31 Days Project, Balance

Image by Mark Brannan

It’s good to learn something new every day.  Some days just being a parent, I learn lots of new things about myself, my husband, my child or even the world around me (yup, my kid is smart and does teach me a few things) but today I tried to teach myself about Pinterest.  If there was a test on it, I’d fail big time.

It should be easy.  It’s visual bookmarking, right?  Find what you like, pin it and be done.  This is not all.  You can like, pin, repin, comment.  Honestly, I’m overwhelmed and haven’t even really started yet.

I’ve been told that Pinterest is a great way to engage with readers, get inspiration, repackage content and connect with others but I think for now I need to get a tutorial.  Any advice or direction is welcomed.