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Slow Down You Crazy Child

Last night in my crazed frenzy to finish the crapton of tasks that seem to have fallen onto my plate this week, I saw this quote and it made me pause: Billy Joel's "Vienna" has always spoken to me.  Even though Billy is talking about the dreaminess of a country, I've always interpreted the lyrics to mean more about really appreciating the present.  As someone who is perennially in a hurry to do everything, slowing down isn't something easy for me. While I usually use music to motivate me to move faster, it's rare that I allow the musical message to decelerate to penetrate. Nearly a year ago (to the day), I featured this song as a Tunes For Tuesday pick after seeing Billy Joel sing this great song live at the Hollywood Bowl but today, I'm using this song not just as something that I'd yell at my own crazy child (his nickname on the blog is Wild Boy for more than just the Duran Duran reference) but it's a message to myself to ride the wave obligation and get through … [Read More...]


The Tuesday Tune-Up: Some Unexpected Surprises

  Hey there!  How are you?  What's been going on? The Tuesday Tune-Up is where we can have a weekly virtual coffee date and catch up a bit. This week has been full of some unexpected surprises.  I'm trying to incorporate a "Facts Of Life" … [Read More...]


The Tuesday Tune-Up: Getting Outside

  Hey there!  How are you?  How was your Memorial Day weekend? The Tuesday Tune-Up is where we can have a weekly virtual coffee date and catch up a bit. Before we get into the nitty gritty wrap up what's been going on here on my end, I need to announce the winner of the … [Read More...]

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A Wellness Lesson with LATHER and SoulCycle + Giveaway

Injury recovery can make you feel less than ideal both inside and out.  The road to building strength and stamina usually isn't pretty or inspiring.  For me, this particular round of recovery has been much slower than I'd like. The itch to get back to some fast paced activity has … [Read More...]

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Got Milk Is Looking For Some #BetterFutureMoms

When the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creators of got milk? asked me to help launch a campaign that celebrates mothers in California that make a difference in their community while empowering their children to work towards a better future, there was no way that I could … [Read More...]