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A few weeks ago NEUTROGENA® invited me to workout with Landon Donovanone of the best professional soccer players produced by the United States.  I was more than thrilled at the opportunity but I was nervous to risk any recovery progress I’d achieved in the last 4 months of physical therapy.

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Even though my body was aching for a physical challenge, I wasn’t sure I could reign in my fitness mind to prevent any physical setbacks.  The delicate balance of regaining strength and stamina while being mindful of vulnerabilities isn’t a task easily mastered.  After some contemplation (and a talk with my physical therapist), I decided to take the risk and give myself this unique chance to be inspired to #PushFurther in my recovery.


I may not know a lot about sports (I’m learning from the 8 year old) but it was inspiring just to walk into the Stub Hub Center, the home of the L.A. Galaxy.

StubHub Center, LA Galaxy

It isn’t every day that you get the chance to the Major League Soccer Cup up close either.  I was sufficiently motivated and ready to go.

Neutrogena - The Cup


Before getting on the field to workout, we were given a sneak peek at the NEUTROGENA® CoolDry Sport Sunscreen collection.  The new spray and lotion options feature Micromesh™ Technology that stays in place, even during rigorous exercise and provides breathable protection so sweat can evaporate off of skin without compromising the SPF (available in SPF 30 and SPF 70), allowing for more time to be actively engaged in fitness activities.




As someone who is very health conscious, I’m embarrassed to admit that sun damage and skin protection has been far from a top health priority.  I’m fair skinned and even after moving to California with their 360 days of sunshine per year, I don’t often remember to put sunscreen on my (aging) face and body.  It’s awful but true.  The opportunity to try this new NEUTROGENA® product line served as a reminder of just how important (and easy) sun protection can (and should) be.

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common of all cancers.  Landon Donovan let us know that protecting skin against the damaging rays of the sun is of paramount importance to him not only as an athlete who spends much of his time outdoors but also as a son whose father is a basal cell carcinoma survivor.

Landon 2

After applying some surprisingly light (and fresh smelling) NEUTROGENA® CoolDry Sport Sunscreen SPF 70 spray, it was workout time!  Even though I was supposed to be focusing on warming up my body during our run on the pitch (pitch means field – I’ve learned one soccer term, OK? ), I was mesmerized by Landon Donovan’s calves.  I have some well developed calves but Landon’s are unbelievable!


Our workout consisted of some soccer drills that included juggling, heading, passing and goal scoring attempts.  I’ve never played soccer so some of these moves were very awkward for me.  I was lucky to watch my friend Lindsay (and Landon Donovan) show me how it should be done.

Neutrogena Landon Collage

After our workout, Donovan shared that it was more than physical prowess that sustained him as a long-term elite athlete.  A professional since the age of 17, Donovan told us that making good choices (not partying, dedication to training), fueling his body with nutritious foods, participating in cross training (running, Pilates and yoga), getting adequate rest and having an excellent team of bodyworkers (such as physical therapists and massage therapists) were some of the keys that kept him free from major injury during his entire professional career.

Neutrogena - MewithLandon

The chronically injured and the never injured. Maybe some of Landon Donovan’s juju will rub off on me!

As a cerebral fitness enthusiast myself, it was enlightening to learn that taking risks are what makes an athlete unique but being mindful is what keeps them healthy and at the top of their game.  The desire to #PushFurther isn’t always purely physical.  The fitness mind is in everyone, professional athlete or not.

Neutrogena - Hallway

This John Wooden quote is found inside the StubHub Center and is visible to athletes before they emerge onto the field.

My fitness mind was inspired by this event and I’m planning to incorporate NEUTROGENA® CoolDry Sport Sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun and to help me #PushFurther as I work toward a possible half marathon this Fall.  I may be injured but I’m not done with fitness quite yet.

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