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Today’s Adam Ant pick is “Vive Le Rock” in the mid-1980’s.  I’m a huge fan of both the early punk Adam and the Ants and the second more pop wave of Adam Ant.  I saw Adam in concert in the fall of 2012 and he blew me away with his 2.5 hour set. The man barely took a break and rocked hard.  I will definitely see him again any time I can!

I recently added this song to my running playlist and it just makes me feel lighter.  Not sure why but I’m not arguing.  I love this clip from Solid Gold and hope you enjoy it!


“Look Mom, I’m on top of the world!”

Are you a fan of old Adam or newer version Adam…or neither (if it’s neither, maybe you shouldn’t tell me)?


  1. Susie says

    You are killing me with the Solid Gold clip!!! I love it–just wait until I point this out to Adam Dub, he will die. :) I actually love this song, and you are right, there’s something about the beat that makes it a great running song (as if I’d know, ha.) But we play the ’80’s station in the studio sometimes and when it comes on, I just grin. It drives you a little harder.

  2. says

    I love Adam Ant! Lito and I listen to the old stuff now and then. When I was a teen I used to go dancing at the Contempo Pavillion at Magic Mountain and I dated a guy that looked just like Adam Ant. I never saw him without his makeup!

    • says

      If Adam Ant comes around again, I’ll definitely let you know. The show was great!

      I think you have a keeper in Lito despite the cute Adam Ant boyfriend of old. 😉

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