Happy Birthday To Me! It’s Time For #stachingonthevalentine

Happy Birthday To Me!

Forget Kim K’s ass and let’s #breaktheinternet with Simon’s ‘stache!


#stachingonthevalentine #breaktheinternet, Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran, moustache

To participate:

  1. Find a fake moustache and take a selfie.
  2. Post said selfie on Twitter or Instagram tagging @duranduran, @simonjclebon and #stachingonthevalentine.
  3. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


Tell me how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day! 

I’ll be listening to this (as I do every birthday):

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Duran Duran Fans

Valentine's Day, Gift Guide, Duran Duran

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is my birthday and that I absolutely adore Duran Duran but let it be clear that this post is NOT a plea for Duran Duran related birthday gifts!

As I’ve gotten older, instead of ditching the Duran Duran fan memorabilia type of collecting, I seem to have gotten worse.  Diehard fans know that there’s always great stuff to buy at the Duran Duran Official web store via CreweIssueUK and the Duran Duran Collector’s Mega Store but I’ve gone off the beaten path for some of my collecting and figured I’d share what I’ve found.

Here are my top fun and funky finds that might delight your favorite Duranie this Valentine’s Day.

1.  Duran Duran Phone Case:

Duran Duran Phone Case

This classic pose from the 1984 cover of Rolling Stone Magazine is one of my favorites (I have it on my business card holder as well).  I had this cover in white and now I have it in black.

For around $18, you can purchase this cover in white for the iPhone 6 or in black for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C iPhone 6 and even the iPhone 6+.  

You can also find some cool double D Duran Duran phone designs (~$20), a modern band line up case (8.99 in Pounds Sterling via a British website), a single member black and white photo case by David McKenna ($35) or a variety of shots via YesMyIdol (not sure about this site but the variety drew me in to search).

My phone is rarely out of my hand and being able to see Duran Duran often makes me smile.

2.  Duran Duran Jewelry

Etsy stores have been very, very good to me in terms of Duran Duran paraphernalia.  The first thing I bought on Etsy was a glass SLB pendant.  This obnoxiously big pendant goes along with me to many conferences and it has often have it as my Facebook avatar.

SLB pendant

The Etsy store where I bought it has since disappeared but it looks like a new Etsy store, RetroactiveStyle, has a few options for $4.99+ of John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon or these group options:

I also found these Rio earrings for only $6.50 (plus shipping) or Rio cuff bracelet ($12.99) via Revinylized Madison on Etsy:

Revinylized Madison, Etsy, Duran Duran


There are quite a few cute options like a mini Rio album necklace ($10), a Hungry Like The Wolf” pendant ($16) and even a sterling silver interlocking double D necklace ($69).

If you’re a runner or fitness enthusiast, you might also enjoy creating your own Motivate Wraps, Suede Cuffs or Foot Notes from Momentum Jewelry.  I adore my Duranie Forever Foot Notes.  They’ve gotten me through a number of hills and valleys in fitness.

New Balance Shoes, Reach The Beach Relay, Momentum Jewelry, Foot Notes

3.  Duran Duran clothing

All fans usually have Duran Duran t-shirts from concerts or find vintage stuff on eBay but finding something unique is always kind of fun!

I found Nicole of Rainbow Alternative on Etsy (it really is a treasure trove) and fell in love with her idea of “social change through wearable art”.  The hand stenciled and spray painted t-shirts, buttons, accessories and even baby onesies of Rainbow Alternative features a mix of politics and pop culture.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day, DDAD14, 10K, running

I’ve worn my RA Duran Duran tank top a million places and always get compliments on it.  See what the Rainbow Alternative Etsy store has in stock now.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I just bought this vintage shirt made into a tank top from Time Travel Tees:

Time Travel Tees, 7 and the Ragged Tigger, Duran Duran

and for all of the John Taylor fans out there, this tank via ShirtByHome is available on Etsy ($14.99):

John Taylor, Duran Duran, clothing

Many die-hard Duranies are eagerly waiting the re-opening of Patty Palazzo’s Punk Masters shop soon for additional fun t-shirts!

 4.  Duran Duran Computer Accessories

Maybe you don’t want to use that vintage Duran sticker on your computer but you do want the world to know your love of your favorite band, you can utilize the Skin Trade (computer skins, that is – bad Duran Duran pun, I know but I had to go there).

For $30 you can add some flair to your lap top with this computer skin via Redbubble.  It features all the members of the original band (except Andy) and is definitely unique.

RedBubble, Duran Duran lap top skin

If an iPad is more your thing, you could order the above Redbubble design for $45 or if your pocketbook is a little deeper ($170), you could go classic and sleek with this Rio iPad cover via Vindicated Vinyl:

Duran Duran, rio, ipad

Maybe you want to cover your Nook, Kindle or iPad mini, there’s always this $30 Seven and The Ragged Tiger option from ThreeRDesigns:

ThreeRDesigns, Etsy, Duran Duran, & and the Ragged Tiger


4. Duran Duran Pocketbooks/Bags:

If you want to carry your love for Duran Duran in something other than your heart, there are a few handbag/pocketbook designers willing to help you out.

