Photo by James Jordan

I have always had trouble with balance in every sense of the word.  I’m a klutz extraordinaire but I’m an all or nothing type of girl in every aspect of my life.  I either don’t sleep at all or I’m exhausted.  I need to workout every day or I’m a slug on the couch.  I can be a social butterfly or I “need to be alone”.  I give with my whole heart in everything I do.  It’s a problem being so polar sometimes.  It may be the reason I’ve burnt myself out of most every job I’ve ever had.

Today’s example of my polarity began with my indoor cycling class being canceled.  Instead of working out somewhere else or at another time, I ran around (or in California speak, drove) all over town taking care of minor things and then when I got home, I could not get myself motivated to do anything else.  This type of thing happens to me often.  I do like to be busy but I can not cycle like this through life.  I can not model my life after the Energizer Bunny because there is no way I’ll ever match up….nor do I really want to.  I’m not very likable when I’m in the off position after being so fervently “on”.

I believe that my mantra for 2013 and will be balance.  Even as I write 2013 it just doesn’t look as perfectly balanced as 2012 with a 2 on each end of the number.  Perhaps that imbalance in the number’s appearance is just what I need to remind me that there is more to life than all or nothing.