Despite the Sara Bareilles lyric this isn’t a Monday installment of Tunes For Tuesday but it is kind of an extension of Friday’s Featured Female.  In the past week, I’ve read three blog posts by some fellow women bloggers that were just plain brave and I feel that they need to be shared.

It is not my intention to make the authors feel awkward by highlighting or bringing what might be unwanted attention to these intimate posts. I want Danielle@TRexRunner, Dani@WeightOffMyShoulders and Monica@RunEatRepeat to know how much respect I have for their courage.  It’s difficult to be honest with oneself about uncomfortable feelings or situations in life but to take the time to translate those emotions into words and then share them with the world is extremely admirable in my book.


Danielle@The T-Rex Runner: Life With ED Part 8: It’s Always Something


Danielle started her blog The T-Rex Runner to document her quest to run a marathon in all 50 states and DC before she turns 30.  I was blown away by Danielle’s Ignite Presentation at FitBloggin’.  It wasn’t only her wit while illustrating her views on why it is so important to listen to yourself (even if it means ending your marriage), find joy in the little things (like dancing, moonshine and beer while running) and be honest (even if it’s something as painful struggling with anorexia and bulima) but there was a warmth underneath the wry humor that drew me in immediately.


I was lucky to see Danielle again at FitSocial (even though we didn’t get nearly enough time to hang out).  I love reading Danielle’s blog – not only because I can vicariously travel to great places and run more than the one 26.2 I’ll ever complete but because I love her humanity, humor and her love of funny GIFs.


Danielle is more than her wit and her athletic prowess.  She’s wickedly insightful and self-aware.  This post is more than just a look into the struggle of living with an eating disorder or body dismorphia it’s written from Danielle’s head and her heart.  Read the post and you’ll understand why I’m consistently blown away by this blog.


Dani@Weight Off My Shoulders: Eating Disorders and A Slip Up


I didn’t even get to really chat with Dani@WeightOffMyShoulders at FitBloggin’ but when I saw her in Portland dressed like this for a run, I knew she’d be a fun girl.


Dani, Weight Off My Shoulders, Weight Watchers, Runner

This is the amazing Dani

I started following Dani on Twitter and Instagram and discovered one of the most positive sources of inspiration out there!  Dani is not only a fellow back injury sufferer but she’s a Weight Watchers leader and a runner extraordinaire!  I’ll admit that I’m not a regular reader of her blog and had no idea about her eating disorder history (even though it’s right there on her About Page).


This post is raw and so incredibly emotional and yet, Dani ends with her signature support for others.  I’ve gained an even deeper admiration for Dani not only because of her words and willingness to share her story but because while she knows her story is hers alone that she is not alone in her struggle to remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.


Monica@RunEatRepeat: Love Fades, Blogs Are Forever…



Image: supercoco_

Run Eat Repeat was one of the first blogs I ever read.  I thanked Monica in my Thank You To My Fitness Blog Inspirations post and got the pleasure of finally meeting her at #FitBlogLA.

Monica is a bastion of positivity.  She also runs more races (and eats more watermelon) than most people would ever dream to attempt.  It seems that Monica had been writing fewer posts that included her information about her husband and her readers were getting concerned about her marital status.


While Monica didn’t need to justify her writing subject matter, she decided to do so and in a manner that not many could pull off.  As a blogger, there are no hard and fast rules of how much of your personal life to include or reveal.  Monica writes a post about an aspect of her (very) personal life in a unique manner with class, brevity and tact that is commendable.

This post was a reminder of the personal boundaries that bloggers set.  Some people share everything and some play it close to the vest but that doesn’t make their blog any less appealing. It’s the depth and the diversity of subject matter available that makes the blogosphere so damned interesting.


There you have it, 3 brave posts.  I have a ton of respect for the everyday struggle and admiration for those who write so eloquently about their own journeys.   Inspiration and motivation are born from struggle and it makes us all better people.



What was your bravest moment?