I heart breakfast.  I really do.  I could eat breakfast for every meal.  We all go through ruts of eating but lately I was inspired by Ksenia@BreakfastCriminals to make my breakfast more visually appealing.  Presentation is half of the experience of eating.   In just 5 simple steps, you can have something nice to look at and healthy to eat in the morning.  It really is a nice way to start the day!

Welcome to Friday’s High Five: Yum Edition!


Friday's High Five

5 Steps to A Pretty Healthy Breakfast

1.  Choose a special bowl – something you normally “save” for “company”.

This 7-Inch Ceramic Heart Shaped Fruit / Cereal Bowl, Red* by Breakfast Criminals was a birthday gift that I bought for myself recently.  A girl born on Valentine’s Day with a blog called thevalentineRD.com needs a bowl like this:

Breakfast Criminals, bowl, heart bowl, smoothie bowl


2.  Add something crunchy to the bottom of the bowl.

We are not a cold cereal heavy household.  I do like granola but find it’s more calorically dense than I’d like for the portion size.  However, the few cereals I’m enjoying right now include Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Love Grown Foods Power O’s (made from beans and they come in flavors like Original, Honey and Chocolate).

Breakfast Criminals, Cereal, Love Grown Foods, Kashi

3.  Layer the bottom of the bowl with a creamy substance of your choice.

Lately, my go-to is Siggi’s Yogurt.  Honey Chobani has been harder and harder to find in my neighborhood lately.  You could anything as a bottom layer –  oatmeal, quinoa, cottage cheese, fruit or vegetable puree, a milk of your choice, pancake, egg whites or even peanut butter.  Whatever suits your fancy can work.

Breakfast Criminals, breakfast, delicious, healthy


I’m dying to try Pitaya Plus Dragon Fruit Puree (I loooooove dragon fruit) but haven’t hauled myself over to the local Whole Foods to get some (online packs through the website start at $39.99 and honestly, that’s a bit pricey for me).  Maybe once the yogurt route gets boring, I’ll branch out.

4.  Bring on the fruit!

Living in California means delicious fresh fruit year round.  I’m partial to mangoes, strawberries, bananas, blueberries and raspberries but any fruit you choose makes your breakfast your own.

Breakfast Criminals, breakfast, healthy


5.  Top your creation with something special.

A Pretty Healthy Breakfast

Here’s where I add the flair.  Sometimes I add chia seeds or cashews but for the past few weeks the toppings of choice have been Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Maca Powder, 4 Ounce* and chocolate dusted almonds.

I’ve trying out the Peruvian superfood Maca Powder due to it’s proposed benefits of being vitamin rich, increased energy and help with mood swings and female hormone balance.  The almonds add some vitamins, minerals, a bit of fiber, healthy fat and hello, chocolate!

Voila!  A Pretty Healthy Breakfast is served.

What’s your favorite breakfast right now?

Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored but does include Amazon Affiliate links (noted by an asterisk).  The brands name checked in this post are mentioned because I truly like them.