Friday's High Five

This week’s Friday’s High Five is actually a double five because I’m highlighting 10 Motivational Instagram accounts.  The images, words and stories and stories of the following 10 Instagram accounts help me get through my day.  Each one of these accounts give a glimpse into 10 people that look at the world in (what I believe is) an admirable way.

This post is my not-so-secret admirer note to these 10 amazing people.  These people remind me about the depths of human potential and that the bumpy journey of life can have more peaks than valleys.  You might know these 10 people already but if you don’t, you definitely should!

10 Motivational Instagram Accounts You Need To Know:

(Headers link to Instagram account; Image credits link to website)



Tasha Edwards is The HipHealthyChick and her positivity is infectious.  Tasha knows what the power of hard work can bring you in life and in fitness.  If you don’t believe that you have an inner warrior in life, work or healthy living, Tasha can help you find it!


It’s no secret that I’m kind of in love with Alan Ali.   Ever since discovering SweatingUntilHappy in 2013, I’ve been mesmerized by Alan’s unfailing dedication to his family, healthy lifestyle and inspiring fitness endeavors (we’re talking half marathons, duathlons, triathlons and he’s currently training and fundraising for the IronMan 70.3 Raleigh – you can donate here).  This southern gentleman is real about his every day struggles but always finds a positive spin to move on.  Alan’s nightly quotes on Instagram help me end the day on a positive note.


I came to know Kasey Arena of Powercakes at the 2014 IDEAWorld BlogFest and couldn’t believe that a girl in her mid-twenties could be so composed, smart and giving.  Kasey is a personal trainer (just like her mom!) and her passion for fitness, fuel, cooking and baking radiates for everyone to see.  Kasey’s mission is to guide all women to be comfortable being themselves in body, mind and soul.  Kasey leads body image workshops with young girls and is the co-author of the book Bodypeace, a 30 day guide to help people transform the relationship they have with food and their body.  The philosophy of love and peace in food, fitness and body image is one that needs to be amplified and Kasey is already leading the march.


I have no idea how I found Angela Leigh of PureLeighLiving but I love her Instagram feed.  I don’t know Angela but I know that she works for Equinox gyms, lives in Los Angeles and has an adorable French Bulldog, Lucy.  Angela’s Instagram feed shares motivational quotes, her dog and her love for fitness and healthy living.  To me, she’s a laid back LA girl with a great outlook on living healthy every day.


I discovered Lora V when I lived in New York and via the jewelry company, Erica Sara Designs.  Lora is a petite powerhouse who loves to run and her view on running and life in New York City strikes a chord with me.  You might have seen Lora as a coach for the Saucony 26 Strong program in 2014 where she coached a rookie through her first 26.2.  In addition to her passion for running, Lora is dedicated to helping to fight cancer with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Lora headed a fundraising effort called #CancerDontCare efforts in memory of her father and the many other people who fight cancer and still don’t win.  Lora had me at running and LLS but she’ll keep you with her amazing photos of NYC, running tales and dedication to making the world healthier.


I met Ashley Johns at FitBloggin’ 2014 and have found her Instagram stream inspirational ever since.  Ashley is dedicated to fitness and healthy living and her aim is building a community in the quest to find empowerment in their own mind, body and soul.  Ashley designs Fair Trade talisman Armor bracelets for men, women and teens to help inspire them toward living fiercely.  You can find food, fitness and lifestyle inspiration in the FierceForwardForLife Instagram feed.


I want to be Chris Freytag.  This 49 year-old mother of 3 grown children is wonderfully warm, incredibly smart and looks better than any Hollywood movie star.  I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at FitSocial 2013 and have been a fan ever since.  Chris works hard at being healthy – she’s been a fitness maven for over 20 years but she promotes exercise and healthy eating in a down-to-earth manner that inspires rather than intimidates.  Her Instagram feed is full of motivational quotes and ideas for both workouts and healthy recipes from her website  I love Chris and I keep hoping that through social media osmosis that I can absorb even half of her energy and her enthusiasm for life.


I’ve featured Jody@Truth2BeingFit as a Friday’s Featured Female with good reason.  This woman is absolutely fit and her outlook to living a life that makes room for health, foods that she loves (including cookies!) and to keep going no matter what obstacles stand in your way.  Jody always shares great quotes (often extolling the great virtues of coffee!) and is tremendously supportive of those who are looking to have fitness, food and happiness guide their lives.


It’s not hard to determine how I discovered Mikita given that our names are similar.  Ever since discovering (aka the other M. Burton), I’ve come to appreciate seeing this newly divorced mother of 3 in my Instagram stream.  If you live in Kansas City, you might know Mikita as a lifestyle expert because she appears on Fox 4 every Tuesday at 9:30.  I love seeing the real life of this cool lady.


If you’re interested in health and fitness and have dipped your toe into the blogging or social media world at all, it’s likely that you already know Carla Birnberg.  Carla was early to the wellness blog scene as MizFit is now more “unapologetically herself” as  I was late to the Carla party but I’ve loved learning about this woman as a writer, mother, fitness enthusiast, spiritual being and creator of the best hashtags ever.  Carla’s Instagram features her daughter, her dog and her philosophy about life (often abbreviated by #wycwyc – what you can, when you can).  Carla’s feed manages to be inspirational while she showcases all of her humanity, a feat not easily mastered.

I’m certain there are more than 10 motivational Instagram accounts out there, so feel free to tell me who I missed either in the comments or on my Instagram account – @mburton0214.  Did you know these fabulous Instagrammers?