Welcome to Tunes For Tuesday – Being Thankful Edition – Week 3!

Today is the anniversary of the death of my stepmother who died when I was 17.  Only recently was I reminded of the exact date of her death.  I have an excellent memory for many things but I’m certain I’ve blocked out many details of that time in my life.

My stepmother and I didn’t always get along but I know that she loved me.  It is tragic that she died at such an early age and that I didn’t have the time to let her know how much I appreciated her.  I’ve done what I could by naming my child after this woman who had such an impact on my life.

I’m hoping today’s Tunes For Tuesday “In The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics doesn’t come off as too trite.  I’m certain I’m not alone in missing someone as Thanksgiving approaches and today this is the only way I can express it.