Friday’s Featured Female – Hippie Chick Granola

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Friday's Featured Female, #FFF


Today’s Friday’s Featured Female isn’t a true person but it is the company, Hippie Chick Granola, that my blogger friend, Ilene@IleneEvans (aka The Fierce Diva Guide To Life) just launched.


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The 6 Things You Need To Do A Ragnar Relay

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The So Cal Ragnar Relay is done and I know that I’ve shared just about everything I could about this race before it actually took place - from my intended music playlist, introducing all of my team members AND (if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter), you might have seen a few zillion pictures of gorgeous California scenery, many gorgeous sweaty runners and many obnoxious pictures of the So Cal Ragnar Medal but guess what?  I’m not done yet.

Ragnar Finisher, So Cal Ragnar Relay


The Ragnar Relay is a very special breed of running experience.  My teammate Gillian coined Ragnar the “Coachella For Runners” and she’s absolutely right.  When the topic came up at FitBloggin’ last year, I said yes but I was scared to death (I do have 4 half marathon DNS’s in the last 4 years due to injury) but after this fantastic experience, I’m already thinking about Ragnar #2.  I think every runner should think about doing a relay race so that’s why I’ve come up with:

6 Things Ragnar Relay

 (and why you’ll want to do another one as soon as you’re done with your first) Read more

Tunes For Tuesday – A Dirrty Dozen Two-Fer

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Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday!

Music, Tunes For Tuesday

Image: Daisy

This past Friday and Saturday I was a little busy running the So Cal Ragnar Relay (which I will recap soon) but in honor of my Dirrty Dozen team, I’m featuring 2 songs today – one for each “r” in our team name.  These two songs were the most often heard songs on the radio while we were in our van.  It’s not that I love (or even like these songs) but I know that they will now remind me of a most fabulous time with the ladies of Van 2 of the Dirrty Dozen team.  Thanks Jamie, Kat, Carrie, Jill and Debbie! Read more

Fridays Featured FemaleS – The Dirrty Dozen Ragnar Team

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Welcome to Friday’s Featured FemaleS!

Friday's Featured Female, #FFF

This week’s feature doesn’t just highlight one woman but it highlights a #DirrtyDozen of them.  Today I want to give a huge shout out the members of my So Cal Ragnar Team (technically, I’m not highlighting myself but 11 sounded ridiculous).

Ragnar Relay Series, runchat

Get to know these 11 amazing women that will be covering 200 miles with me (from Huntington Beach to San Diego).  Not all of these ladies are bloggers (and many aren’t even active in social media) but they are all amazing women and athletes.  The list below is in runner order with their leg mileages and terrain difficulty noted: Read more

A Ragnar Relay Playlist

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It’s almost time for the So Cal Ragnar Relay race!


Ragnar Relay Series, runchat

12 Friends, 2 Vans, 2 Days, 1 Night 200 miles (from Huntington Beach to San Diego)!  


This is my first relay.  Even though I’m covering the least amount of mileage (10 miles in total), it’s longer than I’ve run in a very long time and I’m excited and nervous about it.  I definitely haven’t trained like I planned and I have friends in town for the entire week leading up to race day (I’m actually cutting out on them early to meet my van) but with a motto like this one, how could you NOT be excited? Read more

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