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Today I have 10 Women You Need to Meet at BlogHer.



Ok, so I’m cheating a bit today by not featuring one special female but because BlogHer is such a big deal, I figured that I’d highlight 10 great women who you can meet at this major conference.  I know there are many amazing women to meet  at every conference but these are 10 you should definitely get to know! 



Confessions of a Fat Girl, #MenDay

A screenshot of COAFG complete with a recent #MenDay post.

AJ is a force.  She’s smart, wickedly funny and appreciates pop culture almost as much as I do.  AJ is not only a blogger but she’s a PR maven extraordinaire.  AJ has been a #FFF and with good reason, I adore her.  If you’re looking to meet AJ, you may have some trouble figuring out who she is because she doesn’t use a photo of herself on any of her social media outlets but do what you can to meet this girl.  AJ’s an amazing person and so unbelievably knowledgable about blogging, social media and is fabulously fun human being.


Lindsay, Fit and Awesome, run, surf, snowboard

Lindsay is a recent #FFF and maybe you already know this surfer, snowboarder and runner?  Did you know that she’s also digital marketing professional who knows really knows her stuff?  Lindsay is friendly, knowledgable and should probably be presenting at BlogHer rather than attending.  If you want to get on her good side, discuss gluten free foods or ask about her dog Kona!


Kimberly Brown (formerly Whittaker)@ManifestYourself:

Kimberly, ManifestYourself.com

Shamelessly copied from ManifestYourself.com

Kimberly is one of my favorite bloggers and of course, she’s been a #FFF.  FitBloggin’ 2013 brought us together and since then, she has taken off!  Kimberly has co-founded a conference in NYC, was a speaker at FitBloggin’ 2014 and is open and honest about her journey in life, love and fitness.  There’s a good reason Kimberly was voted one of the 60 Must-Read Health, Fitness and Happiness Blogs by Greatist.  Seek this wonderful woman out!




Image: BrooklynActiveMama.com

Nellie represents the home in my heart (Brooklyn) with style and sass.  This mother of two is not only a Zumba instructor but she’s got a spirit and a sense of dedication that puts people under her spell instantly.  Nellie is currently training for her first 10K and she’s taking all of her readers along for the ride.  Nellie shared her fitness story on #FFF just a few weeks ago.




I found Lisa on Twitter and a blind lunch date wound up being one of the greatest connections I’ve made since moving to LA.   Lisa is not only gorgeous, smart, funny, appreciates good music and is a great mom but she’s also one fabulous writer.  Lisa is featured in the book Moms Are Nuts and she’ll be reading as one of the 2014 BlogHer Voices of the Year.  Lisa loves Elvis Costello and she’s recently started following a raw vegan diet so if you have a tip for amazing raw vegan food choices, I bet she’d love to know.  If you can sing “Alison” while showcasing said raw vegan foodstuff, she might take you home.


Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish In Progress

Image: FlourishInProgress.com

Ever judge a book by it’s cover?  When you see this petite and impeccably put together, shy Asian woman, look out and be prepared to be amazed.  She may appear delicate but Elizabeth Jayne Liu is one of the toughest chicks you’ll ever be lucky enough to meet.  She may appreciate the finer things in fashion but she’s deep and thug at her core.  Elizabeth writes (and speaks) like no one you will ever meet.  Whenever I read FIP, I can only hope to ever be half the writer this woman is.  Elizabeth is incredibly shy but you should go and say hello (tell her I sent you).  You won’t be sorry.



Wendy Nielsen

Image: Wendy-Nielsen.com

Look at that smile – that is who Wendy Nielsen is when you meet her IRL.  I was introduced to Wendy’s blog via the So Cal Lady Bloggers and her honesty and positive outlook after cancer drew me in immediately.  Wendy is a fabulous writer, mother and lover of good television.  I was thrilled to finally meet (and hug) this lady this past Spring.  Wendy is a breast cancer survivor and is attending BlogHer 2014 as an Ambassador for the Count Us, Know Us, Join Us team educating people about living with Advanced Breast Cancer.  Go and see Wendy and her panel on Friday at BlogHer or visit her very amazing blog.

Roni@Roni’sWeigh and FitBloggin’:

Roni is the creator of the amazing 5 year old FitBloggin’ conference.  There are few people in the world who could put together this unique conference – and get their family in on the action.  I’ve gushed tremendously about how the FitBloggin’ conference and the impact of all of the warm, dedicated and inspirational people of this gathering stay with you long after the sessions have ended.  Roni is calm but determined and able to multitask better than most people I’ve ever met.  Roni just published children’s book and recently finished a manuscript (with friend and fellow amazeballs blogger, Carla Birnberg) based on the #wycwyc (what you can, when you can) principle.  Find Roni at the Healthy Living Mini Con on Saturday.


Alexandra is a vivacious woman dedicated to keeping the Boomer generation fit and healthy every single day. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Alexandra and her fabulous sister, Kymberly, at a number of conferences.  Not only do both of these women know how to keep the party going (they can often be seen dancing at any and every event), they are happy and know a ton about writing, creating a community and incorporating the love of fitness into living well.  Alexandra is a community leader and if you’re interested in health, fitness and wellness, you need to know her!


CookThisGetLaid, Mona

Image: CookThisGetLaid

I’ll be honest, it was Jay who discovered Mona from CookThisGetLaid.com.  He sent me her link and I reached out to her via social media because I liked her gumption.  Anyone who starts a blog with the aim of showing men how to cook healthy meals for the ones that they love, is a girl I want to know.  Mona lives in LA and although we’re connected on social media, she is someone I definitely plan to say hello to the next time we’re in the same room so if you happen to be in the same room with her at BlogHer, can you please meet her for me?


If you could pick one social media friend to meet IRL, who would it be?  If you do attend BlogHer and meet any of these people (or anyone else who is especially interesting), let me know!


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