It’s Another Special Edition of Friday’s Featured Female – IDEAWorld Fitness BlogFest Style!

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The 10 People To Meet At #BlogFest

A few weeks ago I did a group 10 People You Need To Meet at BlogHer and it was a big hit so I decided to do it again for #BlogFest.  I’m excited to see all of these people (and many others) during BlogFest.  Catching up and meeting other bloggers IRL is one of the greatest benefits of conferences.


If you’re at BlogFest, say hello to these lovely ladies but if you’re not at BlogFest, you should still get to know these mavens of health, fitness and heart via their blogs or other social media outlets!   So without further adieu….


So, do you know……? 


1.  Jamie@FitApproach


Jamie is one of the founders of Fit Approach (#SweatPink) and one of the organizers of #BlogFest.  Jamie was on my SoCal Ragnar team this year and wow, is this lady impressive – this newly married ultra runner, is one of the calmest and fiercest people I’ve ever met.  Her luggage got lost before our Ragnar and she was calm, cool and collected (I would have been freaking out).  Jamie also can run (and drive) with the best of them.  This is one smart, fit and practical woman!  I’m really looking forward to this inspirational woman this week.


2.  Tiffany@RunningHutch



Tiffany has been a FFF before and for good reason.  Tiffany is strong and sweet.  She’s battled some injuries this year but this new Road Runners Club of America Certified Running Coach is heading up the Run This Year effort. Tiffany has also recently started running with some high schoolers who are training for a half marathon.  Tiffany is one of the best hearted people I’ve met since moving to LA and if you don’t know her, you should!


3.  Debbie@LiveFromLaQuinta


Debbie, a recent FFF, has run 36 marathons people!  Debbie is in a career transition right now but seems to be making her way with a new endeavor, MediaFitnessCoach.  Debbie is a mom, grandmother and is an animal lover.  Debbie was an integral part of my SoCal Ragnar team.  She inspires me to want to run for a long time to come.  I’m looking forward to #BlogFest being a mini SoCal Ragnar reunion.


4.  Jill@TreeFitness


Jill was my one of my first conference friends.  We were roommates at FitBloggin 2013 and FitSocial not to mention SoCal Ragnar teammates.  Jill radiates good vibes.  This mom of 3 is a personal trainer who runs, teaches bootcamp, spin and Zumba and she is the reason I’m now addicted to Instagram!  Jill was one of my first FFF’s because she really is one of my best Fitness Blogger friends!


5.  Carrie@FamilyFitnessFood

Carrie - Family Fitness Food

Carrie and I met running on the last day FitBloggin’ 2013 during the goodbye 5K.  We ran the same pace and found we had a lot in common – including living in California!  We’ve since done a mud run and a Ragnar together (both firsts for me) and even had a mini-double date after the Billy Joel concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  I like the fact that Carrie sees the world in a practical way.   Her blog posts are always relatable whether they’re about family, fitness or food.   If you’ve never done a Ragnar, Carrie is great inspiration!  I never would have done SoCal without her.


6.  Melissa@MelissaRunningIt


Few people on this earth make me smile from my heart and laugh my ass off as much as Melissa can.  I kind of stalked Melissa when I found her blog and got the chance to meet her at FitBloggin’ 2013.  She’s been a FFF and we’ve since gotten the chance to hang out at a few conferences and she’s one of the few people who is honest about her struggle with blogging, fitness, running and life in general but still has a great attitude and a body that definitely doesn’t say 40+!  PS – This girl had a birthday yesterday, wish her a belated one.


7.  Erin@DigDeepPlayHard


Erin is one of the athlete moms I try to emulate.  However, her love of fitness is not nearly as deep as mine is.  Erin has so much energy, it’s criminal.  Erin is the BootCamp Leader Extraordinaire at FitBloggin’ but since we met in 2013, we’ve become friends.  I watched her win a jumping contest with Tony Horton at FitBlogLA while pregnant (let’s see if he remembers)!  Erin is a mom to three young girls but is like the damned Energizer Bunny.  If I ever do a triathlon, this is the woman I want to be my coach.  Meet her and you’ll know why.


8.  Shannon@BadAssFitness


I just met Shannon at FitBloggin’ 2014.  I knew of her from the very wonderful Tammy@GingerMantra but only got the chance to talk with her at FitBloggin’.  Shannon is another petite fitness inspiration.  She has a rockin’ body but you can tell she works for it.  Shannon’s been a blogger since 2010 and works in PR full time but she also has a fitness studio in Talahassee, FL.  This girl is a time management maven and I can’t wait to get to know her better!


9.  Brittany@MyOwnBalance


Brittany is my New York friend that I can’t wait to see at BlogFest.  Brittany is also pregnant but I bet that won’t slow her down a bit.  We met at FitBloggin’ 2013 but have managed to have sweat dates whenever I’ve been in New York.  Brittany hasn’t let pregnancy slow her fitness down either.  She’s been making videos, going to classes and doing workouts at home all through her pregnancy.  Brittany might be one of the few people I know that actually has the unicorn of balance in her life.


10.  Whitney@ToLive&DietinLA


Ok, so maybe I’m a dork and it isn’t an accident that Whitney was listed after Brittany?  This lovely lady is an entertainment reporter and host (she’s pretty but she’s also nice) that is studying to become a Registered Dietitian (yay RD’s!).  On Whitney’s blog, you can find healthy recipes, explanations about myths/truths about dieting and nutrition (her piece on orthorexia is excellent ), fun fitness in LA and her adorable dog Mr. Chow.  Whitney can often be found on video with her equally funny, pretty and nutrition knowledgable friend, Gigi@GigiEatsCelebrities.  Don’t be intimidated by how Hollywood gorgeous this lady is, she’s truly a lovely person.  She’s also going to be a bride soon.  Wish her congratulations on her engagement!


I hope this list of fabulous fitness minded females either introduces you to some new people or reminds you of someone you already know and love.  If you have a nominee for a future Friday’s Featured Female, feel free to let me know (do you love all of those F’s in there)?


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