It’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

Yes, it’s real.  It’s isn’t just a made up thing by crazy Duran Duran fans.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day, DDAD, DDAD15

I know I’ve been MIA recently but please know that it isn’t my intention for this blog to solely become a shrine to my favorite band.  However, it is Duran Duran Appreciation Day so I couldn’t let the day go without acknowledgment.  A post about the state of things in my world is forthcoming so sit tight.

I’m off to New York tomorrow for a week’s vacation so my annual DDAD 10K run will be put off until 8/15 where I can cover the distance on Summer Streets where I might be able to replicate this photo from my DDAD 10K in 2013:

Duran Duran, DuranDuranAppreciationDay, #RunHappyRaces, running , 10K

Simply perfect

For some more Duran Duran goodness:

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Happy DDAD Duran Duran friends!  For non-Duranies, Happy Monday!

Help me out: 

Should I Periscope some of DDAD 10K?  

What Duran Duran song would you like me to add to my DDAD 10K playlist?

A Wish: Duran Duran Songs That Should Be Played on the Paper Gods Tour

Duran Duran, 2015, Paper Gods

I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted and I planned to write a post explaining why but that will need to be done at a later time.  Tonight, Duran Duran kick off their Paper Gods Tour and although I won’t be in New York to witness it, I figure it would be a good idea to publish my wish list for some of my favorite (some lesser known) songs that I wish would be added to the set list.

I know people want to hear the hits but I, for one, would be happy to see any of the following added on this tour:


American Science

Anyone Out There


Before The Rain

Careless Memories

Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)

Faster Than Light

Friends of Mine

Hold Back The Rain (my favorite)

(I’m Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement

I Don’t Want Your Love

I Take The Dice

Is There Something I Should Know?


Last Chance on the Stairway

Late Bar

Like An Angel

Lonely In Your Nightmare

Love Voodoo

Meet El Presidente

My Own Way

New Moon on Monday

New Religion


Night Boat

None of The Above

Notorious (another favorite)

Of Crime and Passion

Runway Runaway

Secret Oktober


The Seventh Stranger

Shadows On Your Side

Skin Trade

Sound of Thunder

(Reach Up For The) Sunrise

Taste The Summer

Too Bad, You’re So Beautiful

Too Much Information

Union of the Snake

The Valley (yes, I liked RCM)

Vertigo (Do The Demolition)

What Happens Tomorrow


I know there are staples that I didn’t include but I’ve heard them more than a few times.  It would be awesome to get an entire show of “B-sides” (for lack of a better word) – one can dream, right?

Wishing all my Duranie friends who are going to see the band before I do, a most fabulous time!


What song do you think I should have included (I’m certain I’ve forgotten more than one)?


OMG! Duran Duran Are Coming, Duran Duran Are Coming!

Yup, I’ve been MIA for an entire week.  Sometimes the blog takes a back seat to everyday life (presentations, work, family stuff etc.).  You might have also heard the news that Duran Duran frenzy has begun!  Take a look at how awesome the boys are looking these days!  Nobody can work white skinny jeans like the newly svelte SLB, amirite?

By now you might have heard that the band have not only released their new single, “Pressure Off” (which you can hear via this Rolling Stone write up) with Nile Rodgers and Janelle Monae.  It’s super funky and if you’re a fan of the Notorious album, you will definitely love this single.

Because in Duranworld, it’s always hurry up, wait and then scramble, the band decided to torture fans by releasing the name of the new album (Paper Gods) and a few US tour stops at about the same time!  Tickets went on presale last week and today and I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be going to a few West Coast shows (including the iconic Hollywood Bowl!).

Duran Duran, Paper Gods


Want to know what it’s like to feel like a teenager again when you’re 45?  

Try buying presale tickets to your favorite band’s show(s) and you’ll be right back there again, complete with stomach aches, nerves and anticipation.  It was ridiculous and wonderful all at the same time!

Looking forward to more Duran singles dropping soon (I hope) and some fabulous shows this Fall!  In the meantime, check out this clip of “Election Day” from the Sonar Festival (6/20/15).


Back to the regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow! 

Did you get tickets for this Duran Duran mini tour or are you holding out for a future full fledged tour (say that 10 times fast)?


A Duran Duran Fangirl Dream Come True

If you’ve ever read this blog or met me, you know that not only do I love music but that I have a very special devotion to Duran Duran (my child is only referred to on the blog as “Wild Boy”).  In the early 1980’s, I was one of those crazy teenaged girls that showed devotion to her favorite band by way of posters, albums, 12″ remixes, imports, VCR tapes and of course, magazines.  My family was always under a barrage of all things Duran Duran.