Two of the iPad cover designers,  Vindicated Vinyl (from above) and Red Bubble have bag options of their covers but if you’re looking for more options, try CoverStory Purses.  This is their tote:

Duran Duran, CoverStory

and this is their clutch ($18):

Duran Duran Clutch, Cover STory

Musicpurse.com has a mini Rio bag ($20) and a full sized Seven and the Ragged Tiger bag ($50).  Examples featuring the self-titled album, Arena and The Reflex, are also featured but unavailable per the website at this time.


Bandinmyhand.com also has a record shaped Seven and the Ragged Tiger purse for $60.  I recently stumbled upon Dayna’s Duran Designs (Facebook only) and her bags are amazing!  Dayna is exceptionally creative – just check out her Come Undone shoes below.  I’m dying to work with her on something soon!


5. Duran Duran themed books

Anyone Duran Duran fan who tells you that they don’t want the Denis O’Regan book, Careless Memories, is lying.  I want this book desperately but 250.0o Pounds Sterling is a bit above my pay grade – even with the Valentine’s Day Golden Ticket drawing available to meet the band during the 2015/2016 tour!



Instead, I think I’ll finally get myself Beautiful Colors ($75) by Andrew “Durandy” Golub.

Durandy is known within the Duran Duran community as the curator of all Duran Duran posters available and when this book was put together most of die-hard fans ran out and got the book.  I’ll admit that I’ve been behind the 8 ball on this one.  I’ve conversed with Andy via email but he not only seems like a really nice guy but his dedication to Duran Duran memorabilia is admirable!

If these books aren’t in the cards for you, there are many Duran Duran themed books out there including:

Katy Krassner’s Would Someone Please Explain

Katy Krassner, Would Someone Please Explain, Duran Duran

John Taylor’s autobiography, Into The Pleasure Groove

Into The Pleasure Groove John Taylor

Andy Taylor’s Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran

Duran Duran, Wild boy, Andy Taylor


There are tons of other books as well such as

6.  Duran Duran Art

How about some Duran Duran inspired art?  These are some of my picks:

Duran Duran Recycled Record Bowl ($10) from Records and Stuff on Etsy:

Record Bowl, Records and Stuff, Etsy

Duran Duran Minimalist Heads Poster Print ($22.68+) by Posteritty on Etsy:

Posteritty, Duran Duran


There are a million more things if you really looked that are Duran Duran themed but DarkDiva on Crafter.com takes the cake IMHO:

Duran Duran Candles


What I’m really waiting for are some Duran Duran fitness clothes – a tech shirt, tank, capris or a headband – anything really.  Why they haven’t been made yet, I’ll never know.  When someone makes those, I’ll be the first on line to buy them.

I’m sure I missed more than a few Duran Duran unique collectible sources.  Which ones do you love?

One more thing!

I’m trying to #breaktheinternet for my birthday on Saturday.

Won’t you help with #stachingonthevalentine?

#stachingonthevalentine #breaktheinternet, Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran, moustachesee here for details!

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post but there are Amazon Affiliate links within this post.  If you buy anything after clicking some of the links above, a few pennies toward my Duran Duran 2015/2016 Tour Fund (or Careless Memories book fund) will be earned (and greatly appreciated).

A Playlist For My Runway Runaway to Reach The Beach

Yes, the post title is taken from the Duran Duran song “Runway Runaway”.  I’m running away (well flying and then running) to Boston today and since the guys played “Fashion Rocks” last night, I thought the title was appropriate.

Fashion Rocks. Duran Duran

For all of my Duran Duran friends going to see “Unstaged” tonight, have a blast and scream super loud for me.  I’m still sad to be missing this event with all my Duranie brethren.

Duran Duran Unstaged

Image: Duran Duran


It’s been a whirlwind getting ready for Reach The Beach and I hope you’ll follow along on the journey via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I’ll take any and all words of support where I can get them.


My playlist since SoCal Ragnar needed an update so I’m adding the following dozen songs for my Reach The Beach playlist:

Reach The Beach, Playlist, music

1.  “Runway Runaway” by Duran Duran

2.  “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People

3.  “Pompeii” by Bastille (it’s my 2014 theme song)

4.  “All About That Bass” by Megan Trainor (can’t stop singing this one)

5.  “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (the theme for SoCal Ragnar)

6.  “She” by Green Day

7.  “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC

8.  “Unbelievers” by Vampire Weekend

9.  “You Take Me Up” by Thompson Twins

10.  “Human” by The Killers

11.  “Roam” by B-52’s

12.  “Who Needs Sleep” by Barenaked Ladies



Is there a song I NEED to add to my playlist?  Tell me quickly! 



There Is Something You Should Know

Yes, it’s a lyric from a Duran Duran song.  

