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1st Quarter #GoReIn2015 (Goals/Resolutions/Intentions 2015) Check-In and Link-Up*

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Nearly one whole quarter of 2015 is gone so we’re checking in on our #GoReIn2015 progress so far!

My progress on my original list hasn’t been so fabulous but since it’s time to check-in and possibly reevaluate, I’m ready to share.

Here’s where I am on my original list:


1.  Finally launch my vision of a Women’s Health focused Nutrition Private Practice:

  • Not yet.  Thank goodness, I didn’t say I was doing this by 1Q2015 because I haven’t truly made as much progress as I’d like in this area.  I’d like to have a soft launch by 2Q2015 so I need to get crackin’!


2.  Change things up on the blog:




  • Tuesdays > Mondays: OK.  The Tuesday Tune-Up series has been working out pretty well.  Not writing on the weekends has improved my stress levels a bit.  Believe it or not though, these round-up posts aren’t that easy to write.  I am going to keep doing them though.
  • A New Monthly Series – Nerdy Nutrition:  #Fail  Many ideas just not a lot of execution here.  Even though I missed a 1Q2015 opportunity, I’m going to make this a quarterly series until I can get myself ahead.

Nerdy Nutrition

  •  Continue but alter Friday’s Featured Female series:  Definitely falling down on the job here.  Writing consistently has been difficult for me this quarter (my posts have been spotty at best).  Every day life demands have left me with little motivation to put my efforts into writing but my heart hasn’t left blogging though.  I’m better at talking than writing (but don’t worry, there will not be any YouTube videos in my future) so it’s more of an effort for me than some other bloggers (many of those people are actual writers, unlike the term “runner” which is appropriate for anyone who runs, “writer” is not appropriate for everyone who blogs.  However, I actually do a lot of my thinking in possible blog posts to write so I know that I’ll get myself back to more consistent writing once things get a little less hectic in my world.  I have some plans for next quarter to insert a little more calm into my life and hopefully, more writing.
  • Increase blog functionality:  Success…sort of.  If you call adding a much needed search bar to my blog “increasing functionality”, then I guess I can check this off….for now.  The blog still needs number of additional upgrades but they will need to come in time.
  • Collaborate with people, brands and services to provide information, education and interesting stories to write about and share.  Improvement needed here. Lack of writing means lack of interacting with people, brands and services.  My trend predictions from the 2015 Natural Products Expo are coming soon but I already have one collaboration I’m excited about and I’ll be attending the SoCal Bloggy Bootcamp in Temecula in May so I’m sure that will be energizing as well.  I’m a little bummed that I can’t attend the Today’s Dietitian Symposium in May but maybe next year.


3.   Architect the Professional 5 Year Plan:

  • Avoided even looking at my RD Continuing Education Learning Plan.  My Professional Development Plan (PDP) is due on June 1st (see below) so if this isn’t a huge check-off at the next check-in, I’m in big trouble.

CDR, Commission on Dietetic Registration, PDP Learning Plan

4.  Work the calendar each week for a better Blend:

  • Work the plan and the plan works.  Still loving my At A Glance Plan/Write/Remember Weekly/Monthly calendar but I actually need to use it more.  In the beginning of the year I used this tool well but with all of the chaos that’s been going down in my life lately, it got pushed aside.  Perhaps if I use it more often, things wouldn’t feel as hectic.  I need to start my weekly and monthly again.



5.  Prevent the cycle of injury/recovery with a commitment to incorporating both strength training and Pilates into my fitness regimen.

  • Hello back injury….again.  I was hoping that this would be the year of no injury but after 2 months of Physical Therapy, I’m finally making a bit of progress.  I’m beginning Mat Pilates and exploring the strength training that I need.


6.  Complete a half marathon.

  • No sleep ’til Brooklyn, baby!  That’s right, I signed up for the Brooklyn 2015 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Saturday, October 10th.  I don’t care if I have to walk this course because I’m going to complete this race come hell or high water (Mother Nature, I’d prefer no high water though, please!). This race is in the park that I used to run in often.  I need to make sure that I conquer my half marathon curse in the place that is still home in my heart!


7.  Finish the list of things that really need to get done, divide the list and do a specified number of tasks per quarter. 

  • I made the list but definitely didn’t get all of the things done that I planned this quarter.  I do need to make this list more visible (the back of my calendar doesn’t cut it).


8.  Read 15 books.

  • As usual, I’m behind.  I originally said that f I read 6 books (1+5), I’d call it a win.  I’m up to 2 books.  I haven’t been keeping up with my Goodreads account.  I don’t know why but this site confuses me instead of keeping me interested.  The last good book I read was Reconstructing Amelia: A Novel*, a sad book with tons of references to my old Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood.  I’d definitely recommend this book.

Reconstructing Amelia, Kimberly McCreight, Brooklyn


9.  My secret goal:  I can’t tell you!

  •  The “Secret Goal” is still under consideration.  This stays quiet until the end of the year.


10.  Meet Simon Le Bon on the next Duran Duran tour.  

  • Who knows?  The band is in town next week and rumblings about possible future dates have been heard.  I’m certainly crossing my fingers that this one is something achievable!


 There’s my #GoReIn2015 progress so far.  

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