Want A Sneak Peek at the 2013 Rose Parade Floats?

31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose ParadeI now live close to the City of Roses in California and luckily one of my newest local friends, Mr. Pasadenatold me about a wonderful charity event benefiting the Pasadena Police Activities League where you could get an advance sneak preview of the 2013 Rose Parade Floats this week.

While I’ll admit that I’ve never been a big parade fan, this seemed like a unique opportunity and a way to become part of my new community.

Jay, Wild Boy and I got to see 20 of the floats scheduled to be in the parade including the lead float based on the Dr. Seuss book “Oh The Places You’ll Go” (which is appropriate for our family in 2012).

I learned quite a bit during my tour:  I had no idea that float making basically takes all year long and that the Rose Parade is seen in over 200 international territories and countries around the world.


Did you know that all of the materials used on each float must be organic?

31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade

Buckets of Organic Matter (reminded me of Morocco)

31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade

Can you see the black beans on the turtle?

31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade

I watched her put fur on the raccoon for a bit.








31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade, Dialysis


As a former dietitian working in dialysis, it did my heart good to see these buckets of glue.  Are you an organ donor?  I certainly am!

It was interesting to hear the constant whir of blenders being used to pulverize things into powder to be glued onto the floats for texture (and not for cocktails).


The floats were spectacular both up close and from the raised catwalk.

31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade, NY-LA

Our family has been here a few times.


31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade, Lead Float, Dr. Seuss, NY-LA

This is the lead float of the 2013 Rose Parade


31 Days Project, Pasadena, Rose Parade, NY-LA

Birds eye view of the “barn” (float holding grounds).









I’m not sure I’ll actually make it to the parade route on January 1st but I understand that the floats line up on New Year’s Eve not far from my house.  If I can get Wild Boy to stay awake perhaps we’ll get another early preview and I’ll share pictures.

And the countdown to New Year’s begins in earnest!


  1. says

    I was there too, late as usual. But I was a bit disappointed with the main draw for me – the food. What time did you guys arrive? Although I rarely attend to actual Parade, I might also ck out the floats early pre-dawn new yrs.

    This is always a bit of a dangerous time for us in Pasadena: out of towners & out of the countryers driving on our roads. :(
    I also struggled to blog about this event.

    • says

      We were there around 4ish. Food was fair but I wasn’t expecting much but they did have white meat chicken. Big plus in my book!

      Definitely an interesting and unique event in Pasadena.

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