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Tunes For Tuesday – 90’s Edition – Fastball

Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday - The 90's Edition for the ninth month of the year, September!   Today's Tunes For Tuesday is Fastball's "The Way" released in February 1998.  This catchy tune can definitely be an earworm but it's a great one to have.   Because I'm still in the process of formulating my Reach The Beach recap, the specific lyrics made me think of all of the #TeamPumpedUpKicks runners.  If you've ever done anything as crazy as a relay race, you might understand:   They made up their minds  And they started packing  They left before the sun came up that day  An exit to eternal summer slacking  But where were they going without ever  Knowing the way?  Hope you enjoy! Tell me about your craziest adventure! … [Read More...]

Duran Duran, Awesome 80's, 5K

There Is Something You Should Know

Yes, it's a lyric from a Duran Duran song.   If you're a Duran Duran fan living in the US, you've been waiting for September 2014. The new album isn't out yet but Duran Duran are out in full force preparing the masses for their presence with 3 different … [Read More...]