Last week, after a short bout of improvement in rehab for my injury (which included a whole 4 minutes of treadmill running), my back started to hurt terribly after a cycling class and PT session.

On Friday, my physical therapist dealt me a big blow: my new pain was indicative of poor healing progression and he was changing my course of treatment from running related therapy to more intensified core work through Pilates.

To add insult to (literal) injury, I was also told to stop engaging my new fitness passion, indoor cycling, because it was likely exacerbating my injury (of course this was right after I finally purchased some cycling shoes).












This was a one-two punch so hard that I almost cried right there in his office.  I waited until I got into the car to sob uncontrollably.  Great first day of being 43 – not even two steps forward and one step back, I was (and still am) pretty upset.

I’ve tried to be done with my own Pity Party but this was not what I expected to hear after 6 weeks of treatment.  I spent my Sunday morning walking (and not running) the Pasadena Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini Marathon (aka 5K – this will be Wednesday’s post) and holding back tears the entire time.

It seems that I’ve injured and re-injured the same area so many times that the muscles surrounding my injury have been overcompensating and now need to be retrained neuromuscularly (is that a word?) to learn to work correctly.  These muscles have been attempting to protect me and are now irritated at being directed to work in a new manner.  Guess what?  My muscles aren’t the only ones that are irritated right now!

I meet with my new Physical Therapist today and I’m looking forward to hearing her new plan for me.  I’ve never done Pilates and while I know that my jelly belly could use some core strengthening, I never pictured myself as the Pilates type – I’m short and squat not long and lean but if this can help me get strong for good and make the difference in getting to#13in2013 in June, I’m in.

Have you done Pilates before to strengthen your core after a back injury?  Private sessions?  Videos?  Group classes?  Let me know what you’ve done or do now.  Maybe I can supplement my new exercises with some recommendations.