Duran Duran, Simon Le bon

Found during my cross country move – a sweatshirt I had made circa 1985 (forgive the wrinkles)

I was the one who would make my friends watch MTV until a Duran Duran video came on screen.  It was more than easy to be captivated by the music, the visual artistry and (for me), the ridiculously handsome and charismatic front man.  The era and band left an indelible impression because more than 30 years later, I’m still a Duran Duran fan with a special admiration for Simon Le Bon.

But just as the music and the members of Duran Duran has evolved over time, so have I.  The days of screaming and crying at a television screen have passed and I’m pretty sure that my husband wouldn’t find posters of Simon Le Bon posters on our bedroom walls as acceptable pieces of art.

As a grown up, my Duran Duran admiration is now is expressed via listening to the vast musical catalog, buying select pieces of memorabilia and following social media channels for news of music to be released, upcoming tour dates, connecting with other fans (some who have become friends beyond a shared love of the music).  I also run my own 10K on Duran Duran Appreciation Day every year (here are my posts detailing the 2013 and 2014 runs).

Duran Duran, DuranDuranAppreciationDay, #RunHappyRaces, running , 10K

A photo on the Brooklyn Bridge where I ended my Duran Duran Appreciation Day 10K 2013.

The 80’s are back in a big way and these days, it’s almost chic to be a geeky fangirl.  I’m ok with fangirl status because I’m confident that know that I clearly understand the line between being a fan and Crazytown.  The members of Duran Duran may be musical legends but at the core of it, they’re human beings.  Good looking and talented human beings, but human beings all the same.

While much of me has grown up and let go of the teenaged frenzy surrounding my love of Duran Duran, the desire to actually meet Simon Le Bon never faded with time.  Even though I’ve felt foolish about it, I’ve mentioned this dream here on the blog more than few times (like here and here).  It has always been a wish, a hope – something you put into the universe but you don’t really believe will ever happen……

But on April 1, 2015, my Duran Duran fangirl dream came true.  

I got to meet Simon Le Bon….and it was glorious!

(Yes, that is Simon Le Bon hugging me – ME!!! – after the David Lynch Benefit concert)

Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran, The Ace Hotel Los Angeles, David Lynch Foundation,

Want to know what the best part was?

Besides being undeniably drop dead gorgeous, Simon Le Bon was astoundingly nice, funny and gracious.

You’d never guess that a ridiculously famous rockstar who has been meeting adoring fans for over 30 years, would be a such charming guy who would warmly take photos with a 45 year old fangirl in geeky glasses.

People, Simon Le Bon was definitely that guy.

Thank you Simon, for proving that meeting people you admire doesn’t have to be disappointing but instead can be wonderful.


I’m not normally very shy but on the evening of April 1st, I was a mess of nerves.  I’m usually talkative but on this night I could barely speak.  I’m lucky I didn’t need assistance to inhale and exhale.  I’d been second row at a Duran Duran concert (Terminal 5, June 2012) but there was never a chance of actually meeting any member of the band and the fact that Simon Le Bon was mere feet from me was overwhelming.

There was a lot of liquid courage that was required to get me to that photo above but even the hangover the following day was worth it.  It might sound ridiculous but even now, even without the alcohol, the buzz is still in effect.  I could give every small detail of the few minutes that I spent with a man that I’ve admired for years but instead, I’d like to keep those few special moments my own (or at least out of print).  Honestly, I could not have dreamed up a better experience than what reality provided and I’m exceptionally grateful to two very special friends (C & S) who helped this dream come true.

Duran Duran, David Lynch Foundation

Duran Duran fans, all I can say is get ready for #DD14 (the new album) to drop and the tour to be announced!  The boys looked and sounded quite fabulous at the David Lynch Benefit concert (the review in Rolling Stone said, “On this night, there wasn’t anything more hypnotically captivating than watching these four Brits stick out like a sore thumb but nonetheless absolutely burn the place down.” !

My evening at the David Lynch Foundation benefit was a fabulous one and even though I do not meditate, it is something I’ve considered trying and therefore, I am making a donation to the David Lynch Foundation for Transcendental Meditation.  I was moved by David Lynch’s message about TM being “life changing for the good”.  My night was certainly life changing for the good and the idea of helping those with trauma and toxic stress by helping them to learn to meditate is cause worth supporting.  If you’re interested, you donate via the link above.

Ever have a long time dream come true?  Was it a positive or negative experience?  

Do you meditate?  

Happy Birthday To Me! It’s Time For #stachingonthevalentine

Happy Birthday To Me!

Forget Kim K’s ass and let’s #breaktheinternet with Simon’s ‘stache!


#stachingonthevalentine #breaktheinternet, Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran, moustache

To participate:

  1. Find a fake moustache and take a selfie.
  2. Post said selfie on Twitter or Instagram tagging @duranduran, @simonjclebon and #stachingonthevalentine.
  3. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


Tell me how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day! 

I’ll be listening to this (as I do every birthday):