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Hey there!  How are you?  What’s been going on?

The Tuesday Tune-Up is where we can have a weekly virtual coffee date and catch up a bit.

My week was super busy but it was also lots of fun.

Food, Tuesday Tune-Up

When your anniversary and Mother’s Day are in the same week, you eat very, very well.  We are food lovers in our family and do a lot of celebrating with and around food.  This week was certainly no different.

On Anniversary day, Jay and I hit up the very tiny (but very busy) Sqirl in Silver Lake.  This place was a bit of hipster heaven and to that end, I had the Pesto Sorrel Rice Bowl for breakfast.  It was highbrow and a bit pretentious for sure but it was also tasty (although it could have used a bit less salt).

Sqirl, Pesto Rice Bowl, Silver Lake


For Anniversary dinner, we went to the relatively new Redbird (the static website isn’t interesting enough to link to) in Downtown LA.  I didn’t take any pictures because Jay and I were too busy polishing off a bottle of wine (sometimes food photos are secondary to the actual experience, right?).  We had a great time that night but the morning (and full next day) were brutal (see Fitness below).

My family was very kind to me on Mother’s Day with every meal.

Breakfast of homemade blinis with smoked salmon, creme fraiche and caviar:


Lunch of Lentil Quinoa Cakes and Sangria (not home made):

Lentil Quinoa cakes


Dinner was homemade Beer Boiled Lobster tails with asparagus & Israeli cous cous:


Chocolate made in Mexico (homemade by Jay while on a cruise excursion in March):

Blinis with caviar, Mother's Day Brunch 

Thank goodness my week was packed with fitness activities!

Fitness, FitFluential, SweatPink, BurnThis, Tuesday Tune-UP

The day after the drinking the entire bottle of wine evening, I had a fitness event that I didn’t want to miss.  Hangover or not, you don’t give up an opportunity to workout with Jillian Michaels!

I was very lucky to have been invited to an event by Krave Jerky where Jillian led a workout.  I’ll be detailing more about this event in the near future but let’s just say this woman can make 30 minutes hurt like hell the next day!

I was a fitness animal this week!  The day after a workout with Jillian Michaels, I attended a pop-up class with New York City fitness phenom, Taryn Toomey of the class. (yes, all lower case letters with a period).

the class, the class with tt. LA pop up, emotional release

Image: theclass.

In case you haven’t heard of the class., it’s a fitness and emotional release class.  It was definitely an experience and I will share all of the juicy details (including which famous celebrity was there too) at a later date.

It was a family filled week with an anniversary and Mother’s Day.  I’ve shared it here that Mother’s Day isn’t always an easy day for me.  I don’t really have a relationship with my mother (or my father for that matter) but I did have a close relationship with my stepmother, Michele, who died when I was a teenager.  To be given a chance to honor the woman who mothered me but didn’t give birth to me in this Sonima article was one of the most wonderful ways to make a hard day a happy one.  

Sonima, Mother's Day

Thank you Allie@VitaTrain4Life for sharing this on Facebook!  I can’t believe this photo of my stepmother and me became the featured photo when sharing the link (maybe the algorithm recognized that Allie and I are like distant sisters or something but this made me squeal with delight)!  The article features Allie, Jamie@PissedOffMetronome and Kara Goucher (among others), so check it out!

On Mother’s Day, you might have also seen this Tweet from Got Milk teasing the #BetterFutureMoms campaign in California that honors mothers making a difference in their community:

I’ll be sharing more details about this initiative, what it was like to film and my thoughts about milk as an option for healthy intake in a future post.


Duran Duran, music, 80's music, New Wave, Tuesday Tune-Up

I may be diehard Duran Duran fan but I was a very bad Duran Duran friend to Flat Duranley.  I had this little guy with me the night of the David Lynch Foundation event and I failed to take photos of him during the show (I know, I suck).  In an attempt to make it up to his creator, I did take him to Hollywood & Vine this week (there are more photos of him at the link above):

Capitol Records building, Flat Duranley

Yes, believe it or not, it was that cloudy in Los Angeles this past week.

I did receive my copy of Andy Golub’s  Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran*
but haven’t gotten the chance to open it yet – I know, I know – when I do, I will take a reveal shot.  I’m looking forward to checking out what I know will be a gorgeous book.

In other music news, I know I’m very slow on the uptake here but I just discovered this Paul Young album of cover songs, “Rock Swings (On The Wild Side Of Swing)“* from 2006!  It isn’t as good as the Robbie Williams Swing When You’re Winning* but it’s pretty good (and has a version of “Why Does It Always Rain on Me” by Travis).  I adore Paul Young and it made me smile to see (and hear) parts of this album.

Paul Young, Rock Swings


 So that’s a summary of what’s been going on in my world this week.  

I didn’t lie, there was a lot of food, right?

What is your favorite hangover food?


Disclosure:  Please note I was invited to the Jillian Michaels #KraveBetter event but was under no obligation to write about my experience.  I attended theclass. out of curiosity and was not given complimentary entry.  I did receive compensation for appearing in the Got Milk #BetterFutureMoms campaign.

Last but not least: This post contains affiliate links (noted with *) which may generate a few pennies for me to add to the Duran Duran Tour Fund, if you buy anything on Amazon after clicking said affiliate links.  Many thanks!