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Billy Idol – Sirius XM Artist Confidential at the Troubadour

It can't be said any more plainly than this:  Billy Idol is back With a New York Times best selling autobiography, "Dancing With Myself" (released October 7, 2014) and his first album in nearly 10 years , "Kings & Queens of the Underground" (released October 21, 2014)  Billy Idol is showing the world that he can still rock. Billy has been making the media rounds and I was lucky enough to attend a taping of his appearance at the world famous Troubadour on October 22nd for a taping of Sirius XM's Artist Confidential, hosted by 80's on 8 DJ and original MTV VJ, Mark Goodman.   The SiriusXM "Artist Confidential" format provides an inmate live performance interspersed with candid interview questions.  The Troubador is very small and the audience was likely less than 100 people so shots like the following were possible (there would have been more but my phone started to die):       Not too many people can carry off the same punk … [Read More...]

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Would Someone Please Explain? Answers to 50 Questions.

  The reason for this "strange behavior" is because I saw this 50 Questions post over on Christine's blog LoveLifeSurf (who cribbed it from Alison@WritingWishing) and I started to "wonder and asked myself the question" so I figured I'd "explain".  I like blog memes (see … [Read More...]