Ever spend a ton of time on something only to hit a wrong button on your computer and make the whole thing disappear?!  Well, then you understand why there will not be the full write up of this week’s Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet LA (aka #FitBlogLA) today.  I promise the full deal on Monday but as a preview, I’ll give you this…..

#FitBlogLA, Fitness Magazine, Annenberg Beach House


There were friends from FitBloggin’, FitSocial and some amazing chicks from my blogger tribe, the So Cal Lady Bloggers!

There was very interesting health and fitness advice from leaders in the field that included:

And you’ll die when you see the quality of swag.  The sponsors were so incredibly generous but you’ll have to wait until Monday for all the juicy details.

Thanks for being patient with your technologically challenged friend!

BTW, this Sunday is Simon Le Bon’s 55th birthday (yes, it even sounds old to me)!  

If we’re friends on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, be ready to see some SLB birthday love dedications.  Last year (before I ever let a soul know I was secretly writing a blog) I wrote this post to my fake rock star boyfriend on his 54th birthday.

You can go throw up now….but don’t forget to come back on Monday!