Yes, I took another unintentional blogging break because I was busy working on this:

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On Thursday, July 16th at 2pm PST, I’ll be presenting “Busting the Top 5 Nutrition Myths” at IDEAWorld BlogFest 2015.  To say that I’m excited (and nervous) is a major understatement!

While I’m sad that some of my blogger buddies from BlogFest 2014 won’t be there this year, it’s hard to think that anything will be able to top last year BUT I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones!

I’m sure I’ll be making some friends because I’ll be at reprising my role as a Momentum Jewelry Ambassador during BlogFest (like I did at FitBloggin’)!  If you don’t know Momentum, it’s motivational fitness jewelry that’s not only easy to wear while working out, it also goes from the gym to the street with ease!

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If you’re attending BlogFest, make sure to watch my Instagram and Twitter accounts for ways to win FREE Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes during the conference (7/16 – 7/19).  

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If you’re attending BlogFest and you’re the first person to come up to me and tell me one of the 3 musical artists I saw in concert this week, you will win a Momentum Inspire Necklace (you will get bonus applause if you sing a song from the artist as well):

Momentum, Inspire Necklace


If you’re NOT attending BlogFest, you can still get lucky!  Tweet me with #BlogFestMomentum between 7/16 – 7/19 and I’ll DM you a special discount code that you can use to buy yourself some fabulous motivational fitness jewelry!


Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week!

I’m looking forward to sharing the recap of BlogFest with you soon…after I recover!

Disclosure:  As a speaker for BlogFest, I did receive complimentary registration to both BlogFest and IDEAWorld.  I also did receive compensation for my Momentum Jewelry Ambassadorship.  Cards on the table, if I were not a speaker, I likely would have paid to attend this joint conference and I have previously purchased Momentum Jewelry for myself and friends out of my own pocket.