Even as I wrote the title of this post, my inner pessimist tried to take over and call this post, “Turning Positives Into Negatives” hence the reason why I’ve been making an effort to employ my 2014 mantra:

“How Am I Going To Be An Optimist About This?” – from the song “Pompeii” by Bastille


I have no trouble seeing the bright side when it comes to friends, loved ones, colleagues, patients and clients but when it comes to myself, I have trouble seeing the glass as half full.  Call it what you will, “perfectionism”, “hard on myself” or just plain “masochistic”, I clearly have some issues but since this is the year that instead of seeing the good only for others, I’m trying to find it for myself.

Finding the good hasn’t been easy.  After having my amazing New Year’s Day 8 miler, my brain got a little heady with running potential – visions of half marathons danced in my head and even the Ragnar stared to take on a fairy tale-like glow but then a pin poked a hole in my fitness balloon.

Ever since the 4 hours of marathon fitness classes, my fitness mojo has gotten up and went.  I’ve had one ridiculously terrible run after another recently.  I’m talking the sucking wind-side stitches-forced walk breaks-tomato face crappy 3 and 4 mile runs that make you want to ugly-cry (thanks Kimberly for giving me that term).

Instead of letting the grip of impending depression get its hands on me, I decided to heed the words of my mantra and utilize an #optimistflip to make a list of all the negatives floating around and transform them in positives.   

meetville.com, optimist  

So here’s my attempt at cha-cha with thoughts that needed an #optimistflip.


I have no f@#$ing stamina now means

I have fitness progress to make.


FU Spotify for stopping on my run now means

I get to listen to my breathing and adjust my pace.


Arrggh, my spot in yoga class is taken now means

I get to employ some yoga-like thinking and feeling by experiencing a different perspective.


There was no availability left in my favorite WundaBar Pilates classes now means

Thanks WundaBar for helping me get my core stronger, now I can incorporate some spinning back into my fitness routine.


My computer broke and I don’t want to spend the money on a new one now means

It’s time to replace the 6.5 year old computer before it dies.


Starting a business is overwhelming now means

Having the chance to put a dream into action is a fabulous opportunity.


I didn’t get picked to speak at IgniteFitness now means

I get to enjoy the conference without being nervous about speaking.


My schedule is packed now means

It’s good to have things to do, be in professional demand and have a social life.


My child wounded me with his words now means

I’m proud to see an evolving person learning to express himself without fear.  The nuances will come with time.


“I’m so behind, I need to get myself more organized and efficient so I can…” now means

Work/blogging/emails/social media and everything else will be there tomorrow.  Take the time to be present.


 What thoughts of yours need an #optimistflip right now?