Friday's High Five

Welcome to the first Friday of 2015!  Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays is always tough so I figured this would be a great time to give you all a virtual High Five and share the 5 things that made me smile this week:


1.  A Revolutionary Planner:

One of my underlying themes of my Goals/Resolutions/Intentions for 2015 (you can still join the link-up for #GoReIn2015 here) was to be better organized in my professional and personal life so I was on the quest for a calendar that would do it all.

I investigated all of the fancy premium planners like Erin Condren and Plum Paper but I found the many choices required to put the perfect planner together very overwhelming.  I knew was looking for something with daily, weekly and monthly features, areas for notes that wasn’t too small or too big – I was lucky enough to find one in the At-A-Glance Plan/Write/Remember Weekly/Monthly:  

This sleek looking planner allows me to see each month as a whole and gives a weekly view with a 7am – 6pm view of each day.  I’ve been literally penciling (yes, pencilling) in my plans each day.  The calendar even has list space to highlight important daily and weekly tasks.  I’ve been exceptionally productive this week and I’m owing it all to my new planner…and my relatively new workspace (with my DIY chevron topped desk):

Workspace, work at home, IKEA desk, chevron


2.   California Weather:

Winter, California

I haven’t abandoned my love for New York but I have always been a weather wimp and the warm weather in California has made me even more spoiled.  Most of the country has been in an incredibly deep freeze and I sympathize but at the same time, (I can’t lie) I’m also thrilled to be miles and miles and miles away from it.

Sending warm thoughts to all of my freezing friends out there!

3.  Television, my old friend:

Now that the holiday season is over, it means it’s Downton Abbey time!  It may be high-brow Dynasty and Dallas but it’s just so enjoyable.  It’s always a treat to watch this show and I’m glad it’s finally back!  Why they allow the show to air in England before the the US baffles me though.

Downton Abbey, S5, pbs


January also means that all of my regular network shows will return soon (Parenthood – aired last night but I haven’t seen it yet, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and The Blacklist) which makes me happy now that SOA is over.

I tried to watch Sherlock but it quickly got on my nerves (hold your tomatoes Cumberbatch fans!) – the show seemed formulaic to me and I kept expecting Martin Freeman to start pantomiming porn acts (as he did it Love Actually).  I did love this comparison of the new Sherlock and Watson to a duo from one of my favorite shows, Beecher and Keller from Oz.

4.  Working out at home via YouTube.

I knew that with Jay being away this entire week and all parenting duties (of both the human child and the canine child) left to me, getting to an exercise studio for a specifically timed class was going to be a next to impossible feat.  Since my back is still achy, running was out of the question to do at home so when I couldn’t get to a Pilates class (or secure a reservation – post New Year’s classes get booked quickly), I tried a few YouTube workout videos.

I haven’t yet found my perfect fit for an instructor on YouTube yet but it was great to have something to motivate me to do (and complete!) some daily form of exercise.  If you have YouTube workout videos that you love, let me know in the comments please!  

5.  Duran Duran.  Yes, they do make me happy (nearly every week).

When I got a new iPhone, I had to give up my Duran Duran phone cover.  My very sweet husband surprised me with a similar cover with a white border (see here) but I was still stuck on my black cover.  I was on the quest to find a new black one…and I did.  I also found some rare Duran Duran (and Arcadia) vinyl at the Los Angeles Rock ‘N’ Roll Flea Market.   I have no turntable to play the vinyl but it made me happy to acquire them.

Duran Duran, Rock 'N' Roll Flea Market LA


I also got the chance to visit the scene of one of the most iconic Duran Duran videos, Ordinary World, when I went on a field trip with Wild Boy to the Huntington Botanical Gardens.  I planned on taking a ton of photos to mark the occasion (like when I had my other Duran Duran LA adventure) but we weren’t allowed the time (field trips with second graders!).  My friend, the very talented Lisa@Smacksy took this photo below:

Huntington Gardens

Not Duran Duran at the Huntington Gardens.


That’s what made me happy during this first week of 2015!  What made you happy this week?

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  However, this post does contain Amazon Affiliate links which means if you buy something after clicking these links, a few pennies get earned and deposited into the Duran Duran Tour Fund.