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Welcome to Friday’s Featured Female!

Friday's Featured Female, #FFF

This weekly series features inspirational stories from admirable women.  IMHO, it’s always good to be reminded of how strength, determination, hard work, heart and ingenuity can impact the quality of one’s life and I’m proud that these women will allow me to share their stories here.

Today I’m proud to present  Kimberly made a deep impression on me with her Ignite Fitness speech about “How To Become A Certified Fitness Blogger” at FitBloggin’13.  Her poise, warmth and love for health, fitness and the art of blogging allowed me to befriend her easily last June.

Although I’ve had the pleasure of getting a chance to hang out with Kimberly while I was in NYC this past summer, Kimberly’s blog gives you a great insight into this multifaceted woman – this Beyonce lovin’ lady puts herself on the page with honesty and grace that’s unmatched even while she describes the “ugly cry”.  Kimberly inspires me with each post.

Sooooo have you met Kimberly?

I am so excited to guest post for Melissa today! I had the pleasure of meeting her at FitBloggin13, and we have kept in touch ever since. I look forward to her NY visits….. and bagel recommendations.


When Melissa first asked me to write about a hurdle that I overcame, I immediately thought I would write about speaking at FitBloggin13, getting a new job, or my weight loss journey. However, I wanted to think of something else to write about. It wasn’t until last week that I knew exactly what to write after reading a comment from Melissa on my blog.

ManifestYourself, Kimberly Whittaker,

Last week I revealed my last name on the blog in a small footnote. This may seem like something really small since so many bloggers have their full name, pictures and names of children, and personal home photos online, but for me this was huge.


I’ve made a point to separate my work, personal, and blog life. Why? Honestly, because I was scared. Scared that someone from work would find my blog and think it is completely unprofessional. Scared that people in my personal life would think that I am just another person shamelessly promoting themselves in their Facebook feed. Scared that my blog friends would know my profession in real life.


Sure, I can write all about being bare and fearless, but I wasn’t even sharing my real last name! Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?


Sharing my last name feels so liberating. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I feel a bit comforted that I am not in the market for a new job so I don’t worry as much about potential employers looking me up and having questions about my blog though… but if it happens, it happens. I won’t be ashamed of the home I have created for myself online.


Moreover, I think revealing my last name also proved to myself that I am serious about my blogging goals. I love blogging and I want to make it a part of my career in some shape or form. I have no idea what that will look like next month, or even a few years from now, BUT I acknowledge that this is something permanent.


Melissa drove a point home in her comment about feeling like she knows me now too. I guess being a blogger and not using your real name is like sharing a weight loss story and not sharing your weight. For some reason, I cannot relate weight loss stories without seeing the actual numbers. I understand 100% why people omit this information, but when I am able to see the digits, I immediately feel more connected to that person’s story. I feel like I can understand their struggle and also celebrate in their success more. Bonus points if their numbers are similar to my own!


I guess that is how it felt when I shared my last name. My online world, is not merged with my professional world and my personal life.

Kimberly Whittaker,

You can find Kimberly on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, & Google Plus


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      No, thank you for writing for me! It’s a pleasure to highlight a person of such great quality all the way around and I thank you for the lovely compliment about my intro’s. I try hard to honor my #FFF’s.

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    Hi Kimberly! I totally understand when you said you were scared about sharing your personal identity in the blogging world. That’s one reason I draw stick figures (aside from not wanting to go to jail LOL) of me and my family and I also do not add my last name in all social media attached to my blog (I think I’m being a little too paranoid about it).
    I too would like to take the same path as you and make blogging a career but that may take a while because there’s just so much about blogging that I need to learn first.
    have a great weekend!
    Jhanis recently posted…How Parenthood Changed MeMy Profile

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      How much to reveal online is a difficult thing to determine. I don’t reveal my child’s name or likeness on the blog. The digital footprint depth can be scarier than we realize.


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