Happy Birthday to Me!

Last year, when I turned 44 I wrote a post called 88 Lines About 44 Women (inspired by this song) as a tribute to some fabulous women who had an impact on my life.

This year, I’ve decided to do a similar tribute to 45 wonderful women that I’ve come to know via social media.

90 Lines About 45 Women, Birthday, Tribute

Social media has a way of connecting people that is very unique.  Some of these people I’ve never even met IRL but they still have brightened my world.  I’ve loved sharing some of the stories of these amazing women in my Friday’s Featured Female Series but today, I wanted to give my own small tribute.  I’m aware that just because you “know” someone that doesn’t necessarily make them your friend but I also know that each one of these 45 women mean something to me.


  • Carolyn, Melissa, Maribel and Heather of So Cal Lady Bloggers: I met all of you at BBC Vegas (when I practically knew no one in Los Angeles) and knew not one thing about blogging.  You were all so very welcoming not only as a transplant but into the blogger universe.  Thanks for bringing me into the fold early and helping me feel a part of my new home turf in more ways than one!


  • AJ and Chris, you two snarky women got my humor and not only helped me as a newbie blogger (and continue to do so) but you became my friends.  You both are ridiculously smart and funny women who not only make me laugh constantly but you both never cease to amaze me with your viewpoints on life and how to live it well.
  • Roni, you created FitBloggin’ and it introduced me to what I consider to be “my people”.  I can’t thank you enough for bringing people like Melissa K, Jill, Erin, Carrie, Brittany, Kimberly, Schnelle, Kelly, Kia, Shannyn, Stephanie, Tiffany, Tammy, Jesica, Sarah and Danielle (and I’m sure I’m missing a few so forgive me) into my life.  A shared love of fitness might have brought you all into my universe but there’s is something about each and every one of you that makes me want to keep up with you.  I may not keep up with all of you on social media as much as I’d like but when I get the chance, each one of you give me something – hope, motivation, peace, inspiration, recipes, product recommendations or just a laugh that reminds me how lucky I am to have you in my universe.
  • To BlogFest, which solidified my admiration for Jamie and Alyse as health-oriented women who continue to bring education and community together.  Without BlogFest 2014, I might not know about powerhouses like Shannon and Tasha.
  • To my East Coast contingent that originally fueled my love of fitness and social media – Christine, Theodora and Jess.
  • Allie, I don’t know how I found you but I’ll thank the fates for being one of the random bloggers that I happened to come across and just fall in like with.  You are like my sister from another mister and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found you.


  • To JosieAlana and Cynthia, thank you for showing me that love of Duran Duran never dies…..and can still be considered somewhat normal.
  • Music (and social media) can actually bring people together.  Nicole and Lori, I’m thrilled that social media allowed us to connect via our shared devotion to all things music.
  • Tamara, Debbie, Jody, thank you for showing me and other women that aging not only brings along wisdom, humor, character and strength (physical, mental and otherwise) but unbelievably beauty of spirit and accomplishment as well.
  • Jennifer, KarenSam and Kim, thank you for remembering that I’m a Registered Dietitian in addition to a blogger and utilizing me as an expert in nutrition.
  • Elizabeth, Carla, Lisa and Ilene, I don’t know how you do it but you all inspire me and intimidate me at the same time.  You each have an exemplary way of expressing yourselves with words that make me want to be a better person and a better writer.

There are more than 45 women on the list but I just couldn’t help it.

There were about 25 more women on this post originally and because I was stuck on 45 for my 45th birthday I did my best to get as close as possible.

I hated cutting people out of this post.  I like to let people know that they make a difference.  Most people don’t realize the effect that their words and deeds can do to someone.  Telling people that they make your heart bigger, your love deeper, your inspiration higher and your willingness to give even more exponential is something that should be told and heard more often.


I’m chronologically a grown up (an ancient one at that!) but I’m still growing up and because of the people listed (and many others past, present and future), I know that I will continue to grow and grow smart, strong and wise.  I’m thankful for all of you and hope you know that you are very special people indeed!

With much love,