While going back to school when I was 30 wasn’t my idea of fun, I have always believed that education and learning is a lifelong process and to that end 2014 might just be the year of the conference.  To make sure that my future nutrition private practice and blog can provide the most up to date developments in health and wellness, I’m going to be attending 7 conferences (yes 7!!!) in the next few months.  I wanted to share with you what I think are the top health, fitness and nutrition conferences for bloggers (and anyone else interested in health and wellness) in 2014.

7 Conferences For Health, Fitness and Nutrition Focused Bloggers in 2014

(in date order)

1.  The FitExpo Southern California and EFC Now Conference:


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Image: EFCNow.com


Dates/Location: January 25 – 26; Los Angeles

Expected Highlights:  There are technically 2 conferences but they are happening at the same time one is an Expo and one is a Conference.  The FitExpo is set to feature the latest and greatest in fitness and the Evolution Fitness Conference will have a full day of the fitness experiences including a class taught by Jillian Michaels!  I can’t wait to report back on this one!


2.  11th Annual Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update Conference for Health Care Professionals

Dates/Location: January 29 – Feb 1; San Diego

Expected Highlights: Learning more about the Integrative Medicine approach (the holistic view of blending conventional care and complementary treatments and therapies for mind, body and soul); hearing discussions by Michael Moss (author of Salt Sugar Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us), David Perlmutter (author of The Grain Brain) and learning more about the state of supplement science.

*Is it wrong that I’m also hoping to check out the yoga scene while I’m in San Diego?


3.  Bloggy Boot Camp by Women Get Social


Dates/Location: Feb 28 – Mar 1; San Diego

Expected Highlights:  Continued education of about blogging efficiency and learning how to create earning potential from blogging.  BBC Las Vegas gave me the push I needed to begin this blog and I’m excited to see some of my blogging friends in real life (and meet new ones as well).

*I’m also hoping to get in at least one run while in gorgeous San Diego.


4.  Natural Products Expo West

Dates/Location: March 6 – 9; Anaheim

Expected Highlights:  Learning about the newest natural developments in products for food, health and beauty and supplements.  After attending this conference last year, I predicted the 3 Natural Product trends for 2013.  I wonder if cauliflower will truly reign supreme this year as many are predicting.  I can’t wait to report on this one!


5.  Today’s Dietitian Spring Symposium 

Dates/Location: May 18 – 20; Vegas baby!

Expected Highlights:  Besides being in Las Vegas in May (which sounds perfect to me), this is the first symposium conducted by the magazine Today’s Dietitian.  As a Registered Dietitian about to embark on a private practice, I’m hoping to learn more about the hot topics in nutrition, ways to deepen my skills and expand my practice.

*I definitely want to book a Yoga session with the dolphins at The Mirage a la Chris@WhatIRunInto and Kelly@NoThanksToCake.


6.  FitBloggin’ 14


Dates/Location: June 26 – 29; Savannah, GA.

Expected Highlights:  Fun, working out and learning more about blogging, health and wellness while getting hugged by the health and wellness community.  I loved this conference last year and let my family know that there was no way I’d miss this conference in 2014!  There are going to be some amazing speakers and while there’s always a lot going on, this conference is more of a retreat that feeds the body, soul and mind.


 7.  IDEA World Fitness Blogfest with Sweatpink

Dates/Location: Aug 14 – 17, Anaheim

Expected Highlights: As an IDEA Inspired Blogger and SweatPink Ambassador, I’m excited at the prospect to obtain deeper blogging education, a butt-kicking workout session with Tony Horton (who was impressive and very charming at FitBlogLA), a yoga session with Tara Stiles and to hear how fellow Registered Dietitian, Lindsay@TheLeanGreenBean meal preps and blogs about it.


There you have it – 7 amazing conferences available for those health, wellness and nutrition bloggers.  I’ll admit that there are many amazing conferences that I wish that I could attend such as the 3rd Annual Lifestyle Blogger Conference and Junket (LA March), Blend Retreat (Park City, UT; June), Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo (GA, Oct) and BlogHer but there’s only so much time (and money) one can spare in a year.  I’m looking forward to learning a ton and sharing what I learn with all of you here.


Which conference(s) will you be attending?  Is there a conference that you wish you could attend?


Disclaimer: All of the above conferences have been paid for out of my own pocket (except the TheFitExpo and EFC for which I was given a VIP pass).  The links to each conference are not affiliate links despite my association with IDEA, SweatPink and the So Cal Lady Bloggers.  Clicking on the links or registering for the conferences within this post does not provide me with any money whatsoever.