Welcome to a very belated edition of Friday’s Featured Female!

Friday's Featured Female, #FFF


I’m sorry that is has been quite awhile since I’ve shown some love to an inspirational female in the health and wellness community.

Normally, I like to let these extraordinary women tell their own stories but today that’s not the case.  Today I’m featuring a website called WANT (womenagainstnegativetalk.com) which I’ve found to be exceptionally inspirational.


WANT exists to empower women to be the best version of themselves by providing  “tools, resources, motivation, and inspiration to crush negative talk patterns and move forward”.  The messages, stories and real-life role models showcased on WANT are all part of an effort to help women really change the perspective of negative self-talk to find not only self-fulfillment in the mind, body, soul and daily life but also within one’s immediate community and the one at large.

WANT is the passion project of Katie Horwitch, an Equinox fitness instructor that I believe I discovered through AngelaLeigh@PureLeighLiving (Angela was featured on a post as one of my 10 Motivational Instagram Accounts).

Is it OK to admit that in 2013, when I was still very new to Instagram, I used social media as a way to find a connection to my new city of Los Angeles?  Beyond starting this blog, it was Los Angeles social media accounts anchored in health, fitness, wellness and food that helped me find a virtual sense of community after picking up and moving across the country with my family.

When I found WANT,  I felt like I found an emotional, motivational (and yes, almost) spiritual, community building outlet (not unlike what can be created during the small group discussion sessions at the FitBloggin’ conference).

It wasn’t just that WANT addressed self-image issues relating to body, love, work, community and life in general, but it was the stories from other women that struck a chord with me – that same chord was the reason that I started the Friday’s Featured Female series on thevalentineRD:

Women can (and often do) inspire other women to be the best version of themselves.

We all struggle but sometimes it’s the true stories of others that can make a difference.  Escapism via social media, television or even a good book, can make the every day more bearable but sometimes the true words of someone else can set off an unrealized spark.  Connecting with stories of others can give people the inspiration to make a change or can help them learn be content with the present moment.  Sometimes just knowing that someone else has felt or experienced a similar situation can provide reassurance that the tough times at the present moment are universally felt.

The community of WANT is vital to anyone interested in health and wellness and I believe it’s a resource that every woman should know about. 

Katie Horwitch is building a positive community for women.  This lady knows her stuff – she’s the Associate Editor + Fitness Editor of the very gorgeous online wellness resource magazine, The Chalkboard Mag (which I fell in love with because it reminded me of Well & Good NYC).  If you haven’t seen TCM, you should.  The magazine is rich with food, health and wellness information.  TCM also gets a branding nod from me as a former marketing manager – I always used to read TCM on my mobile and only once I read it on my laptop did I realize that it was an outlet of the Pressed Juicery brand.  Well done (the branding is very subtle).

To learn more about WANT (and Katie Horwitch), see womenagainstnegativetalk.com or connect via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or sign up for WANT newsletter.

PS – If you look in the shop section (WANT bookshelf), you might see an author you recognize (Hint: WYCWYC)*.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  I have no personal or professional affiliation with Katie Horwitch, WANTThe Chalkboard Mag or Pressed Juicery.  I just felt that the message of WANT was one that should be shared and promoted.  All images are screen shots from the respective websites referenced.  Please note that the WYCWYC link within this post is an Amazon Affiliate link and will generate revenue for thevalentineRD.com if you purchase after clicking the link.