Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday – The 70’s Edition for July!

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Image: Daisy


Welcome to Week 2 of celebrating music of the 1970’s for July’s Tunes For Tuesday.  Today’s song is “Baba O’Riley” (released in 1971) by The Who.  The Who is great running music and considering my first real job out of college was assisting Roger Daltrey’s manager, the songs have special meaning.


This clip of “Baba O’Riley” features Roger, the Irish band The Chieftains and Sinead O’Connor at the 1994 “Daltrey Sings Townshend” show at Carnegie Hall.  I had the pleasure of working on this amazing show that featured a slew of artists.  I was a naive 24 year old who didn’t realize the absolute greatness of what I saw on stage for two nights but with the magic of YouTube, I can watch it again and again.


If you look really closely in the middle section, second row, you might see me in the audience (why I didn’t sit backstage, I’ll never know) but don’t worry about looking for me, enjoy this awesome rare version of one of the greatest songs of rock and roll.  Enjoy!




Do you have a favorite song by The Who?  If so, which one?