I’m sure you’re dying to get the scoop on that happened at IDEAWorld BlogFest (which was a lot) but that recap is going to have to wait until Wednesday because one of my favorite annual races happened yesterday, the Awesome 80’s Run in Pasadena!

Running + 80’s music = No brainer for this 80’s music loving girl


This absolutely fun run began in 2012 and kind of ushered my family and me into California living in 2012.  My about page photo (as it is right now) is taken from this first race in Los Angeles.



I ran this 5K  race again in 2013.  It was a ridiculously hot day in August but the costumes and the 80’s music made it especially fun.

Awesome 80's Pasadena, 5K, running

Darth Vader Medals are cool!


This year was especially fun because I had a very special partner – Wild Boy joined me for his 3rd 5K run!


Awesome 80's Run, Duran Duran, 5K


I might have worn the same Duran Duran tank top from my Duran Duran Appreciation Day 10K last week but so what?


I knew this run wasn’t going to be an easy one for Wild Boy.  It was hot even before we left the house, the race started late (9:30am!) and the 5K course (around the Rose Bowl Stadium) didn’t offer any shade at all.  Not to mention that this guy had been part of a martial arts demonstration the night before at Dodger Stadium!  It was a fun night but not what someone should probably do the night before a race.


Dodger Stadium

Yes, I found a nod to Brooklyn at Dodger Stadium (this bottom illustration was on one of the walls outside the Top Deck).


Regardless of lack of sleep and my achy ankle from last week’s sprain, Wild Boy and I were not in the best shape to do this run but we were excited to be running together in such a fun atmosphere that we put on our happy faces and did our best to enjoy ourselves.



Wild Boy refused a starting line selfie with me.


Let’s just say this was not our best race ever.  Despite this being a race I look forward to every year, I wish this race would start earlier in the day.  It was so hot that it was difficult not to need to stop and walk.  Wild Boy was frustrated because he believed he should have been running faster but he couldn’t.  I told him that we all have bad days when we run but that we all finish.  I tried to entice him with the fact that he was getting a medal at the end of the race but he does not have the lust for race bling…yet!


Once we hit the 2.9 mile mark and Wild Boy could see the finish line, he couldn’t wait to get there.  He took off with a quick, “Bye!” (we had already previously discussed our finish line meet up plan in case we got separated) and dashed to the finish.  Jay got this great action shot of both us right before we hit the finish line.


Awesome 80's, 5K, Pasadena, finish


Getting my  3rd Awesome 80’s medal was great and even though Wild Boy was less than impressed with himself or his race bling, I think he was happy that we experienced this together.


Awesome 80's run, 5K

No shot of Wild Boy and me together this time.


This is a race that many first timers and fun-runners would love to do but the organizers need to get their bib pick-up streamlined and the race start to an earlier time.  The participation level seemed much lower than last year’s race (there was a race at the same location just the day before) and I’d hate to see this Pasadena race disappear (like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half and Mini which was discontinued this year).


I love this race and even though I’m not sure Wild Boy will want to run it again with me next year.  I’ll continue to do this race every year that I can.  Even though this race could use some improvement, their medals can’t be beat!  Some love their Disney race bling but I’ll take these 80’s themed one’s any day of the week.

Awesome 80's Run, medals, race bling

Medals from the Awesome 80’s Run 2012 (cassette tape), 2013 (Darth Vader) and 2014 (Ms. PacMan).


FYI – I am not affiliated in any way with the Awesome 80’s Run.  I paid for entries for Wild Boy and myself out of my own pocket.  However, if Awesome 80’s ever chooses that they’d want an Ambassador, I’d be all in!


If you’re a runner, what race do you always run (no matter what) and why?  If you’re not a runner, what’s your exercise class of choice?