The blog is still technically on hiatus but I couldn’t forego sharing a recap of the very special

2014 Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K to benefit My Friend’s Place

Run Hard Rock Cafe, runner bling, 5K, running medal

The 2014 Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K medal.

“Helping is easy” is an expression we’ve used in my household since Wild Boy was a toddler.  I’m a helper by nature.  I’m easily “called to action” and even went into the helping profession of dietetics nutrition to serve my dual interests in health and helping others.  However after tweaking my back in spin class recently, I haven’t felt motivated to do much of anything but I definitely wanted to give my all to the Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K in Hollywood.  The run was such a blast last year and I very much wanted to do my part to help the small but mighty organization, My Friend’s Place, in their support of helping homeless youth in Los Angeles.

I was excited at the prospect of being among friends during this race.

Some friends that I didn’t see were Jen@FindingMyInnerBombshell, Stephanie@Acti0926, and Jaclyn@JaclynMullenMedia.

Some friends that I did see at the crack of dawn included:

Sam Bangs (one of the first Friday’s Featured Females) from Fleet Feet Burbank and LifeIsBangin’:

Sam Bangs, Life Is Bangin, Fleet Feet Sports


My music and run buddy, Josie (the goddess who brought me to the Billy Idol Sirius XM show) and her friend, Wendy.  Aren’t the shirts she made for the race adorable (Bring The Funk/Bass/Beat)?

Josie, Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K,

Some local mom-friends, Jessica, Lynn and Wendy:

Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K 2014

and the very fabulous Anne@AnneHogan (her recap is here):

Anne Hogan, 1st 5K, HRC 5K

Me with Anne


But I had no idea that helping would go to the next level when my neighbor Andrea told me that she had never run a 5K before.  Getting the chance to help my friend through her first 5K (and LA Metro ride) made this a race to remember for me.

This year’s race was after Daylight Savings began so even though we missed the sunrise over the famed Hollywood sign (one of my favorite parts of last year’s race), Andrea and I got a chance to see Hollywood Boulevard in a way only few people ever have before.  It was great venue to run a first 5K and Andrea really gave it her all.


Andrea running like the wind down Hollywood Boulevard.


Along the short out and back course, it was great to get a little boost from the homemade signs of encouragement and thanks on display at My Friend’s Place:

My Friend's Place, Run Hard Rock Cafe


Andrea and I finished in 33:46 (10:53 per mile) which is absolutely respectable for a first (or a 1 millionth) 5K.  We were both proud and happy to run and to be able to help the LA community.


Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K 2014

Before and After Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K 2014


The race may be over but the need for help hasn’t ended for My Friend’s Place.  

This small organization needs a steady influx of money or in-kind donations to serve the homeless youth of Los Angeles.

My Friend's Place, Open House, Homeless Youth, Los Angeles

On November 20th from 6-8pm, My Friend’s Place is holding an Open House in Los Angeles

(click link for details).

If you’re local to Los Angeles and want to understand and experience the center where homeless youth receive services that help them to lead independent lives, click the link above to RSVP.  If you can’t make the Open House but still want to donate, you can give money or find out the items are on the In-Kind Wish List,

If you’re not local to Los Angeles, there are organizations around the country (and the world) that would love your help.  As the season of giving arrives, think about what you can do to help in a way that is meaningful to you.  It will be mean more than you can imagine to the recipients.

Run Hard Rock Cafe, My Friends Place

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