention I thought I’d putting forth today.  Instead, I wallowed….until I didn’t.

After I spent some time feeling terrible, something inside me shifted.  It’s happened before – my optimist flip philosophy helped me get through a pretty negative thought pattern rut.  This time the words,  “F^&* That S%^&flew out of my mouth (yes, I talk to myself) and almost instantly, my head cleared.

FTS, mantra, modern mantra


With certain people I can curse a lot.  In my general every day life, I don’t curse too often.  I’m not a delicate flower nor am I offended when people do curse.  When I do curse, it usually means I’m passionate about something.

I’ve had a crazy idea running around in my head for awhile.  I’ve verbalized the idea to a few people but it always was more of a way to test out how someone would react to it.  The idea isn’t super outlandish or world changing but for me, it’s scary.  I’m usually pretty good at generating a lot of ideas but follow-through sometimes is my biggest hurdle.

Well, today after the unexpected development of what I will now consider my new mantra of 2016, (FTS), I took a great big leap to make this (scary) idea a reality. I’ll be revealing more about this new endeavor, some nutrition education posts and offerings and highlighting my upcoming yoga classes very soon.

Watch this space because there’s definitely more to come.  It might sound hokey but I urge you to consider finding your own mantra if you haven’t found one for yourself.  Words are powerful and if you find ones that speak to you, they’re priceless.  For me, there may be a lot more of FTS from me here on the blog, on Instagram (my favorite social media outlet) and on Twitter (I long for Twitter of yesteryear, don’t you?) and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Have you ever had one of those mind clearing moments when an expression became your mantra?  

What was the situation and what were the words?