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Not Feeling Groovy

If you’re looking for a party post on Cinco de Mayo, you’re not going to find it here today.  I’m not in a party mood at all.


Today’s post isn’t about food, family, fitness or Duran Duran

but since it’s MY truth, I’m sharing it here.


I’ve been in a terrible funk lately and I can’t seem to shake it.




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Capacity Full

Busy is good, right?  I’ve been busy and it’s been a good busy – I attended a fabulous yoga event hosted by Murad Skin Care and Fitness Magazine last week, was announced as a FitFluential Ambassador (so happy) and I just […]

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I Needed A Time Out

There are days that I don’t want to do a thing – not get out of bed, not workout, not get out of my pajamas and certainly not take care of any of my responsibilities pertaining to myself or my family.

Relaxation, Time Out, Rest DAy

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10 Main Takeaways From FitBloggin'

Hoping you all had a great holiday weekend!  I’ve been traveling a bit and I’ve been late in letting you all know about my #secretvacation (blog post pending) but this post is about my trip to Portland and my 10 Takeaways from Fitbloggin’.  This was a conference unlike any other I’ve ever attended.  Kia from Bodhibear.net said “that Fitbloggin is like walking into a hug” and she was absolutely right!  I was lucky to have been chosen as a LiveBlogger (and therefore my conference fee was complimentary) but would have paid to attend this fabulous conference anyway!  I’m already looking forward to FitBloggin 2014!

Portland, Fitbloggin

My 10 Main Takeaways From Fitbloggin’ Include: […]

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4 Things To Think About On Your 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

It’s an unscheduled post day but today is special.  Today is a day to remember how lucky you might be to live in the United States, a country that allows all of us the freedom to think, do and be who we are.  If you live elsewhere, you can still take some time to reflect on how lucky you are as well.  Why not, right?

In ValentineRD style, I hope you take some time today to think about the 4 things that are at the heart (pun intended) of this blog: […]

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#13in2013 Half Year Check In

Sorry that this post is late today but I’ve been traveling a lot lately.   I just got back from the amazing Fitbloggin’ 13 in Portland, Oregon.  I have so much to share about my recent adventures that I need a few days to gather up all the fabulousness I’ve encountered on my #secretvacation and at Fitbloggin.

In attempt to be somewhat timely, (since 2013 is already half over – hello July 1st!) today we’re doing the quarterly check in on the progress being made with my #13in2013 goals.  My first quarter check in post is here.

#13in2013 Goals: […]

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