Ladies activewear is on fire right now – it’s not only becoming more functional, fashionable and newsworthy as of late (see this write up by PopSugar Fitness).  If you’re a geek like me, maybe you’ve noticed this odd trend –  there are 4 women’s activewear companies that all have names that start with the letter “L”: Lululemon, Lucy Activewear, Lole and Lorna Jane.

Since I have a fascination with the strange, and I love to feature 80’s icons to exemplify alliteration, here’s a little LL Cool J eye candy to kick off today’s post about these 4 women’s activewear companies that “ladies love”:


Many ladies are not feeling the love for the luxurious Lululemon lately (you love those L’s too, right?) because of CEO Chip Wilson’s foot-in-mouth commentary about women’s thighs and Lululemon pants (Wilson has since apologized but I don’t think you can really unring that bell).  The following quote was found on the Lulu website and I’m guessing they’re using this as their mantra right now:

Lululemon, manifesto

I guess we’ll see.  Image:

Until I went to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale, all I had ever purchased from this high-end brand were headbands.  My family bought me an an entire outfit for Mother’s Day and when I saw the prices (by accident), I almost died!  I’m pretty frugal when it comes to myself (especially if it’s in stuff I’m going to make smelly with my sweat).

Until recent events, I’ve loved the positivity that Lululemon has put forth in their messaging (motivational words on bags and gift cards), the fact that they recognize local fitness enthusiasts as Ambassadors and they certainly do their part to give back to the fitness community (free classes in store and sponsoring local events like Love.Yoga.Give).


People swear by their Lulu products and I’ll admit, I still want the vinyasa scarf that my girl Jill@TreeFitness wears so well.  I do have a gift card to use but I’m not sure I’ll go out of pocket for their product in the near future.

Lucy Activewear, Lucy Activewear, women

Lucy Activewear from Portland, Oregon, has been serving women fitness enthusiasts since 1999. I’ve heard great things about Lucy (they’re a favorite of Erin@DigDeepPlayHard and Anita@FiTMAPPED) but have never tried their clothing.

The Lucy philosophy is based on being “passionate about performance” while being “stylish and flattering” and they offer clothing in categories: Yoga, Running, Training and Explore.  Lucy has stand-alone stores in addition to their online shopping site (with FREE standard shipping).

I perused the Yoga, Running and Training sections (no Exploring aka Hiking for me) and found the Luminous Power Tank (below).  It’s cute but a little spendy at $65.

However, if you’re lucky enough to be a certified yoga, Pilates, fitness instructor or fitness trainer, you can join LucyPRO and get a 25% discount in-store or online.  It made me happy to see Sarah and Dimity from as featured LucyPRO’s because I’ve been a long time fan of these strong women.  For my blogger friends, Lucy also has an affiliate program.

I would definitely like to check out some Lucy wear but I’ll have to wait I can try their gear on in person (free returns are only on specific items only).  My holiday wish would be to see the LucyPRO discount extended to other allied health and wellness professionals (like Registered Dietitians, Doctors, Nurses etc).


Montreal-based Lole (I couldn’t figure out how to type the umlaut over the “e”) has been on the women’s activewear scene since 2002.  I discovered Lole during my NYC summer outdoor sweat date at Pier 25 with Brittany@MyOwnBalance.  Lole stands for Live Out Loud Everyday and the line is inspired by overall well-being.  One of the stand-outs for me about the company inspirations is their love for parks and urban nature; they even single out Central Park in NYC as one their favorites.

Lole, Pier 25, NYC, Summer workout

Lole not only has an online store servicing multiple countries but it also has ateliers (workshop stores) in Canada and Europe (there are only two ateliers in the US right now- South Jordan, Utah and Santa Barbara, California – but pieces from the line can be found in other retail stores).

The website is not easy to maneuver but they are definitely trying to serve the urban woman with clothes for Yoga/Pilates, Run/Urban Fitness, Swim, Tennis and Outerwear as well as Dresses and Accessories. Prices are still on the high side but with free shipping and free return, I may need to check out my dream pick the Run Capri (below) soon:

I like that Community is important to the Lole brand.  Not only does Lole facilitate Meet-Up’s but they have an Ambassador Program AND a Wellness Professionals Program (Yay!).  Lole is interested in serving well-being for women on all fronts – they’re forward thinking enough to offer a Uniform Division geared toward wellness professional locations like spas, fitness facilities or sports teams.  Smart!

I may need to visit the Santa Barbara Atelier sometime soon to see how their clothes fit petite busty females.

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is the Australian activewear and sportswear label made for women by women for over 20 years.  Lorna Jane Clarkson brought her idea that women can live their best life through active living to life with the Move Nourish Believe philosophy of the brand.

Lorna Jane services Australia and the US via online and via stand-alone locations.  Right now, the US stores are all in California but there are over 150 stores in Australia.

I’ve only stopped in a local Lorna Jane store for a minute but I know that Lindsay@FitandAwesome had a personal styling session at the Malibu location and wound up with quite a haul (see the link).  The brand offers options based on preferred activity – Gym, Dance, Yoga, Running, Outdoor Exercise, Cycling and Leisure Wear along with various accessories.

I love this Kasey Excel Tank from the website but I wonder if it might be to cleavage bearing (this girl isn’t even wearing a separate bra – those shelf bra things do nothing to help support me).

The Lorna Jane return policy allows for in-store exchange or store credit only but online orders can be issued a credit or full refund.  Right now I see free shipping on the website but I’m not sure it’s standard policy or a just a special deal.

I know there are 2 LJ locations near me and once I begin prepping for my Ragnar, I think I’ll need to have a try-on session of my own.


There you have it –  my rundown of 4 of the L-Named Women’s Activewear companies.

Just to clarify, this post was not sponsored in any way! I wear a lot of different activewear from all different brands including Target, Old Navy, Roxy, Reebok and Avia (just to name a few).  I just feel that it is such an interesting time to be female in fitness because there are so many great offerings for women in activewear.  I’m easily paralyzed by choice and like to think I’m invisible when wearing activewear but it is the one type of clothing that I do seem to buy (Yup, I’m a cliche but it’s running capris vs. yoga pants for me)..

Although I know I need to save up for the upcoming (but not yet announced Duran Duran tour), I know I’ll want to add some new staples to to my 2014 activewear arsenal and I’m determined to do my due diligence about what’s around.  How about you?


Do you own anything from the above L-named brands?  What is your favorite brand of activewear and what is the one piece of activewear that you can’t live without?