Welcome to Friday’s Featured Female!

Friday's Featured Female, #FFF


This weekly series features inspirational stories from admirable women.  IMHO, it’s always good to be reminded of how strength, determination, hard work, heart and ingenuity can impact the quality of one’s life and I’m proud that these women will allow me to share their stories here.


Today’s Friday’s Featured Female is a little different this week.  Normally, I like to feature a guest post from a blogger about how and why they’ve committed to making health (in one way or another) a priority in their lives.  This week, I’ve just heard some awful news on a number of fronts that instead I wanted to spread a little love around the blogosphere so I’m featuring 5 Bloggers You Should Know.

These 5 bloggers have no idea that I’m featuring them today (and I’ve brazenly stolen images from each of their sites) but I believe that each one of these women are worth getting to know, virtually or otherwise.  Expand your blog horizons and get to know one or all of these fine ladies:


Anne Hogan@AnneHogan.net

Anne is one smart, sharply dressed (she’s the girl who wears Louboutin’s; she doesn’t just covet them) animal lover.  Anne has been a blogger for quite some time and is exceptionally knowledgable about social media.  Her blog covers a wide variety of topics which include her Pomeranian, Teddy, entertainment and DIY.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet this dynamo IRL in LA and she’s made quite an impression on me.  I love that this girl has a ton of inner strength that shines through her sass and has a heart of gold that she’s open to share.  Get to know this very cool chick.


Ashley Pitt@ALadyGoesWest

A Lady Goes West

Ashley said she found my blog on the IDEA Inspired Bloggers Facebook Group but who knew that we both shared a moving across the country story (her from FL to San Francisco) at nearly the same time (2012)?  Ashley is a personal trainer who also likes food (those of you who eat to live vs. live to eat, I don’t get you).   Her WIAW posts feature food, real food and real portions of food and I like how she’s chronicling her adjustment to a new life, new city with fitness.  I’m hoping to meet this life twin sometime soon.


Natalie, Hello Day

Image: HelloDay.com

I met the lovely Natalie at FitBlogLA last year.  This sweet and stunningly gorgeous mom of two is one of those people with an easiness that radiates out of her pores.  Natalie loves fitness but believes in living a life with purpose and positivity.  Natalie often talks about her workouts, eating healthfully and raising her kids.  Natalie loves to camp (and takes beautiful photos that even make me want to go camping more often – which is quite a feat!).  Reading Natalie’s blog makes you realize that life doesn’t need to be frenetic but can still be fantastic.  PS – If you’re a casting agent for child models, check out her children – OMG adorable!



Shannyn, Frugal Beautiful

I met Shannyn at FitBloggin’ 2013 when we wound up running in time together on a run around Portland.  Shannyn told me about how she moved from California to Chicago and how she became a blogger writing about what it was like to try to live a great life without a lot of money.  Shannyn is well known not only for her frugality blogging but she’s also a runner (she loves her Disney Runs and she’s run over 20 half marathons), a pug mama (like me – helping Shannyn with her recent Virtual Pug Run for charity was a no-brainer for me), a social media manager and well known speaker in the fitness and financial blogging circuit.  Shannyn is so very approachable both IRL and virtually – she writes with such a down-to-earth tone about everything (including her wedding planning) that you can’t help but want to be her friend.  Shannyn’s got wide appeal both as a human being and a blogger!


SpillingCoffeeandDroppingThings.com, Christiana

I want to hug Christiana tightly the next time I see her.  She made me feel so unbelievably good and I’m not sure she knows it.  I met Christiana at Diva Night at Fleet Feet Sports in Burbank a few weeks ago and she gave me the biggest compliment by telling me that she was excited to meet me.  Christiana went on to tell me that she reads my blog and since we are connected on other forms of social media, even went to try November Project (before I have even gotten the chance to go).

I was so unbelievably humbled by Christiana’s kind words and was so happy she came to the event.  I’m pretty sure that many of us who blog, feel like we do it in a vacuum.  I love that blogosphere makes the world a community.  Christiana is fitness enthusiast (how we didn’t meet at BlogFest, I don’t know), likes Diana Krall (my husband’s a huge fan too; I’m a fan of Diana’s husband, Elvis Costello) and has an a-ha moment that brought her into fitness that is really inspiring.  I’m hoping that I get the chance to hang out (and work out) with this LA neighbor (who dreams of being a fitness instructor) sometime soon.

What blogger or well-known personality (writer, actor, instructor, teacher, business person, etc.) inspires you?