I love food.  It’s the reason I became a dietitian.  Leaving NYC has made me miss many of the foods that I used to take for granted (like this post about my precious NYC Whole Wheat Fig Bars).  I’m lucky that Jay brings home bagels when he goes to NY but there are quite a few foods that just don’t travel well and while I was in NY a few weeks ago I tried to avail myself of some of the things I love.

Dojo West NYCMy favorite healthy meal in all of NYC is not a high-end establishment but it’s a place that nearly every NYU student knows well.  It’s Dojo on West 4th and Mercer.  Dojo has a long history in NYC and used to have two locations (Dojo East on St. Mark’s closed) but now has only one.  This location has sentimental value to me.  If you’re a New Yorker, you might know that years ago this used to be the site of the ice cream parlor Swensen’s – one of the places I went after my HS Senior Prom.

Even after the restaurant changed over to Dojo, an Asian-inspired, inexpensive healthy restaurant.  I’ve been a fan.  Every single friend I have has likely met me at Dojo for lunch because it is my favorite place on earth to eat a healthy meal for under $10.

I’ve said this before but I’m definitely of the mindset that things taste better when someone else makes it and that goes for coffee, salad and yes, Dojo’s steamed vegetables over brown rice.  However,  Dojo has been making what you know as Carrot Ginger dressing since 1973!   Dojo’s original ginger-carrot-tahini, Kamikaze Dressing is so good that Dojo actually sells separate containers so you can attempt to replicate their delicious magic on your meals at home.

Steamed Vegetables with Tofu over Brown Rice and Dojo Kamikaze Dressing

Steamed Vegetables with Tofu over Brown Rice and Dojo Kamikaze Dressing

I’ll admit that I eat my steamed vegetables and tofu over brown rice with carrot dressing every single time I go to Dojo.  I might add a miso soup or a homemade lemonade.  Despite my singular meal focus, Dojo has many offerings on their menu.  I would tell you not to miss Dojo’s frozen yogurt for dessert.  They serve in the old fashioned silver cups (maybe leftover from Swensen’s?) and the taste isn’t anything you’d get from the many froyo chain stores around.

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you think no one else appreciates?  I’d love to know.

I have no affiliation with Dojo Restaurant and was not compensated or influenced to write this post.  All opinions are my own.