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Today’s pick is Nelly Furtado’s, “Powerless (Say What You Want)”.  If you were looking for ethereal Nelly with “I’m Like A Bird” or slutty Nelly with “Promiscuous Girl”, this is not your day.

“Powerless (Say What You Want)” is one of my power songs while I run.  It’s about fighting back against whatever you interpret as adversity.  I’ll admit that only through researching the song lyrics that I discovered that I’ve been perpetuating serious curse word infested mondegreen with this song (if you don’t know what a mondegreen is click the link and you’ll laugh).

I’m disappointed that the lyrics aren’t in fact, “Go get a f@#$%^&* job!” but maybe the people I pass by while I run (and inadvertently sing) won’t give me dirty looks anymore.

Give it a listen and let me know if  you hear the curse laden lyrics too:



What’s your best mondegreen?  You know you have one…or three.