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Recovering from injury

New Month, Old Injury

Welcome to October - the month of Halloween, the true ushering in of Autumn, all of the pumpkin (please make it stop, I'm just not a fan of the pumpkin onslaught) and the revisitation of my back injury.  This post could have been titled Oops, I Did It Again but I'm pretty sure that I may have post titled with that in the past.   I've reinjured my back so many times and whined about it incessantly (like here and here and here) that I'm very sure you all are all sick of hearing it.  But I should have seen this one coming - I've been active but inconsistent about my activity.  I don't normally weigh myself but when I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, I noticed that I had put on a few pounds (which makes a huge difference when you're only 5' 1") and I've paid little or not attention to my core strength.  In addition, I've finally been convinced that spinning is not the friend of those with injured back. I love indoor cycling but the the last two times I've injured … [Read More...]

Blogging for Business

#14in2014 3rd Quarter Check-In and Link-Up

Welcome to the #14in2014 3rd Quarter Check In!   Last year, I made the commitment to yearly goals and I followed up on them every 3 months.  I did the same thing this year and invited anyone who wanted to do it again with me in 2014 … [Read More...]

Everclear, Wonderful, divorce

Tunes For Tuesday – 90’s Edition – Everclear

Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday - The 90's Edition for the ninth month of the year, September!   Today's Tune is Everclear's "Wonderful".  Every single time I hear this song, I get chills.  I'm a child of divorce but I don't remember the circumstances before the … [Read More...]

Team Pumped Up Kicks, Reach The Beach, New Balance

New Balance Reach The Beach Recap

Last week you got a relay education with 12 Things You Learn at Reach The Beach and today I'm finally sharing my New Balance Team Pumped Up Kicks Reach The Beach recap (it's a long one, so get comfortable). Pre-Relay: On Thursday, Team Pumped Up Kicks got the chance to … [Read More...]