If you’re a Duran Duran fan living in the US, you’ve been waiting for September 2014.

The new album isn’t out yet but Duran Duran are out in full force preparing the masses for their presence with 3 different events:



Tonight at 6pm PST, Duran Duran are going to be live in Monterey, CA promoting the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata (click here for link to reveal video).

  • The fact that the band are here in my new state and I won’t be driving the 5 hours to the private show is sad. What’s worse is that 6pm is in the middle of Wild Boy wrangling so I won’t be watching the performance live….but my father-in-law (who owns a Miata and is a huge fan of the car – not the band) will be.  Here’s hoping he’ll fill me in.


On September 9th, Duran Duran will be performing at Fashion Rocks on CBS at 9:00PM EST/11:00PM PST at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

  • To say that the Barclay’s Center is mere blocks away from the Brooklyn apartment that we just sold in May adds unnecessary insult to an unhealed injury (I’m still mourning the apartment).  A part of me still hasn’t gotten over the fact that I wasn’t at the Nov 2013 MoMA event where it seemed like every Duranie I knew got a chance to be up close and personal with the band.  I know there are plenty of Duranies who feel my pain though.  I won’t be at the show but I will be watching.


On September 10th there will be a one night only screening (in 300 theaters nationwide) of the David Lynch directed concert film, Duran Duran: Unstaged.

Duran Duran Unstaged

Image: Duran Duran

  • First the MoMA even in New York and now even though a screening is being held right near my house, I’m not going to this event either and I’m truly gutted.  Even my new California friends recognize my Duran devotion because a relatively new friend of mine gave me info about this special screening even before Duran Duran announced the one night only show.   There’s an excellent reason why I won’t be attending the screening but only some readers will understand (reason will be revealed next week but this photo has a hint).
Duran Duran, Awesome 80's, 5K

7 And The Ragged Tiger 1984 Tour shirt


I know that Duran Duran are playing in Austin in November (have you seen those ticket prices?!  Ouch!) but I’ll need to wait until the album is released and the next tour is scheduled (unless the concert fairy exists and decides to bestow a gift of lottery winnings upon me).

It was a #14in2014 goal to meet the band this year but that’s not looking likely.  This image will have to do until then.


Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran

Simon Le Bon at Terminal 5 June 20, 2012 (the closest I’ve ever been).


Here’s hoping my 3 things of bad Duran luck will end here


cheers to a 2015 Duran Duran album and tour, fellow Duranies!

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Duran Duran (except as a fan) and was under no obligation to write about or promote any of these events.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day 10K

As you might know, yesterday was Duran Duran Appreciation Day.  For the 2nd year in a row, I completed a 10K in honor of my favorite band.  Last year, my NYC Summer Streets Run took me here and this was my post about it:

Duran Duran, DuranDuranAppreciationDay, #RunHappyRaces, running , 10K

Simply perfect


and this year, I was in LA and my run started like this and to see how it ended, you’ll have to read a little further.


Duran Duran Appreciation Day, DDAD14, 10K, running

Ready to run in my tank by RainbowAlternative.com


Lately running has been really hard for me but nothing could be better than a Duran Duran playlist to get me through the rough spots.  I decided to take a path I’d never run before along the LA River (yup, that’s a river).  Note to self: One is not supposed to be running that close to the river  –  it took me ages including an attempt to climb a fence before circling back and finding a gate to get out of the enclosure.


LA River, running, Duran Duran 10K


Once I finally got away from the river, I made my way to the Colorado Bridge.  It’s not the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s still pretty beautiful.


Duran Duran, Duran Duran Appreciation Day


As soon as I hit the 6.2 mark with my favorite Duran Duran song, “Hold Back The Rain” playing, I twisted my left ankle.  It didn’t hurt on the way home (or during brunch) but when I got home, the pain was pretty severe.  Here’s hoping that ice and ibuprofen will do their thing and that I won’t be laid up for long.


ankle, running, injury, Duran Duran 10K


Ankle twist aside, it was a great morning with some great tunes.  Here’s the playlist and thank you all for your requests (all link to the respective YouTube videos)!  Hope you enjoyed your Duran Duran Appreciation Day (or as you may have called it, Sunday)!





Careless MemoriesMark, Angela


Finest Hour - Andrew


The Man Who Stole A LeopardLori


Is There Something I Should KnowDebbi


New ReligionSally


Girl Panic!Anju


New Moon on Monday (such a great video) – Saida


Hungry Like The WolfWild Boy


plus some of my favorites (I walked about 2 – 3 miles once I hit my 6.2):



Meet El Presidente  


Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)


Runway Runaway


Last Chance on The Stairway


(I’m Looking For) Cracks in The Pavement




(Reach Up For The) Sunrise


Hold Back The Rain


Friends, please send some healing vibes, I do not want to be hobbling around for IDEAWorld SweatPink BlogFest this week!  Thanks!   What did you do this weekend that was special?